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Fix A Relationship By Communicating Effectively

Dating - Josephine - July 3, 2021

Communication is defined as the exchange of thoughts, messages and ideas. However, not all communication is effective communication. Effective communication leads to certain desired intent and effect. It leads to consensus and agreement on issues. Effective communication is a key pillar of any strong and healthy relationship. It is a tool that can be used to nurture and fix a relationship. What are the components of effective communication? You need to have the right communication at the dating applications. Dating sites for seniors are available separately for the communication with the senior people. Effective communication is the key for the people to have the best results. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the individuals.

Listening To Your Partner

Listening is a key constituent of effective communication. Listening makes your spouse feel heard and appreciated. He or she can therefore express his or her feelings more openly. In instances of misunderstanding, questioning your spouse for clarification is important. It ensures that wrong assumptions are avoided. You should not engage in selective listening. Sometimes in a discussion, you may choose to listen to only what you believe is right and disregard the rest. Listen actively without thinking about what you will say next while your spouse is talking to you.

Observing Your Body Language

Observing your body language is also very important. Crossing your arms may seem like you are being defensive. Lack of eye contact may mean that you are not interested in what your spouse is saying. Speech is only one part of communication. Whereas gestures & body language act as non-verbal communication. While talking with your spouse, face them, smile and maintain eye contact. Mimicking your spouse’s posture may also encourage open communication. Your body language should portray love and respect and positive openness. Good body language will encourage your spouse to openly communicate.

Your Spouse’s Body Language

Also, observe your spouse’s body language and mood. These act as cues to understanding what your partner is trying to communicate. Your spouse may say, “I’m fine, nothing’s wrong”. However, your spouse may have his or her arms crossed or his or her eyes teary. The non-verbal communication in this case reveals your partner’s real feelings. Body language may reveal emotion or feeling subconsciously without your spouse realizing it.

Time To Think Before You Speak

To communicate effectively with your spouse, you should take time to think before you speak before and during conversations. Your spouse may have angered you. Taking some time off to cool down before any discussions ensures that you have a clear mind and not clouded with feelings of anger or annoyance. During conversations, you should ensure that you are speaking with love and care. Projecting anger may lead your spouse to be defensive. This will most definitely act as a hindrance to fix a relationship.

Having A Joint Vision/Purpose

Having a joint vision or purpose ensures that you both walk in the same direction in your relationship. You should have discussions with your spouse on key issues relating to your relationship. For example, after discussing and agreeing that you will spend your money in a certain way, arguments and conflicts relating to finances are less likely to ensue.

Open communication is important in any relationship. Opening up to your spouse in an environment of honesty and respect is essential. You should not assume that he or she automatically knows what you want or what you are thinking. Hinting should also be avoided as it may open doors for miscommunication and misjudgment. Focus on the use of ‘I’ rather than ‘you’ during confrontations. These focuses blame away from your spouse, leaving less room for him/her to be defensive.

Effective communication also involves appreciation and compliments. You should openly express your feelings of love and appreciation for your spouse. Think about how special you feel when your spouse tells you “You are handsome/ beautiful” or “I love you”. Expressing positive emotions to your spouse evokes a conducive environment to fix a relationship.

Learn and understand your spouse’s way of communicating. Different people have different ways of communicating. You may have no problem with telling your spouse “I love you”. Whereas your spouse’s way of saying this may be through physical means such as hugs, kisses, flowers and gifts. When you understand your spouse’s way of communicating, then you should know how to set your expectations.

Effective communication is a key factor in maintaining and even to fix a relationship. As you may not always come to a consensus on a discussion, choose your battles. Agreeing to disagree is not a sign of poor communication.

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Reading Female Body Language Is Important For Success In Dating

Dating - Josephine - June 16, 2021

eharmony - Best Christian Dating Sites

Ah, body language. A woman can say so much without speaking at all, just by using a little female body language. Different from what you see with men where body language is designed to imply power and strength, women focus on flirty movements, touch, and preening. How can you tell the difference between nervous energy and actual interest? Here are a few things you should watch for.

Eye Contact

Women use eye contact to draw in men they find attractive. You will notice that most women who are “on the prowl” will have given their eye makeup a lot of attention. The reason is that so much can be conveyed with the eyes. Striking eyes are very attractive and are an obvious tool for flirting.

If a woman stares at you for more than a couple of seconds, you can pretty much bet she is interested in at least talking to you. Once you start a conversation, assess if her eyes remain on your face, periodically flicking to check out your body or if they are staring past you and on to the next man. The first indicates a strong interest. The second indicates boredom.

Large pupils are a good sign; small ones are generally not a positive reaction.

Hair Triggers and Touches

Women preen. This means that if they are attracted to you, they will start to fuss with their hair. This is subconsciously designed to show you not only how healthy they are, but also full, lush hair is an indication of physical condition, which is indicative of trying to make herself more attractive. It is a sign that she is trying to show her best side.

Touching often follows, and this is where men tend to make the most mistakes. Women will start the touching exercise with a very casual touch. This indicates that she feels fairly comfortable with you. Generally men over-respond and touch back too strongly. Err on the side of caution, and don’t touch her any more intimately or strongly than she touched you. If you can manage this well, it creates an almost primitive dance of courtship.

Legs and Shoes in Body Language

A woman’s legs and shoes tell a lot about her frame of mind. If her legs are firmly tucked below her and wrapped one around the other, she is protecting her “private” space. If her legs are out in front of her and relaxed, she is more receptive to your attentions.

High heel shoes are recognized as a way to make a woman’s legs appear longer and sexier. They do this by adding the height of the heel and also by thrusting forward the pelvis and tightening the calf muscles when standing. This is a biologically appealing position. High heels have another purpose as well.

When a woman is dangling her shoe off her toes and bouncing her leg up and down, look to see where the shoe is pointing. If it points in your direction, it is another indication of interest.

These are but a few of the “body language” postures that women use. Take some time to study your subject. All women use the signals but a little bit differently. While it isn’t usually a conscious intent, it probably helps them keep men guessing. No matter what, don’t take it all too seriously. Welcome to the oldest game in history. You can find all these in westword too.


One has to take care of a lot of things when they gout for the first date or while dating, it about the way they talk, the things they talk about, how you portray your thoughts in front of that person, giving space, not developing extreme emotions, being natural and real.

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