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Cow Outwits Cop

Animals - Josephine - February 25, 2020

Man claims supremacy over animals. But there are occasions when animals establish their supremacy over man and use their intuition and ingenuity to achieve their wants. It is interesting to find young cattle giving evidence of intelligent behavior when it comes to self-preservation. Though we may call it animal instinct, it gives lot of evidence of intuition. Here is a case. This occurred in a police training camp in a state noted for its lush green scenery and of course with total literacy.

The policemen were housed in a large campus of 300 acres. It contained an integrated training complex. They had training facilities for physique development, sports, rifle shooting and other activities connected with the deveiopment of the police force. Around these facilities large areas of green pastures existed. These were nurtured and well maintained. The fodder grass considered nutritious was available in large quantities. The police had restricted the movement of cattle to the campus. Separate enclosures existed for cattle directly owned by the police force and which catered to their milk requirements. Cattle from outside used to enter the area and graze lavishly. The policemen found this interfered with their normal activities and deprived them of fodder for their own cattle. The invading cattle increased in numbers daily as if those who had a taste of the grass invited new comers to join the fray.

One day the authorities decided to put an end to this menace of stray cattle. They fenced the area with thorny bush. The entire area was fenced with thorny material; fixed on the ground, though not deep Normally no cattle would enter the campus breaking the barrier. However, there were young smart cows that were determined to graze and were attracted by the thick growth inside. They managed to entice and bring a few old cows tempting them to feed in this green area. When the old cows came close to the fence, the young ones positioned them horizontally along the fence. Three young ones formed a formation parallel to one another and perpendicular to the position of the old ones. Then they raced and dashed towards the old ones with all force they could command. In the impact the fence gave way. The younger ones went in, grazed and returned with their belly full. But the old ones suffered the impact of the hit and fell down with bruises and bleeding injuries resulting from penetration of thorns in the fence. They could not enter and have a full meal. The young ones had no sympathy for the old ones. They repeated this performance with changing composition of the team of young and old. It was an interesting sight to watch for the humans but a painful experience for the senior cows. Thus the quadrupeds outwitted the cops.

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