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Quitting Your Weight Loss Plan!

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 21, 2020

Many people all across the world on a daily basis make a decision that they want to lose weight. Now, how many of them do you think actually see it through to the end and reach their goal? Not that much right? This is because it is all too easy to give up on losing weight. This is not always due to people just giving up because they can no longer be bothered or they are finding it too difficult, another reason is down to people putting everything they have into it and not seeing any results. I’m sure you will all agree this can be very disheartening, making it very easy to quit as they just do not believe they have what it takes to lose weight.

What you will find is that many of these people have lost weight initially, but then gained the weight again in time. Others will have had to deal with issues surrounding their weight all of their lives and have never found any success in a weight loss program. Trying to shift a lot of weight over a long period of time, sometimes years or decades will make any person feel they can’t achieve their goal and they come to the conclusion they are going to be overweight for the rest of their lives so they quit!

This is a very sad thing to hear but how wrong that person is. Even if they have 50 or 60 pounds to shift, it can be done, and in a lot less time than they think. No one has to give up on losing weight as we ALL have what it takes to lose the weight we want. Some will take longer than others as we are all different but we can all achieve our target no matter how hard it may be. All we need is the will to succeed.

People who have lost weight successfully and kept that weight off have done so by eating a healthy balanced diet, which goes without saying I’m sure you’ll agree. You can also read about their experience with leptoconnect reviews as well. However, in addition to healthy eating, they also adopt 2 very important lifestyle choices to their day to day lives.

Lifestyle Choice 1 – Cardiovascular Exercise!

Cardiovascular exercising is critical for anyone wishing to lose weight. You should do at least 30 minutes of cardio 7 days per week, however for more effective results, 60-90 minutes 5 days a week should do the trick. This increases your metabolism and in turn, burns more calories leading to weight loss. If you want to lose weight, then put on your runners and go out for a jog. It costs nothing to do and will benefit you greatly. If running is a little too difficult for you to take on at the beginning then go out for a walk or a power walk if possible, slowing building up to a jog. Every little help!

Lifestyle Choice 2 – Weight Training!

Applying weight training 3 days a week to your life will also benefit you. This has a fantastic effect on your metabolic rate and allows you to gain lean muscle at the same time. Muscle tone is what gives your body the ‘look’ we all desire, therefore weight training is a key ingredient. People who have used weights while working out during their weight loss plan find it easier to keep the weight off than those who didn’t.

Now, as I mentioned before, a healthy balanced diet coupled with healthy eating habits is also of great importance to achieving your weight loss goal. However, many people will say that while exercising daily, they find their eating habits changing for the better without too much effort. When exercising, you’re eating habits just fall into place and become consistent with your training regime, meaning a healthy diet will become part of your everyday life as you want to achieve the most out of your training. Training can put you in the right frame of mind to apply healthy eating to your lifestyle, resulting in you choosing the right foods, losing the weight you want to lose, looking great, and generally feeling a lot better about yourself.

For those of us that do find ourselves quitting our weight loss plan, it is more often than not down to the fact that the importance of exercising has not been put across properly. Doing a 20-minute walk 2 or 3 times a week is not going to do much, if anything, for your weight loss goal. If you really want to lose all the weight that burdens you in life, then you MUST adopt a truly serious attitude towards exercising.

We are looking to increase our metabolism, we are looking to view exercising as part of our everyday lives, we are looking to be a healthy person all while looking and feeling great and if we apply these thoughts to how we look at exercising, the weight will fall off in no time at all.

Enjoy and good luck guys!!

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The Healthy Wonders of the Dandelion

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 21, 2020

Dandelions, a plant known by most as a horrible and destructive menace to good lawns everywhere. However, few likely realize that the dandelion can be a very beneficial plant, although its strengths are far and removed from gardening applications. In fact, although it may seem very surprising, the dandelion, or more specifically the root, has an astounding number of health benefits that can be gained from consuming it. Eating dandelions? Yes, the concept may sound a bit strange, but this is fact, not fiction, and the roots of the dandelion plant can indeed be very beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Of course, the benefits of dandelion roots are not a new discovery, and many estimate that the roots were used for medicinal purposes as far back as 900 AD. One does not even need to delve to the dandelion roots to get health benefits, as the leaves themselves are notoriously high in vitamins. Although eating the leaves raw is not recommended, substantial amounts of vitamins A, B, C and D can all be found in the leaves. Of course, for a plant to be considered a true health supplement, it must have a few more benefits than just high vitamin content, and indeed, dandelions also contain a good variety of different nutrients. For example, the leaves contain iron, calcium, boron, magnesium and silicone. Dandelion leaves also have the potential to reduce cholesterol, and are sometimes recommended as a supplement for women going through pregnancy, or anyone suffering nutrient deficiency, the primary reason being that the plants leaves are so high in such a variety of different nutrients. As mentioned before, eating the leaves raw is not recommended, however, a quick trip to any larger drug or nutritional store should yield dandelion leaf and root supplements in large supply.

While we now know that the leaves are healthy, it is also worth mentioning that even the roots of the plant can be incredibly beneficial for health. Dandelion roots belong to the class of supplements known as “diuretics”, meaning that they have the potential to flush water from a person’s system. As a direct result of this, dandelion roots have been shown to have a very positive effect on the digestive system, and have been used for a long time as laxatives and appetite stimulants. Although it has not been proven, some doctors even make the claim that dandelion roots have the potential to remove toxins from the liver and bladder. Of course, considering the other benefits of dandelion roots, the fact that they may also be beneficial for the liver should really come as no surprise. Leptitox Real Reviews will deliver effective results to the patient that should be beneficial. The reviews are available at online website to offer the right results to the customers. The label should be read carefully to get the desired results. Some surprises should be made available to the people to have the weight loss benefit. 

Become of the positive effect that dandelions are shown to have on the stomach and digestive system as a whole, they are also recommended to treat indigestion, heart burn, infections occurring in the urinary tract and a host of other digestive problems. Still though, it is worth mentioning that not everyone will reap positive effects from taking dandelion supplements, and, in some cases, they can cause some minor issues in the digestive system, but nothing more serious than an upset stomach is possible. In another positive note, dandelions have been shown to have no interactions what so ever with any kind of additional drug or stimulate, meaning that the health benefits can be absorbed at all times, regardless of what else a person may be taking or any required medicine.

So, the next time that you happen to see a dandelion taking root in your yard, resist the urge to rip it violently out of the ground. The dandelion can be a very helpful plant, and it is definitely something worth checking out the next time you visit any kind of health food or drug store. However, if your not sure if dandelion supplements are right or you, make sure to check with your doctor, which is always a smart move before beginning any kind of vitamin or nutritional supplement. For those who may be searching for a simple cure for stomach and digestive system problems, dandelion supplements may be just the thing.

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Surviving a Heat Wave Without Air Conditioning

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 20, 2020

Old people are dropping like flies throughout Southern Europe from the extreme heat wave that has been buffeting this part of the world. From Romania, Macedonia and Greece come daily the reports of people completely unprepared for the heat passing out and some of them dying. It reminds me of the summer back in the late 90’s when I was in college and the temperatures throughout France and England were topping 100 on a daily basis and people were succumbing to heat stroke. It’s hot here in Istanbul. The temperature for the past three days has risen into the mid 90’s and as high as 100. Making it far worse, however, is that it has also been quite hazy and the haze traps the heavy air pollution from a city of 12,000,000 that really doesn’t care all that much about the environment. Istanbul exists in a sort of bubble immune from the corrosive action of PC campaigns. Istanbullus, for instance, never take a holiday from smoking, no matter how hot it gets. They buy small bottles of water for a half lira a piece and then throw them out on the street when they are done. I buy these bottles sometimes, though a I die a little bit inside every time I do, thinking of the neverending pile of plastic rubbish growing in the world’s landfills. I also try to expiate my sin by refilling the bottle from water cooler at work rather than just buying another one.

Its not as hot here in Istanbul, though, because the city is so thoroughly surrounded by water. John Freely, on the first page of his masterly, “Strolling Through Istanbul” quotes a Byzantine poet who described the city as “surrounded by a garland of waters.” The currents and breezes created by Istanbul keep the city from absolutely baking. As does the fact that unlike New York, there is far less asphalt to trap the heat. It’s a good thing too because it hardly ever rains here in the summer time and almost no one has air conditioning.

Well, that has been the case with New York but that doesn’t meant that you simply give up on the matter and utilize this time to lookup blaux portable ac reviews as Blaux is one of the best brands to watch out for in the coming season so that atleast things are bearable.

The lobby of English Time, the language school where I work, is really the only thoroughly air conditioned place that I experience throughout my day. Not the whole office, mind you, but only the lobby is air conditioned where prospective students come in and sit down to find out why they should learn English with English Time. The office is very impressive, actually. The buildings on Istiklal Cadessi (Independence Street), of which English Time is one, are mostly stately mansions. They are relics from the bygone days when Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire and these gorgeous piles with the high, gilded ceilings and frescoes were the embassies of the richest nations on Earth lining the boulevard then called la Rue De La Pera. Now, of course, the capital is in Ankara, as are all of the embassies and the current inhabitants of these buildings are middling English Academies, restaurants, music shops and night clubs. Regardless of the current occupant, the office is impressive and each day, after slogging my way through the streets I sit quietly in the air conditioning until my body temperature returns to double digits.

I have browned considerably in the month that I have been in Istanbul and along with my manner of dress and my beard I am beginning to look like a Turk. I am actually flattered when Turkish people ask me questions in their language, not realizing that I am an American. They have one sure-fire way of telling that I am from the west, however; I sweat like a pig. I hate disgusting; I find it positively revolting. Yet everyday as I push my way through meandering crowds of people, trying to stay in the stripe of shade on the margins of Istiklal, I am pouring buckets of perspiration from my forehead. The Turks never sweat. I don’t know how they do it. They are just as heavily dressed as I am and yet they walk around looking cool and composed when the sun is blaring down on them like a malevolent finger of God.

I appreciate air conditioning in a completely new way, living here in Istanbul. My mother always keeps her house frigid with central air conditioning from mid-May through October. I used to hate it because I would walk around with a constant chill around my ribs but now I yearn for the blessed Freon cool of her house. Still, I’m here for the summer and I have to deal with the heat so I have approached staying cool in a number of ways.

For one thing I choose my routes through the city based on the angle of the sun. I avoid long walks through open spaces where the sun strikes my forehead full force until I beg for mercy. I choose narrow streets with tall buildings and walk on the shady side of the street. I also take frequent breaks when climbing up hills or walking longer distances.

I wear light colored shirts and when possible, light colored pants. I can’t wear shorts to work but I find that even if I could, light pants tend to reflect and diffuse heat better than my own bare legs. I do wear sandals to work, which is a necessity in a city as roughly cobbled as Istanbul. My footwear allows me to diffuse more heat from my body though after three weeks of not wearing socks and shoes, my feet are beginning to look like Frodo’s.

I drink a few gallons of water per day. That’s obvious but what is not so obvious is that I also drink a good amount of salt per day. Salt helps your body retain water and you lose lots of it when you sweat. A great source of salt is from drinking Ayran. Ayran is a Turkish drink made from yogurt that is like salty sour milk. It sounds disgusting and it is the first few times you drink it but it grows on you and it goes down very well with many local dishes. Ayran gives me my salt and keeps the benevolent bacteria in my gut happy,

I don’t get too close to people or stand in crowds. There are many benefits from avoiding proximity to other humans in hot weather. You are less likely to be robbed, for one thing. For another deodorant hasn’t exactly taken Istanbul by storm. The most relevant reason, however, is that crowds of people generate heat in a big way. It can actually be quite disgusting standing by the door at the ferry dock waiting for them to open up so we can board ship and get to the European side.

I also use every possible human convenience at my disposal. I have always prided myself on stair climbing and walking the streets of cities but when the temperature starts topping 90, I have to admit that I find myself lingering on escalators, elevators, trams, buses and funiculars. I like exercise but climbing Galata Hill in dress clothes on a 90 degree morning is an exercise in masochism.

I know that New York had a heat wave a few weeks back. I actually read an article on Yahoo the other day about buildings using ice blocks for cooling rather than AC because they are more efficient. I know that not every heat wave is necessarily a symptom of global warming but they do make you think about it. It seems ironic that what can be such a blessed comfort, air conditioning, is one of the contributors to climate change through Freon emissions and the use of energy. Still, living in Istanbul through a heat wave without air conditioning, I find the prospect of a world without AC eminently doable.

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Things to consider while buying an electronic motor

Guide - Josephine - July 19, 2020

Trolling motor is used in water boats to increase their speed. Earlier people use their hands to row the boat, but now the trolling motor has replaced the use of hands. By placing an engine in the boat helps the ship to move at whatever speed we mark. If you are buying a trolling motor for Marine use, you should hire a standard voltage electric motor. If you’re facing any confusion, then check to know more about electric motors. The engine has a special covering, which protects it from overheating. Electric trolling motors have various functions, so you need to understand each function’s working for its use.

Let’s discuss the two types of trolling motor.

The motor is available in two types firstly foot controlled motor and another one is a hand-controlled electric motor. From the name, the control of both the motors is cleared as foot motor is controlled with legs and feet. Likewise, the hand control motor runs with the help of hands. So the people should choose the type of engine according to their comfort level.

-Hand controlled trolling motor is connected to a boat with the help of a clamp. When you are sitting in name and control trolling board, you’re one hand placed at the staring to control its speed. It is easy to operate the machine with the help of Hands. If you are going fishing, then using a hand-controlled boat is not possible because you’re one hand is placed on the system. For fishing, you need the help of your hands. Never take the risk of fishing from one hand because it may result in water accidents.

-Next comes the foot controlled motor. Usually, fishers install or controlled trolling motor to easily control the engine with their feet without involving their hands. When you move the boat with your foot, you need not concentrate more on running the ship than the fishing. The speed is controlled by the foot, and it only comprises of two options that are on or off. The boat runs with the help of a battle, which controls the steering function. Controlling the steering is very important because, with the help of steering, the boat’s direction is assigned. If you are not a boat rider then you should not try without any expert guidance.

So it’s better to buy a wireless motor that will automatically control the boat’s speed and steering. It makes fishing simple and easy. If you are fond of fishing, then you should not think while buying an automatic trolling machine.

Want to buy the best motor for your boat then follow the essential tips

Whenever you are in the mood to buy a patrolling machine, you should know its function and price. Never buy any product without doing its research. If you are looking to buy the best trolling motor at affordable prices, you need to check several online deals. Your first step should is to compare the price then you should make your decision. Now read each point carefully so that you end up buying a good quality trolling motor.


Brand name plays an important role when you are buying any product. Never buy goods which are cheaper and non-branded. It is said that branded products have more durability and reliability. If you are purchasing any electronic product, then check its brand name. You can compromise buying non branded products like short footwear clothes, but you cannot purchase unbranded electronic products, especially electric motors. Never go for cheaper products because they will not satisfy your wants. 


After deciding the brand, the next comes the size of the trolling motor. Many brands produce different sized engines so you should choose according to your requirement and budget. Moreover, the size of the motor depends upon the size of your boat. If your ship is significant, you need high powered trolling motor and vice versa. If you are facing any problem in deciding the size of your engine, you should divide your boat’s weight in pounds and then divided it by a hundred. Whatever will be the result, you should consider that result in weight. With this formula, you can easily find the best motor for your boat.

—Extra-ordinary features—

The main thing you should is the unique features of the boat you are buying. Ask the shopkeeper for detailed features so that you can use them whenever needed. Many boards have autopilot features, speed setting options, wireless systems, and many others. If your motor has extra perks, it will benefit you when you are sitting in your boat.

To sum up with

To conclude this article here, we have discussed two different types of trolling motors. Moreover, we have also discussed some of the points that the person should keep in mind while buying an electronic engine.

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Thoughtful Gift Buying

Gifts - Josephine - July 19, 2020

The sheer number of people who give inappropriate gifts is astonishing. Giving animals is almost always unacceptable, giving personal hygiene products is insulting, and giving someone a vacation is risky business. If you are a clueless gift giver, read on as we explore what gifts are great, what gifts are gaudy, and what gifts might get you fruitcake next Christmas.

One snowy December day several years ago, my best friend showed up at my door clamoring about the Christmas gift she had for me. To make a long story short, this gift was a rodent. She had bought a gerbil and all the necessary equipment to care for it. After naming it for me, (Spot, of all things) she left me alone with it. Now, the gerbil was a mean little creature that didn’t like to be handled. He bit me at every opportunity, especially when I did something awful to him, such as feeding him, or cleaning his cage.

This was a complete nightmare of a gift. I wasn’t about to re-gift the evil little thing, and gerbils, unlike goldfish, live at least a couple of years. The giving of animals is usually an unwelcome gesture, with a few exceptions. In the case of a child, I would request permission from all of the adults responsible for the child. You wouldn’t want to walk into a party to see your sisters ex-husbands new girlfriend complaining because Georgie the cat destroyed her new shoes when visiting her home with your nephew. Another exception to the rule is when the person specifically requested the animal. If your brother says he wants a snake more than anything, (and wasn’t under the influence when he said it), it would be acceptable to buy the snake. The trend of taking unwanted animals to the pound is disturbing. Not buying the animal in the first place will not only save time, hassle and embarrassment, but it will also save resources. Animal shelters often operate on very slim budgets, and an onslaught of animals after the holidays must be daunting for their financial team. In order to budget door gifts, the approach of the purchasers should be thoughtful to get the desired results. The learning of the things should be great to purchase the door gifts. With the correct approach, the financial team will deliver the guidance to the purchasers. 

Selecting the wrong gift for an office party could result in disaster for your professional life. While a gag gift that falls within the price guideline might seem funny when you are buying it, it could affect your relationships with the people who witness you giving what we will call the idiot gift. Let’s say that you are drawing numbers for a gift exchange at an office holiday party. The boss draws the number thirty-seven. The idiot gift says number thirty-seven. Now, your boss knows that you have bad timing and that you lack social grace. These things will effect how the boss thinks of you for the rest of the time you work for him. Ruining your career over one thoughtless or offensive gift seems wasteful, so put real effort into the gift selection process. If you don’t know who will be receiving your gift, like in the scenario we just discussed, gift cards are always a good solution. If the buying guidelines suggest a gift between thirty and fifty dollars, it is advisable to purchase toward the higher end, if buying gift cards. After all, the one drawback of giving the cards is that the recipient knows exactly what you spent. If you are uncertain of what store to buy from, I would recommend one of the newer gift cards, often sold in grocery stores. They are sold as one card, but can be used at as many as three to five different stores and restaurants. If you know that the majority of your coworkers are in relationships, you can give a fun gift that will extend beyond the individual receiving it. An interesting idea for this would be a ‘dinner and a movie’ package. Again, you can usually pick up a gift card for that exact purpose. If not, stop being lazy and make two stops. The effort will be appreciated.

Personal hygiene items are a rather rude gift, with a few exceptions. If you know that your mother wears a certain type of perfume, it is acceptable to buy her this. To purchase perfumed bath sets is a bit of a risk. These often won’t be meant with criticism because they are arranged as gift sets, however the recipient may have too sensitive of skin to enjoy them. To purchase a basket of personal hygiene items like soap, shampoo, and deodorant is just rude. (I bring this up because a woman I know gave a friend a basket like this for Christmas last year. He was hurt.) This implies that the recipient not only would benefit from using such products, but that they cannot afford to purchase them on their own.

Another gift risk is to give a vacation. While this initially seems like an extraordinary, exciting gift, it could cause numerous problems. Receiving a vacation is wonderful testament to how much the giver cares for you, but there are foreseeable issues with money and timing. The recipient may not be able to afford taxes, meals, air fair, and spending money. These are costs that are still the travelers responsibility, even when the trip is ‘all expenses paid’. Another potential problem with giving a vacation as a gift is time. More often than not, pre-purchased vacations have an expiration date of one year. The gift recipient may not have the time to take a vacation, or worse a combination of both problems. Sometimes, when people who haven’t yet retired are given a vacation as a gift, they can’t even afford to take the time off from work to take the vacation. A possible solution to this problem is to a savings bond to the recipient in for the amount you wish to spend. Specify that it is toward their dream vacation. This way, they can cash it in when they wish, using it toward their vacation, or something else they could use more. This allows the recipient more flexibility in enjoying your gift.

So, we have covered some of the most common mistakes made when buying gifts. Now you have some alternatives to make idiot gifts a thing of the past. Just remember that thoughtful gift giving isn’t as hard as it seems. It is fairly easy to please relatives and friends by putting a new twist on old ideas. I will leave you with one last piece of basic advice: Never forget to take the price tag off.

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