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Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: A Low Cost Anytime Use Fragrance?

Guide - Josephine - June 29, 2020

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: Introduction

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume was introduced on the fragrance market in 2008. The scent creator was Sylvie Fischer and the fragrance bottle designer was Lutz Hermann. With so many other scent products on the market, is this fragrance Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham worth purchasing?

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: The Product  amp; Packaging

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume comes in a plum colored rectangular box. The scent box has an imprint on the top left corner of some flowers. Directly in the middle is an off white square on the front of the fragrance box in which Beckham Signature is printed in the lilac-plum-purple like color as the package.

The package is quite neat and unique and the perfume would immediately remind you of Eclatant due to its mother of sheen pearls and the fragrance that is entrancing enough to melt the stoniest person in the world.

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham fragrance comes in rectangular glass container. The scent container is also a lilac-plum purple combination of color. The background is a lilac shade with dark purple flowers on the top left of the fragrance bottle. Like the scent box, it has the same square with Beckham Signature printed on the center. The top of the perfume bottle is the same as most scent products. It has a silver push down dispenser with a silver rectangular cap.

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: The Fragrance

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume is made from fragrance top notes of: anise flower and candy apple. The middle notes of the scent are orchid, heliotrope, and vanilla. The base notes of Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume are patchouli, amber, and musk.

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham can be classified as a casual anytime use scent. It is both floral and oriental-spicy due to the scent notes. The fragrance is moderate compared to others in terms of longtivity. The Victoria Beckham scent lasts roughly 1 to 5 hours. This woman’s perfume is recommended for anytime use. It is not overbearing or too weak in strength.

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: Conclusion

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume can be found in select retail stores as well as online at cheaper prices. Buyers should expect to pay around $60 for retail price of a 2.5 fluid ounce bottle of the fragrance and online prices between $30 and $40. A 1.7 fluid ounce bottle of Beckham Signature will cost around $35 retail and $25 at online discount pricing. This Victoria Beckham fragrance also may come in gift sets that include shower gel and body lotion. Beckham Signature is a scent appropriate for women of all ages that are looking for a casual anytime use perfume. At online discount prices this scent is neither too expensive nor commercialized in fragrance compared to other perfume products on the market.

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First Hand: Selling with Fulfillment by Amazon Vs. Independently

Internet and Businesses Online - Josephine - June 28, 2020

In addition to the lifestyle advantages that I mentioned in another FBA advantages article, there are also selling advantages to listing your inventory as a Fulfillment by Amazon seller opposed to going it alone by selling and shipping from your own location on the Amazon marketplace. If you are looking to make an income from selling on Amazon, consider these advantages for selling with FBA.

Selling Rank with Shipping Included Pricing

On the Amazon website, items are listed in order starting with the cheapest total price including shipping. For example, if a book were to be listed by seller X, an independent seller, for $0.01 plus shipping ($3.99 for books set by Amazon) and seller Y, an FBA seller listed that same item for $4.00, the seller Y item would be higher ranked on the list than seller X giving an advantage to the FBA seller. Any item on the website listed by an independent seller has to be listed as retail price plus shipping whereas FBA sellers can include that fixed shipping cost as a part of their retail price and still ranks higher.

You need to have everything mentioned in perfect order because the retail price and shipping cost will differ from product to product like Helium would differ from Helium 10 Software as they are interlinked but are at different sides of the spectrum.

Amazon Prime

A few years ago, Amazon rolled out a great program called Amazon Prime. This program enables any buyer to pay an annual fee (currently $79) and get any item shipped from any Amazon warehouse by any seller in two days for free. There are also other benefits to the Prime package that make no difference to us as sellers. With this great savings, there is no minimum for buyers to get the free shipping and buyers will choose to items from FBA sellers even at equal or higher prices because of the speed and savings associated to shipping.

Buyer Confidence

When a buyer looks at all of the options they have for a given item, they have several factors to consider. First is the price of the item among the many sellers. Then they look at the various conditions of the item related to the retail price. Finally they take into account how reliable the seller is and the likeliness that the item will arrive and if it would appear as it was described in the listing. If there was an issue and a need to return that item, would it be a hassle? When that buyer sees an item listed by a seller with the logo Shipped by Amazon under their name. They know that the item really is available and that Amazon will be shipping the item within hours of the order. They also know that should the need to return the item come, Amazon guarantees their right to return for a refund without hassles. Given these methods of support, buyers at all levels will more often choose FBA items over independent sellers.

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Clash Royale- Finish the Levels at Quicker Pace without Loss or Damage

Gaming - Josephine - June 28, 2020

Whenever there is a problem, we start searching for the solution to either tackle it or atleast suppress it for the time being but experts are of the opinion that most of the times the solution is centered around the problem so do the same to search around it instead of solving for the sake of it.

Problems are aplenty but the resources are limited which is why people give up after a few attempts and start adjusting with it instead of fighting back and this is why they are classified as weak.

However, today we aren’t here to lecture about the various problems in life and how to tackle them as that is a discussion for another day but this is about problems in the virtual world of fun and entertainment, which is enough to pique the interest of most readers and they can diligently read through as the article unfolds.

Royal Clash

The kids are known for their love for video games and the recently launched Clash Royale has taken the entire youth brigade by storm ever since it launched in 2016 and the digital medium has helped it find its way into our smartphones within a year of its launch.

There is a virtual clash world that exists within the realms of this royal battle that is played through a game of cards that is quite unique in that it is not the same as Freecell, Solitaire and Hearts.

It involves you to have a nice game plan where two opposing teams collide to proclaim supremacy over the kingdom similar to the clashes you witness among brothers involved in property dispute in real life.

Clash Royale was launched by Supercell, a leading company in the video gaming field back in 2016 with the hopes that it would compete with the best games in the market but they got much more than expected.

There is a battlefield lying in wait at various intervals as there are a different set of levels that you need to cross if you want to become successful but they are full of obstacles and hurdles.

It involves a lot of focus and concentration from both players’ side as this is to test your defense and mental skills on how long you are able to last in the battle and that too in the shortest possible time.

Best Way Out

Both teams are residing in two separate towers at opposite ends of a battlefield where they need to get the elixir to enhance their skills and vitality that is crucial to move forward in the game.

Take care to carefully balance the deck of cards without taking your eye off the enemy, who is always on the lookout of that one wrong move that you make so that he can launch an attack at the right time.

Keep the defense units in the front so that they can attack the enemy towers at the opportune moment ones a plan has been worked out because the added advantage is that they are never distracted by the tactics of their opponents and completely focus on the battle lines ahead.

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Ten Pin Bowling for Fun and Fitness

Gaming - Josephine - June 27, 2020

All across America, people are bowling more. As the Baby boomer’s get older, they are discovering that one of the best ways to stay fit and active is to Bowl. Many individuals have their own ball and shoes. Some still play for teams in various leagues. Yet, others just find it a good way to have fun and stay fit. Bowling has progressed very rapidly with new technology. It use to be that Bowling Alleys didn’t have automatic pin setters or scoreboards. My mother use to be a pin setter at a local Alley when I was very young. She would work late hours in the evening to make additional money for the family. She enjoyed working with the other pin setters in her group. However, it wasn’t long and automation took her job from her.

Early forms of Bowling can be dated back to the early Egyptians. Although. it is the United States that has expanded the game into both amateur and professional forms of the game. Ten Pin Bowling evolved in the 19th century. A pin is 15 inches in height and 4 and half inches in diameter. A pin may not weigh more than 3 pounds 10 ounces. The ball can weigh no more than 16 pounds. The alley is 60 feet long and 41.5 inches wide.

A Bowler is allowed 10 frames, using two throws maximum, to knock down as many pins as possible. However, the tenth frame may allow for an extra roll if a strike or spare is made. The points per frame are scored continuously and added up as the player proceeds from frame to frame. The best score (highest) would be a 300 game. The odds of a perfect game for an average bowler is 1 in a trillion. For a professional that makes 82% of strikes during a game, it is 1 in 10. Two of the best Bowlers to ever play the game was Earl Anthony and Dick Weber. Both are in the Pro Bowlers (PBA) Hall of Fame.

Both Anthony and Weber are looked upon as inspirations by budding bowlers that emulate their technique during practice and follow their lifestyle in the hopes of one day achieving the fame and success that they did but it requires a lot of practice and determination that you learn more about through About Bowling Balls website.

Here are some ideas to help you improve your game. First display good etiquette. All alleys are oiled and can be slippery. Try to use this to your advantage on your ball delivery. Relax and concentrate on balance. Holding a heavy ball to one side, throws you off balance. Many individuals start with the ball directly in front of them. then as they make their approach, they drop it to their side and lean a little to the opposite side for balance. Use what works for you. don’t try to copy what others do. Each individual is different. Contrary to many that speed is important for force, delivery is more important. It is ball placement that knocks down the most pins.

Did you ever wonder why the alley has little arrows on them? They are there to help the bowler. They are located on both sides of the alley for right and left handed bowlers. If you have a long hook on your roll, you would use the outside arrow. Once you find your proper location, you try to roll the ball over the correct arrow all the time. This will increase your chances for a higher score. Anytime you get off track, you just try to locate the proper arrow and adjust your swing (roll).

One of the best things about Bowling is the cost. It is one of the least expensive sports to participate in. It can fit into everyone’s budget. Bowling Alleys are located all over. Many even have combination bars and restaurants in them. Bowling today is so much easier. Most alleys now have automated scoring. so true scores are much easier to keep.

Bowling is also great for socializing with friends and family. There is always plenty of time between frames to talk and enjoy each others company. As more individuals become Seniors, they are finding that the game is a great way to keep their mind sharp as well as helping to stay fit.

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An Overview of the contents and usage of First-Aid kits

Health and Fitness - Josephine - June 26, 2020

A well-stocked first-aid kit is a necessity in homes. An easy reach to the first-aid kit can help to provide the right supplies in case of emergencies. The first-aid kit is a kind of portable container that includes medicines, supplies, and information about what thing is to be used and when. Every home should have a first-aid kit, and every member of the home should have knowledge on how to use it. You can also prepare a first-aid kit at home, using containers that are sturdy, roomy, and easy to carry and open. You can search for the first aid kits in melbourne and its contents.   

In cases of emergencies, a first-aid kit is the beginning of care. There are different types of medical first-aid kits and their contents which you will get to know in this article:

  • Home First Aid Kits

Home kits are used to treat the minor traumatic injuries that can happen in every day at home, which includes: cuts, burns, stings, sprains, abrasions, and splinters. Home first-aid kit content includes items like:

  • Adhesive tapes and bandages of all sizes.
  • Exam gloves that are used for infection protection and can be made at home with ice packs filled with frozen water.
  • Sterile gauze pads for covering and cleaning the wounds.
  • Antibiotic creams to apply to wounds.
  • Non-adhesive pads for covering the wounds and burns.
  • Scissors, tweezers, safety pins.
  • The triangular bandage as a towel, sling, and tourniquet.
  • Travel First Aid Kits

Travel first-aid kits need to be comprehensive as it is not necessary that a drug store will always be accessible. There must be personal medical items in addition to the items that will help to reduce the symptoms of respiratory infections like cough, sore throat, fever, and nasal congestion. Travel kits must contain items to treat: skin problems, mild pain, allergies, cuts, and gastrointestinal problems. The items that a travel first aid kit must contain are:

  • Adhesive tape and bandages of all sizes.
  • Sterile gauze pads.
  • Antacid mainly for indigestion occurs during traveling.
  • A book on first-aid that contains the information on when and what to use in different situations. 
  • A lighter that can be used to sterilize the instruments and start a fire to make smoke in case of emergency help as a signal.
  • Small flashlight.
  • Antiseptic agent and a liquid soap that can help in cleaning the wounds and hands. 
  • Personal medications for the trip duration and other items for self-care. 
  • Pocket mask for CPR in case of emergencies.
  • Scissors, thermometer, tweezers, and safety pins.

It is crucial to have proper first-aid items at home and while traveling. Make sure to use all the items properly, especially the medications. You must train your family members to use the kits and help in need. Also, place the first-aid kits where they are easily accessible to every member of the family. While travelling you must carry the personal items if you have any health issue as you might need them.

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How to Study the Bible? Know the 3 main and specific points

Guide - Josephine - June 26, 2020

Bible is a divine word of God that is not as simple reading but deserves respect and need to be understood and practiced. The Bible is the most misinterpreted book that is written and is hard to understand. It records a long history that includes ages and cultures which are correlating to the modern era. The Bible is translated into many original manuscripts in Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew by reputable scholars. The main goal of studying the Bible is to understand the message in the correct way. Some people struggle to start with the Bible by how often you should read and how much to read. To read about the Open heavens devotional messages, you can read online. 

Here in this article, we will suggest some tips on how to study the Bible, which is as follows:

  • Observation

Observation is the first important step on how to study the Bible. As you start reading, you need to look at what it is said and how carefully. It would be best if you looked for:

  • Structure

The text in the Bible has units called paragraphs that are often indented or marked. A paragraph is a whole unit of thought. You can know the content of the author’s message by understanding and noting each paragraph unit. 

  • Terms and not words

You must focus on terms and not words as words can have different meanings, but the terms are used in a particular way in a specific context. 

After considering these things, you get ready for the “Wh” questions. Wh questions include who, what, where, and when.  

  • Interpretation 

Interpretation determines the meaning of a passage, the main idea, or the author’s thought. The Wh questions that arise during the observation can help you in interpretation. There are five clues, also known as “the five C’s,” which will help you discover the author’s main points. The five C’s are Context, Cross-references, Culture, Conclusion, and Consultation. 

  • Application

The application indicates the main point of why we read the Bible. The reasons can be different like we want to be respectful to God; we want to change our lives and grow up like Jesus Christ. After reading the passage and understand it to your ability, you must try to implement that on your own life. People always want to ask the questions of Scripture that they study like how the truth will affect me, how the truth revealed here will accept their relationship with God, and more. 

The application step is not yet completed by knowing the answers to these questions. The main key is to practice what God has taught you and apply all learning in real life. God always wants to see your efforts, and when you start applying the truth in your life, God will bless you for your hard work and efforts.

Bible is different than any other book and has something deeper that only a person with true intentions and faith in God can understand.

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Private Profile Spy: Compromising Our Privacy on Social Networks

Internet and Businesses Online - Josephine - June 26, 2020

Cheating boyfriend? Unfaithful wife? Or maybe you’re just plain nosy. Whatever category you fit in the web has just sunk to all time low. While trying to access the myspace homepage, I accidentally made a typo and wound up on a rather interesting and at the same time disturbing page. A site entitled Private Profile Spy is what I landed on and suddenly I was bombarded with information that just plain creeped me out. According to this page there is a tool you can use to read Myspace profiles that the user has set to private.My first inclination was to feel violated and after that I was all out disgusted with the lengths people go to to retrieve information. What really got me was that there was a line or two about how great this service is if you believe your partner is “myspacing” behind your back. Now I don’t exactly know what that mean, but I have a pretty good idea. In the confines of a relationship I wonder if this type of behavior is considered an adulterous act. Are we really that sleazy of a society or has our boundaries of infidelity somehow changed?

Before computers if you wanted to be unfaithful you had to do it the old fashioned way. As in going out and finding another person to satisfy your needs and hoping you did not get caught. Surprisingly enough the old fashioned way seems a bit more innocent.. There’s some sort of extra level of deception lurking in the myths of an online affair. Maybe it’s the lure of anonymity or what we think is anonymity. Or maybe it is the fear of being caught. Or maybe there is an element of risk and that pushes people on to do the unthinkable, or what was unthinkable until now. Although I still think it may be hard to hide something like this since most people have virtually everyone they know in their network. Once again there is the risk factor. Maybe that’s what makes it so appealing. The terms and conditions should be cleared to find on TaketheCoupon for social media networks. The interaction of the people with different people will be excellent and entertaining. The appeal of the person should be goo d for the person available on social media network. 

I know if I want to say something to someone about someone else that they may find offensive I have to check all ends before making that comment. This can be an exhausting process and it makes it hardly seem worth it at times. Actually seeing what is on a page and breaking into a page are two different things. According to Private Profile Spy anyone with this tool can get into any profile. That makes the whole security bit seem a little, well, less secure. Which once again is on the level of disturbing. Why do we need to be snooping into other people’s business anyway? Are we so bored with our own lives that we must delve into others to fulfill some sort of need? Maybe so, but it seems that the cost is going to be higher than the thrill.

Sometimes when you go looking for information, you find something you really didn’t want to know. If you suspect your partner is cheating do you really want it spelled out in front of you? With details? Graphic details? Especially written all over Myspace. Maybe sometimes its best if we are left in the dark. It seems safer in the dark, as long as we aren’t booting up our computers and searching high and low for information that may just harm us in the end.

When we became a society obsessed with technology we gave up some of our rights and developed a set of rules. Then again, some rules are made to be broken. Break the ones that invade your privacy and respect the ones that respect others. If you break the wrong set of rules, well, just be ready for the consequences. If the stakes are too high and you can’t play by today’s standards then maybe you should get out of the game. Nobody likes a cheater but no one likes a tattle tale either. We must find a way to live without knowing details that have been deemed private. Or we could go back to dealing with infidelity the old fashioned way, with a shotgun.

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Wireless Thermometer- Something New to Study About

Guide - Josephine - June 25, 2020

There are certain topics that have different merits which make it clear why they are discussed time and time again at regular intervals but sometimes the discussion becomes boring due to monotony and lack of new inputs.

The topic for today is on similar lines because it is normally associated with something that people are wary of getting into and wants to stay as far away from it as possible but still you can’t avoid it all the time.

Everyone is aware about the role that thermometers play whenever a person falls sick as it is used to check the body temperature and determine how ill he/she is because the normal temperature of the body is around 98.5 Celsius.

Summer Sick

How many of you are aware about wireless thermometers? To be honest, very few and the younger generation may not realize what it is until they see the device for themselves, a testimony that many of the objects we use each day is only known to us by its appearance but not by name.

We are in the month of June and the peak summer is as hot and humid as ever although the corona virus pandemic has prevented people from suffering the intolerable heat due to the nationwide lockdown that has confined everyone to their homes to prevent the virus from spreading further as things have already gotten out of hand.

Wireless thermometers have a Bluetooth connection of their own and are used for measuring the temperature outside in order to gauge the heat and humidity level and accordingly prepare for it.

Sitting idle at homes for a long period would naturally make you homesick but the heat outside would increase the humidity on the inside especially if you are living several floors above and this can be termed as being summer sick.

The wireless thermometer would be of great help as it would not only keep the temperature in check but also analyze what the situation would be in the coming times.


One of the best ways to get respite from summer heat is by hitting the gym early morning and sweating it out for a couple of hours with the air conditioner temperature at a bare minimum where after a round of cardio, you start with weightlifting and finally you go for aerobics exercise with dance steps added for good measure.

Then in the evening you go swimming and enjoy the cool water for a few hours and that would make you forget all the worldly problems temporarily but a pool thermometer would help you knowing the water temperature accurately and prevent you from catching a cold.

It might look too simple and of little importance to some but the fact is that wireless thermometers have helped people in more ways than one by having unique accessories and features to its name through which you can keep a tab on the temperatures while sitting comfortably at home.

Best Ones

What’s the best wireless floating pool thermometer? To answer this question, let us look at some important ones so that it would give an idea of what to look for when out buying one:

  • Mother Med-

It is perfect for finding the temperature of water for bathing and is most used for baby bath and hence the first choice for parents that have new born babies for whom there has to be a specific temperature for water

  • Ambience Weather-

Quite affordable with a battery powered mechanism that has a one year guarantee with smart sensors installed

  • Etekcity-

It is similar to a hair dryer in looks with dual lasers with a number of screens attached to the surface

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How to Treat Dog Dandruff

Pets - Josephine - June 24, 2020

Have you noticed your dog starting to scratch more but you can’t find any fleas? Well, it could be dog dandruff. That’s right, small Size dogs get dandruff too; and even though it might not be as embarrassing for Fido to scratch his head in public, dry skin could be making your dog’s life a misery.

So what exactly is dog dandruff? It’s dander which is dead dry skin that that occurs when there is a lack of moisture. Similar to human dandruff, white flakes become visible and the skin gets dry and uncomfortable.

According to Veterinarian Race Foster, puppies suffer from dog dandruff more often than adult dogs. What’s more surprising is that pups with darker fur (like black and chocolate) seem to suffer more than their lighter fur counterparts because the white flakes are more noticeable; however, that doesn’t mean dark-coated dogs actually suffer more from dog dandruff.

One reason puppies suffer from dog dandruff more than adult dogs is because their sebaceous glands are not as active. Dr. Foster states that once these glands mature, the number of lubrication changes to meet the puppy’s needs. Wouldn’t it be cool if human skin did the same thing?

Treating Dog Dandruff Inside and Out


So now that you know your dog has dry skin you need to moisturize it – inside and out. Start with essential fatty acids because dogs cannot produce these on their own yet they are necessary to maintain a healthy coat. Try giving your dog a supplement with his food like Nordic Natural’s cod liver oil or even omega-3 pet capsules for dogs on the go.


Once you’ve nourished your dog internally, now it’s time to concentrate on his coat to combat dog dandruff. Do not bathe your dog more than once every two weeks as this can dry out the skin. Use a moisturizing shampoo like Bio-Groom natural oatmeal and anti-itch which contains a natural, soap-free formula that cleans, soothes, and leaves your dog’s coat and skin in healthy condition.

The shampoo isn’t enough to treat dog dandruff though; conditioner needs to be applied and left on for three to five minutes to give it a chance to penetrate your dog’s fur. Look for a conditioner that contains oatmeal which will also soothe your dog’s skin. In between baths, use a conditioning spray daily to coat your dog’s fur. A good one to try is EQyss Avocado Mist Detangler which is a conditioning spray that does not have to wash out of your dog’s coat and it smells great too.


Don’t forget to brush your dog regularly to remove the dead fur which can also help dog dandruff. If your dog has an undercoat, use the Mars Coat King which is an effective hand-stripping tool when used on a regular basis.

If your pet continues to suffer from dog dandruff, consult with a veterinarian as this could be an indication of an underlying medical condition such as hypothyroidism.

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How to Avoid Getting Sick This Season

Health and Fitness - Josephine - June 20, 2020

Nobody likes getting sick. You not only feel bad physically, but you’re also hindered from doing some of the daily things you want to do. Luckily, there are actions you can take to help yourself stay strong and stop from getting sick so often. By raising your body’s natural defense system, you can actually help your body fight off foreign bodies and simultaneously ward off getting run down with a cold or flu. Here are a few ways to strengthen your immune system and avoid getting sick this season.

First, wash your hands on a frequent basis. Germs and bacteria that you pick up on your hands can be easily transferred to your mouth, eyes, or nose. This allows germs to enter into your body’s system and attack it. When you get home,  immediately wash your hands to prevent contamination of these germs in your home. Another good rule of thumb is to wash your hands each time before you eat. Also, don’t forget to never touch your mouth, eyes, or nose without washing your hands first. Keeping your hands clean will help you avoid transferring any germs you may pick up from entering your body.

Next, exercise on a daily basis. It’s a known fact that exercise raises your immune system. Keeping your immune system strong will help you fight any foreign bodies you pick up before they get a chance to hit your body hard. You’ll be less likely to come down with physical symptoms if your body is able to fight off the germ both quickly and effectively. Aim to get an adequate amount of exercise daily. By doing so, you will be joining the group of people who exercise that are shown to get sick less often during the year. Many people are asking the question that how much of your immune system is in your gut will be improved with the herbal supplements. With the consumption of the supplements, there can be doing of regular exercise for a good health. All the information will be provided to the patients without falling sick. 

Another healthy practice is to get and use a salt water nasal rinse. Germs incubate inside the nose. By rinsing out your nasal passage, you will be flushing out germs and bacteria before they get into your system. This is also a helpful method to provide relief when you suffer from allergies as well. Using salt water to rinse the nasal passages has been a widely known practice by various cultures for centuries. Be sure to follow the directions on the package and remember not to swallow the salt water!

Lastly, eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. You know your mom was right- you have to eat your fruits and vegetables. All fruits and vegetables are chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Loading up on these foods will not only fill your body with healthy, powerful nutrients, but it will also give your body the tools it needs to help fight off any bacteria or virus that you may have picked up from your environment. Raising your immune system through a healthy diet is one of the biggest ways to strengthen your body.

By using and combining a variety of ways to raise your immune system and keep your body free of germs, you can increase your chances of avoiding a cold or flu. The more you do to help raise your body’s immune system, the stronger your body will be. Thus, take care of yourself and your body will thank you by working hard to protect you.

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