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Metroid Prime: Hunters Preview At Next Level Gaming!

Gaming - Josephine - August 30, 2020

I just recently had a chance to sit down and have a go at the Metroid Prime: Hunters DS game demo that will be included with the Nintendo DS at launch next week. It is only one week away yet it seems like forever. First and foremost the game looks amazing. The little DS screen looks 10X better then the screen on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP system.

The demo I played for Metroid Prime: Hunters DS had the game map at the top screen and the game itself at the bottom screen. I used a few control styles but found that using the stylus with my right hand while using the D-pad to move around was by far the easiest. Many of you may feel different about that but thankfully there are many options to change the control type. The game uses both screens for cinema scenes. Samus is shown in full body with both screens. Its very cool. I hope more developers use the double screen for video and other things. It really shows what the system can do.

I started out in a level walking and shooting at these globs of goo. I used the stylus to fire and it was very easy. I also help the stylus to the bottom screen and used it to look around. You can look up and down, basically anywhere you want to look. It was just pulled off very easy with this control scheme. You can also morph into a ball and roll around. But basically I spent most of my tile looking around at the level, noting the nice graphic detail. The game looks like it’s bigger sister (come on, Samus is a girl so I have to give her props) on the Nintendo GameCube system. If you are anal then you will complain about the slight textures when you move in real close to a wall. The game is on a small screen and it looks pretty awesome.

The Metroid Prime:

Hunters DS has a one player demo and also multiplayer levels. You will get to actually go head to head with others in this demo to see just what all of the hype is. You can race around shooting at other Samus in the multiplayer levels. This is where the fun begins. When this game is released on Sunday you and your friends will be able to have a go at one of the best multiplayer games on a portable system to date. A click can be made at the website to know about SSD methods. An option of multiplayer can be there to have potential benefits at the platform. Understanding of the concept is excellent at the platform and the selection of portable game can be there to have more benefits. 

Well my fellow Nintendo fans, The Nintendo DS is only days away. On Sunday you will all be able to get your hands on this great new system from Nintendo. Trust me, this system kicks ass. And I will have reviews up of the many release titles that will hit store shelves. From Super Mario 64 DS to Spider Man 2 DS. If Sunday seems too far away, then head out to your local Best Buy or EB Games store. They have demo’s set up for the Nintendo DS. You can go there and check out Metroid Prime: Hunters DS as well as Pictochat. Check it out!

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Where to buy back links – Check the details!!

Social Media - Josephine - August 29, 2020

Seo can help your clients unearth, and connect along with you. Your potential prospects will need that allows you to uncover you by carrying out home based searches. To do this, you must obtain the website rated as clearly as possibilities by the popular google and bing, for a selection of diverse, relevant search terms. These tips and where to buy backlinks will help you to reach that dream.

Increasing your Page rank relies on increasing what amount net vehicular traffic you have, and additionally helping to keep site visitors on your world wide web for an expanded stretch of time. You’re calculate your visits at your service by making use of slated Quantcast Scores.

This can have got a showing to the PageRank. You have an influence on your site’s PageRank. Include discussion boards to motivate your site visitors to really look at the pleased of your net and discuss it with each other.

You might want to regularly launch new pleased to the net and find where to Where to buy back links. Set a goal for work for weekly updates of new content and follow it. Search rankings spend frequency of upgrading into narrative the time they analyze service rankings. Higher than average page spots are awarded to web directories with recurrent new content.

Make certain your site is effortless onto the hearts set. It is boost your search engine standing by focusing on keeping your site uncluttered and operational. In order to boost the sale, the business people can buy facebook likes $5 from the reputed site. Different sites are available that are charging different prices from the customers. The boosting of the sale is beneficial to increase the amount of profit with the business firm. The rankings should be great with the cheap charges for the likes. 

You may want to increase your rankings with the addition of characteristics for accessibility something like an instrument to improve typeface specification. You should discover a place where to get backlinks balance to appeal to scanner and also to google and bing.

Once you’ve chosen the key phrases that you use through your internet site, combine them in to your page title, in the. Spend some hard work producing your designate great, because of the fact who is what turns up on search results fan pages. This can help ensure your service meets the users’ hunts, giving you a lot more clicks.

Use keyword phrase-warm and friendly anchortext for url links between web pages to the web site. Your link ought to in no way read in detail merely “click this link” this doesn’t positive aspect your search engine ratings during a way. Search-engine bots will search for keywords in anchor text and boost your spots following see them.

 Search-engine to get your enterprise world wide web does not need to be complex or hard.

You could start upgrading with a standard comprehension of Search-engine and Back Link building rules, and a willingness to create some easy alterations towards the strategy. By following the Search-engine guidelines we’ve got shown, your group net will have to see a rise in its rankings.

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Yes, Minecraft Mojang’s Been Sold to Microsoft

Gaming - Josephine - August 29, 2020

Seems the rumors were the truth: Minecraft has bought Minecraft Developer Mojang for $2.5 billion dollars.

The gossip has been going around for someday by now, and they were finally confirmed during the early morning of September 15th. According to a statement released by Mojang’s official website, Minecraft’s indie game developer studio based in Stockholm is being sold to Microsoft for a smooth 2.5 billion dollars! This website will tell you more about this deal.

This blog entry also tells people the reason why this decision was taken has to do with the fact that “Minecraft has grown from a simple game to a project of monumental significance.” However, Minecraft creator Marcus “Notch” Persson has decided that he doesn’t want the responsibility of owning a company of such global significance and the pressure of owning Minecraft became too much for him to handle.

In this way, the statement assures that “the only option was to sell Mojang. He’ll continue to do cool stuff though. Don’t worry about that”.

What will happen to Minecraft?

Of course, our favorite game will still be running and at our reach for all of us to play in its world. The announcement says the following about this topic:

“Minecraft will continue to evolve, just like it has since the start of development. We don’t know specific plans for Minecraft’s future yet, but we do know that everyone involved wants the community to grow and become even more amazing than it’s ever been. Stopping players making cool stuff is not in anyone’s interests.”

Still, the question that has yet not been answered is how Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang will affect Minecraft.

All we know is that the other editions of Minecraft and their development, sales, and support of the PC/Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, iOS, and Android versions of Minecraft will keep on flowing. This is because “Microsoft can’t make decisions for other companies or predict the choices that they might make in the future.”

Phew, at least we have that for sure.

What will happen to the Mojang staff?

The only certain thing so far is that Mojang founders are leaving. Notch, Carl, and Jakob are moving on to other non-Minecraft-related projects.

As to the rest of the staff members (or Mojangstas as they like to call themselves), it has been said that the vast majority will continue to work at Mojang for the time being. Game Developer, Jens Bergensten has already assured through his twitter account that he is still at Mojang and that he is still the lead developer of Minecraft.

There is no doubt that the following months will meet players with plenty of changes and news related to our dear game Minecraft. To this, the Mojang team has some comforting words for those Minecraftians that fear for the game’s future

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Contributing to, engaging in and being a part of social media will provide you with powerful insight into your product and your customers

Social Media - Josephine - August 29, 2020

Social media can be a powerful tool for customer service and marketing. It gives you the chance to talk directly to your customers; if you work at it, you can evangelize your customers, turning them into a surrogate sales force.

Contributing to, engaging in and being a part of social media will provide you with powerful insight into your product and your customers.

Everything you learn can be fed into your marketing, sales, advertising and press departments for powerful initiatives moving forward.

Did you see the key words I used above? Engage. Contribute. Be a part of a community. Social Networks changes the landscape of selling by one key fact – you’re no longer talking about your customers; you’re talking to them. What’s more, you’re not talking at them but with them. It’s a two-way conversation, not a one-way forum for you to get your message out.

It’s a hugely significant change in the way we traditionally think about marketing and selling and opens up new exciting avenues. As I said earlier, it also means that some of your traditional forms of selling won’t work. Traditional outbound marketing messages – where we tend to “talk at” our customers or push our marketing messages in their face – won’t go down well.

After all, we’re not talking new media here; we’re Define Social Media. The purpose of new media – having a company website, for instance – is to be found if someone searches for you, your product or your genre. In contrast, the benefit of social media is to convince that person that you are better than your competition when they get there; just telling them you are isn’t enough. You need to engage and talk to them; you need to open interactive dialogue. For the purchase of likes and followers, a visit can be made at site. The availability of real and genuine likes is there to increase the sale of the products. The interaction between the customers and marketers is excellent at the platform.  Plenty of benefits are there to improve social media promotion and advertising. 

If new media is the virtual equivalent of a shop, then social media is the staff – and the customers – inside, who are all enthused about what you have to sell and want to chat to customers about it. Therein lies the difference. We’re going to look at your existing web presence (new media) in detail and look at how you can take advantage of web content and the tools available to upgrade to a more effective online social presence later in the book.

 Remember earlier I said to think of social media as discussions. Well, you want to be a part of that discussion, rather than just trying to hijack it, as many traditional sales and marketing platforms attempt to do. You want to engage in two-way dialogue. It’s subtle but can be incredibly effective.

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HP 2711x Review | Best 27″ on The Market?

Shopping and Product Reviews - Josephine - August 23, 2020

The HP 2711x is one of the best quality monitors that are recommended as one of the most excellent LED monitors. Its well-designed slim and sleek body and additional features makes the monitor a unique one. Using the advancement technology and intelligent backlight feature, this monitor is convenient for eyes which does not cause any strains. Varieties of configurations and settings can be done to play games, watch movies, run programs and so on.

Moreover, the easy installation process of HP 2711x makes it uncomplicated to run and install applications. Having a high resolution with good contrast facilitates the adjustment of perfect blackness and brightness. It has the best feature of the quick response which is faster than other monitors

Learn More On This Product at

The wide screen brings the experience of watching in HD qualities with high quality graphics and sounds. The most advantageous part with the HP 2711x is that, it can lead you to a greener lifestyle, because it uses the light emission diodes and does not use mercury which is environment friendly and can save half of your electric bills. Appropriate for both personal and official use, this HP 2711x can be set up and placed in anywhere such as tables, stands, desks and so on. The LED backlight technology provides the best contrast and smoothness for viewing. This can be adjusted with easy touch functions to suit and meet your technological needs.

  • The wide inch LED monitor with slim and thinner body.
  • 100mm x 100mm VESA complaint for setting up in tables, stands and desks.

The best graphics and contrast of the high definition HP 2711x monitor can give you the experience of the HD home theatre system. These monitors are available in different designs and colors at affordable prices. If purchased from Amazon, shipping discount will be provided.

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Avoiding the use of fluorescent backlighting and mercury, the HP 2711x monitor is an environment friendly appliance that helps you save power energy and reduce 50% of your electric bills. Using the intelligent backlight technology, this LED monitors gives sharp images and clear graphics.

What some of the users are saying about HP 2711x Monitor

One viewer stated that this monitor has given her the best experience of home theatre. He said that the integrated speakers provided the high quality sounds and the graphics was more than wonderful! He added that the crystal clear quality was the best he experienced for playing games and watching movies. Therefore, he commended this product for everyone who wants to buy it.

Having the excellent graphics, sounds, configurations and features, the HP 2711x monitor provides you the best experience of quality view. Affordable and within your rich, the HP 2711x monitor helps you to save you electric bills and be eco-friendly. So, experience the new LED technology.

The hp 2711x delivers great design and sturdy construction, it’s glossy screen and beautiful color reproduction makes the hp 2711x ideal for gamers, movie lovers, but also for professional photographs. The monitor’s size is just what it is, a 27″ beast. If you are looking for the ultimate multimedia monitor the hp 2711x (with a wicked under $300 price tag) should meet your needs comfortably. However if your a professional video, graphic or 3d designer this screen might not be the perfect choice, but with a 27 ” monitor this cheap, the performance / price is out of this world. Most recommended.


Since the development of technology has evolved greatly, there is also seen changes in the design and technology of the computers and the monitor screens of the new models that are being manufactured nowadays. Many vertical computer monitor is marked as high speed and are suitable for games and programming.

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Indestructible Dog Beds – Knowing Your Dog And Material Used

Pets, Tips - Josephine - August 22, 2020

 While looking for the best indestructible dog bed, you need to consider a lot of factors which will help you to decide on which type of dog bed is not easily subject to complete devastation brought upon by your dog. Different indestructible dog beds are made of different materials and as such, you need to have a good hang of your dog’s personality while trying to have an idea of what your pet can or cannot destroy.

Buying The Right Material Is Vital 

The materials need to be studied and analyzed before putting it up because the dogs are quite sensitive and need to be comfortable with what the final product is going to be and this article is going to be about the same that would remind you of This Site that has been doing the rounds called where you have all the info about dogs and their lifestyle.

What is important to mention here is that 

The type of materials used in making indestructible dog beds is one of the most important factors to be taken into consideration during your selection of the right type of bed. Almost each and every dog has the die-hard habit of chewing on things like plastic and leather and this explained why our shoes are always their main ‘targets’. It is not surprising that every individual dog has its own personality and that is why different dogs have their own preferences on their objects of chewing. Some of the dogs will refrain from showing off their chewing antics on certain types of materials but that does not mean the other dogs will do the same as well; they would probably chew on these materials till their hearts content. It is best to look for indestructible dog beds which are scratch-proof. Some of the dogs will simply go all the way out to destroy their dog beds while trying to form their own comfort zone in their beds to assure a good sleep or rest. By acquiring the knowledge of what things your dog can and cannot destroy, you can then combine this piece of information with the above two factors and set out to find a suitable indestructible dog bed. Try to conduct a survey on the list of toys which your dog have destroyed and then what kind of toys it has spared from its sharp teeth. Also take note of the materials used for making these toys, between those which have been badly chewed beyond recognition and those which are still intact.

At the same time, you will get to know what types of materials your dog prefers to chew on – is it plastic, leather or cloths materials? Based on this survey, you are probably ready to find and decide on the type of indestructible dog beds for your dog. It is always advisable to select an indestructible dog bed which is made of a kind of material that your dog will not enjoy chewing on it or some materials which have not been ‘tasted’ by it yet. Also, you need to make a note of the sleeping patterns of your dog. For instance, does your dog have the habit of pulling up the covers with his mouth and try to make a nest inside the bed? If he has this habit of doing so, the more you need to get an indestructible bed for your dog. And if your dog does not have any chewing habit, then a normal dog bed will be just nice for your pet. Finally, your dog’s personality plays an important role in the selection of a good indestructible dog bed. Being the dog’s owner, you should already know by heart what things can or cannot be destroyed by your dog.

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What is Etiology? – Understand the term and the basics!!

Cbd, Pets - Josephine - August 22, 2020

The fourth major category of itchy skin disease in dogs, Contact Dermatitis , involves skin irritation secondary to direct contact of the skin with something in the environment. In fact, there are two distinct syndromes falling into this category.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis, which is not a true allergy, involves direct damage to skin cells by exposure to a damaging compound. The damaged skin cells induce an inflammatory response directed at the skin. Irritant contact dermatitis occurs at any age as a direct result of the damaging nature of the compound that has been contacted.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis, on the other hand is an event where the immune system

  • must first be sensitized to an allergen,
  • and then later be exposed to it.

Allergic contact dermatitis is rare in young animals, as chronic exposure to the allergen is usually required. Contact allergy is most common in German Shepherd Dogs; however, Poodles, terriers, and Golden Retrievers are also considered at increased risk.

 For a healthy immune system, the consumption of CBD products is done. The risks related to the health are decreased with the correct dosage of the compound. If a person wants to know about the benefits, then see it here at the official site of the CBD products. The exposition of the severe disease is reduced with the offering of the CBD products to dogs. 

The pattern of the skin disease with contact dermatitis, unlike that of flea, food, or inhalant allergy, depends on the way in which the allergen is contacted. The thick coat of hair is usually an effective physical barrier to most contact. As a result, the regions most often affected are those with the sparsest hair and those with the most contact with the ground. Thus, the chin, underside of the neck, chest, belly, inside of the flanks, underside of the tail, and the bottoms of the feet are most commonly involved. More generalized reactions are probably less common than often believed.

Initial skin lesions consist of redness, heat, and swelling, leading to papules and plaques. Blistering of the skin is uncommon. Itchiness varies from moderate to severe, but is usually severe.

If the reaction is seasonal, a plant or outdoor allergen is suspected, but a wide variety of allergens can be involved. Most common offenders include plants, carpet, plastics or rubber (such as food dishes or toys), leather (such as collars), soaps, detergents, floor waxes, rugs, herbicides, fertilizer, mulch, insecticides (including topical flea sprays), flea collars, concrete, fabrics.

In the diagnosis of contact allergy, it should be borne in mind that symptoms can mimic those seen with food allergy, atopy, flea allergy, bacterial or yeast infection, demodex mites, immune mediated skin disease, and seborrhea.

Skin biopsies can be helpful in diagnosis. Patch testing, placing the suspected allergen directly on the skin under a bandage for 48 hours, can assist in the diagnosis. Final confirmation requires the removal of the allergen from the environment, followed by provocative exposure testing to confirm what is causing the reaction.

Treatment of acute cases may require administering corticosteroids such as prednisone for short periods. However the long-term goal is to remove the offending substances. Bathing with low-allergy shampoos, and covering affected areas with mechanical barriers such as socks and T-shirts may also be helpful.

The prognosis for contact allergy is good if the allergen can be identified and removed. Unfortunately, these animals respond poorly to desensitizing allergy shots. If the allergen cannot be removed, treatment with cortisone-type drugs may be needed throughout the life of the dog to maintain quality of life.

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Puppy Biting Training Tips And Guide

Pet Training - Josephine - August 22, 2020

Do you want to go to the park? Mango Doucleff, of San Francisco, responds to her favorite command by perking up her ears and tilting her head.

When you first bring your new puppy home, it may seem like a cute game to let him chew a bit on your fingers and toes. However, this behavior becomes a lot less cute when your dog gets bigger and the bites get harder. Therefore, it is important to incorporate biting into your puppy training process, by teaching your dog that most types of biting and chewing are inappropriate. Puppy biting training should begin as soon as your pup leaves his litter and comes home to live with you. This will ensure that the puppy training for biting that he has learned from his littermates will continue on with his new owner €“ you. How Puppy Training for Biting is Done within the Litter

Puppy training for biting begins in the early days of life and is completed between the littermates. When puppies chew on one another, one pup will let another know when the bite becomes painful by yelping and moving away. Throughout this process, your puppy will learn that while chewing is an acceptable way to explore his world and play, biting hard is inappropriate and will be met with consequences. You can continue the puppy biting training at home with the same method. When your puppy chews on your fingers or toes, yelp at your pup or respond with a loud, Ouch! This response needs to be loud and sudden enough to startle your pup, but not enough to really scare him. Once you have your dogs attention, walk away from him. This will quickly teach your dog that biting is unacceptable. How to Train your Puppy not to Bite Inappropriate Objects

The puppy training for biting will also work effectively in teaching your dog what he can and cannot chew on. This aspect of puppy training for biting will involve your undivided attention, but it will be well worth the time and effort spent in the long run. The key here lies in your ability to catch your puppy in the act of chewing, since physically removing him from an undesirable activity will be the best means of training. When you see your pup chewing on something inappropriate, like your shoe or the living room sofa, give your pup a firm, No and offer a toy for him to chew on instead.

With enough repetition and consistency in this process of puppy biting training, your dog will learn what he is allowed to chew on (toys) and what he is not (you or your possessions). When you wont be available to watch your pup for a period of time, confine him to his crate with a chew toy or two until you are able to watch him closely again. Puppy training for biting can be a long process that requires plenty of patience and consistency on your part. However, a dog that will not bite in nearly all circumstances will make your time and effort well worth your while. And Your House In Order  Now Uncover Practical And Easy To Use Tips. There are other tips and strategies that you can find online. You just have to be resourceful and make sure that you are dealing with a reliable source. To help you out, read more here.

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Things To Know Before Deciding If Shiba Inu Is The One For You

Pets - Josephine - August 21, 2020

Thinking about getting a shiba inu puppy? You have come to the right place! This Japanese dog is cute and cuddly, but there’s a lot more that you don’t know about this one. It has more characteristics and points that you need to know before you make him your pet.

They like to pretend they are a ninja.

Yes, you read it right. They are always quiet, agile, and alert. You wouldn’t even realize they are trying to steal more dog food from you. This quality of Shiba inu is cute, but only till he does it inside your house.

He can be an escape artist since he’s so quiet and steady on his feet. This is why you need to take extra care whenever you take him out for a walk. Be sure to always have a leash with you with appropriate tags and always put a microchip there. This is great if your Shiba inu decides to denounce your world for the great outdoors.

They are also very territorial. They are very possessive about their belongings. If you try to touch their toys or food, they can get aggressive with you. However, this is something that can be trained to them from a young age. Therefore, it isn’t something that you need to worry about excessively.

They have made history.

Shiba Inu has made its record in the Guinness Book of World records. The longest living dog was a Shiba inu. His name was Pusuke, and he died at the age of 26. He was just three months away from turning 27. Owners said that he was very active even in his last days, and he passed away as soon as the owner arrived from his morning walk.

He firmly believes that his Shiba inu waited for him to come home before saying his final goodbye. They are extremely loyal species, and they will love you to an extreme extent. They are the kind of dogs to get possessive over you. These may sound like dogs’ general characteristics, but they are enhanced when it comes to Shiba inu.

They have good health.

Shiba inu is known to have a long, healthy life. They are agile and active for a long period. These dogs are like puppies who never get old. However, some health conditions are common to their species.

These health conditions can catch them very quickly if you are not careful with them. Some of these health conditions are glaucoma, hip dyslexia, and kneecap issues. There are some pieces of training specifically designed for this breed to help them recover quickly.

You can do those pieces of training with your puppy. Along with that, you need to also make sure that his food has the right amount of nutrients needed for his growth and development. It can be damaging to his health if you do not provide sufficient vitamins and minerals.

They are rare pets

Judging by this Japanese species’ qualities, you can assume that this dog is special and has many rare qualities. This is why it is one of the rarest species in the pet world. The rarity of Shiba inu is almost comparable to that of the red panda.

They look like foxes! In older times, they were also used as hunters. Their triangular pointed small ears tilt forwards. Their muzzles are also tiny, cute, and pointed. Generally, they have reddish fur with white markings. However, they are also found in other variations.

You can find tan and black Shibas. You can get cream ones to be your pet. They also have cute triangular-shaped eyes, which will immediately catch your attention. The most distinctive feature of their expression is that they always seem like they are smiling. 

Wrapping Up

Now, you know many details about this cute, little, adorable dog. His smiling face is all you need to see before getting him into your house. It is one of the best quality of this species. These dogs are very culturally rich as their roots dive deep into time. Their generations are too old, and they date back over centuries. In a nutshell, this species is surely agile, but they will give you so much love that anything can make up for it.

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Nelson Family Dentistry – Dental Implants

Health and Fitness - Josephine - August 21, 2020

The ITI non-submerged implant system was developed in the mid-1970s by a partnership of researchers from Institute Straumann, a Swiss medical technology company, and the University of Bern. The unique design of the ITI implant permits the gum or soft tissues, to adapt to the neck of the implant while the submerged part of the implant is osseointegrating. 

Osseointegrating is the biological process that allows the bone to bond to the implant surface, locking the implant solidly in the bone. This bond between the bone and the implant surface is a critical factor in the success of dental implants.

The ITI Titanium Plasma Sprayed surface has been thoroughly researched in over two decades of clinical use and has been shown to provide a strong bond between the implant and the bone. It also speeds up the process of osseointegrating so patients may receive permanent teeth sooner.

Before the development of the ITI Dental Implant System, long-term tooth replacement required two surgeries: one to insert the implants and another to reopen the gums and attach replacement teeth to the submerged implants. The non-submerged ITI Dental Implant System utilizes a one-stage surgical procedure that eliminates the need for the second surgery. 

The key to successful dental implant treatment is the pre-treatment evaluation in which can help you. Many doctors take a team approach to the patient’s needs, and a surgeon and the restorative dentist will consult each other. The surgeon places the implant and works closely with your restorative dentist who will make your replacement teeth. Some dentists have the training and experience to provide all aspects of implant therapy for their patients and have chosen to do so.

You, the patient, are a vital part in the eventual success of this treatment because you must maintain your oral health by following the recommendations of your doctors. 

 In order to make a complete evaluation of your oral health status, your doctors will assess the condition of your teeth, gums, and supporting structures, as well as any dentures or dental work you may have. They may also take x-rays, perform preparatory work such as removal of plaque from teeth, and make replicas of your teeth and jaws for guidance in placing your implants. Your jaw type and size will be evaluated carefully for any special considerations that require treatment before the implants can be placed.

Your team of professionals will assess such factors as diabetes or allergies in your medical history. You will be asked about any medications you take, as well as any tobacco, alcohol, or drug use. Actually, very few medical conditions rule out dental implants.

Your dental implant team will consider the health of your gums, oral tissues, and the shape of your jaws, as well as instruct you in the oral hygiene practices that will help you prepare for, and maintain your implants. Healthy gums are more likely to heal around the implant properly. 

 Once you, your surgeon and your restorative dentist have completed your preparations, the ITI Dental Implant System implants and replacement teeth are implemented as follows:

 During single implant surgery, your surgeon places the implant(s) into your jaw. Because the implant system brings the top of the implant to your gum line, it allows your soft tissue to heal during the same time that your bone tissue bonds with the implant’s titanium surface. Healing is generally complete within three to four months depending on bone quality. This approach was pioneered and documented by ITI.

 Next, your restorative dentist creates and fits new replacement teeth to the implants. This part of the process requires making impressions, bite registrations, bridge fittings, and tooth selection.

The implant surgery may take from one to four hours. Normally it is performed in the surgeon’s office.

Note The term “surgeon” refers to a skilled dental professional with specific training in implant surgery. The term “restorative dentist” refers to either a general dentist or a prosthodontist. 

What Precautions Should I Take Before Surgery? Before or after the surgery, you may be asked to take oral antibiotics and use an antiseptic mouthwash. You may be asked to have nothing to eat or drink for eight hours prior to the surgery. You will also probably be asked to brush your teeth carefully the morning of your surgery. 

What Happens During the Surgery? You may be given a sedative, as well as either local or general anesthesia. After you are anesthetized, the surgeon will expose your jawbone and prepare one to several precisely measured holes. Very gentle, low-speed drilling and extensive saline irrigation will be used to promote healing of your delicate bone tissues more quickly and firmly.

The surgeon places the titanium implants and sutures the soft tissues back around the neck of the implants, which will extend up to the gum line. The implants are designed so that the living bone tissue will bond rigidly to them, usually in about three to four months. 

What Happens After Surgery? You will spend some time in a recovery area, where an assistant will help you. An ice pack held to your face will reduce the swelling. When you are ready to leave, the assistant may give you a prescription for pain and antibiotic medication, along with further instructions from your surgeon.

On the first day at home, you may drink liquids and start a soft diet. Take your antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed and continue to use ice packs and gauze as needed. Proper home care with frequent rinsing helps prevent infection and assists in the healing process.

About one to two weeks after the surgery, your surgeon or an assistant will remove the sutures. Within two to three weeks, you may be asked to clean your mouth with a soft-bristle toothbrush to prevent plaque buildup. About one month before healing is complete, your surgeon will evaluate the restored shape of your gums and decide if adjustments are necessary. 

 When can I Resume My Normal Activities? Most people return to work within a day or two after the surgery. You will make routine visits to your surgeon to ensure proper healing. Two to three weeks after your surgery, your surgeon or restorative dentist may reline your old denture.

You can then wear your denture, which may have to be adjusted several times during the healing period. Should soreness develop at any time, you should contact your surgeon or restorative dentist to relieve pressure under your old dentures. Healing and osseointegration with the ITI Dental Implant System usually take about three to four months. 

 Call your surgeon if:

  • Your jaws continue to swell after the first 24 hours
  • Pain in your jaws, mouth or sinuses is unrelieved by the prescribed pain medication When osseointegration is complete and your jaw and gums are completely healed, you are ready for the making and attachment of your new teeth. 

 How will my New Teeth Attach to the Implants? Before making your new teeth, your restorative dentist must remove the temporary screws from your healed implants and insert abutments (special attachments) in their place. Your restorative dentist may take x-rays beforehand to confirm the osseointegration of the implants. 

 How are my New Teeth Created With the abutments in place, your restorative dentist makes impressions (molds) of your mouth and imprints of the way your jaws fit together. These are used to construct a model of your jaws and any remaining teeth, as well as the abutments themselves.

From this model, your dentist creates your prosthesis (artificial replacement tooth). To ensure the best fit, your restorative dentist may need to see you several times. This fitting process normally takes just a few weeks. During this time, you can continue to wear your old denture, partial, or single false tooth.

Once the best fit is made, the final denture, single tooth or bridge will be attached to the abutment(s) previously placed on your implant(s). 

What Types of Prosthesis are Available? Your prosthesis can be removable or fixed, or a combination of both.

A removable prosthesis often replaces a full set of teeth. It clips firmly to the abutments by a ball and anchor attachment or a bar device but can be taken out for ease of cleaning.

A fixed prosthesis can replace one, several, or all of your teeth. A single tooth attaches directly to the abutment. For several teeth, the entire metal frame is carefully fitted to your mouth. For this reason, you may wear the fixed prosthesis during an adjustment period before it is finally attached to your abutments. Once attached, a fixed prosthesis can only be removed by your dentist. 

What Precautions Should I Take When Using my New Teeth? Your dentist may ask you not to eat hard or crunchy foods for a few weeks after your prosthesis is installed. To avoid damaging the prosthesis, never chew on ice, pencils, metal, or other hard objects. 

 Call your restorative dentist if:

  • You have pain or discomfort in your jaws
  • Your new teeth are loose
  • Your new teeth do not fit together correctly 

 Caring for your New Teeth Dental implants need special care to keep them clean and trouble-free. Much of the success of the osseointegration depends on keeping each abutment post clean and plaque-free. This is when you become the most important member of the team. At your checkup appointments, your restorative dentist will evaluate the progress of your home care.

If your prosthesis feels loose, call your restorative dentist immediately. In most cases, your restorative dentist can rectify the situation quickly. 

 How do I Clean my New Replacement Teeth? Just like natural teeth, you should clean your new teeth…both the prosthesis and the abutment posts…after each meal. 

 You should brush both the inside and the outside of a removable prosthesis. Then brush around the gums and abutments with the prosthesis removed.

Brush a fixed prosthesis thoroughly, as you would natural teeth. You may want to use an interdental brush with a bent handle to clean around your abutment posts. Make sure the interdental brush has a nylon-coated center wire to avoid scratching the soft metal surface of the abutment posts. Ask your restorative dentist about home care kits or other cleaning devices that may work best for you. 

 With dental implants, you will need to floss even more than before. You may be asked to use special floss to clean around your gums, abutment posts, and prosthetic teeth.

Floss around the abutment posts of a removable prosthesis with your teeth removed. Use floss or other suggested non-metallic instruments around the front, sides, and back of the abutment posts of a fixed or removable prosthesis. 

 What if I have Trouble Seeing my Abutments Clearly? A lighted, magnifying make-up mirror (not hand-held) will help you see your abutment posts more clearly, especially if you wear bifocals or trifocals.

Full-frame reading glasses, available without prescription from your pharmacy, may be worn instead of your bifocals or trifocals when cleaning your abutment posts. These can give you the close-up correction you need when tilting your head for a clear view of the abutments. 

 In some cases where the abutment posts are difficult to clean, other cleaning techniques may be recommended. Your doctor often works closely with you to help keep your abutment posts and prosthetic teeth clean. 

 When will I need Dental Checkups? At least twice a year, you should see your restorative dentist. She or he will clean your abutment posts as necessary. The fit of your prosthesis will also be checked.

You should see your surgeon once a year to check the stability of your anchored implants and the health of your gums and jaws. 

 The ITI Dental Implant System is the first to offer a documented single-surgery tooth replacement procedure. This system also incorporates design advancements that:

  • Offers less treatment time and less chair time
  • Strengthen the bond between the jawbone and implant
  • Make the implants easier to clean and maintain
  • Reduce stress on the implants, which minimizes any chance of loosening Soon after your new teeth are complete, you should be able to bite and chew just as you did with your natural teeth. Freed from the inconvenience and embarrassment of traditional dentures or partials, you should find yourself chewing and smiling with confidence. You will begin enjoying the many lifetime benefits of ITI Dental Implants.
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