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Designer handbags for fashion women of today

Fashion, handbags - Josephine - November 5, 2021

Designer, luxury bags are an integral part of our lives, especially for women. We need them not only to maintain our daily essentials, but also to complement our outfit, and in a sense, handbags serve as a sign of financial wealth. However, not all of us can buy bags from the latest collections worth thousands of dollars. Let us find out where to buy authentic designer handbags for fashion women of today.

Durability and high quality of the designer bags

The first and foremost reason to buy top branded handbags for ladies online at affordable prices is the superior quality of the fabrics used. They are made with the best materials from leather to hardware. It is why designer bags are very durable and will remain in perfect condition even after many years of use. When you buy your first luxury bag, you will immediately appreciate its durability and high quality.

Great resale value of the designer accessory

Buying a luxury, designer bag is an investment. If you do not like your bag anymore and want to buy another, you can easily resell the old one. Designer bags are always in fashion. Yes, you might not believe us, but designer bags save you money. How is it possible if they are not cheap at all? You can easily get an amazing designer handbag, even from one of the best brands, for less than five hundred dollars. Since they last much longer, you do not need to spend money repeatedly on cheap handbags.

Beauty and uniqueness

In addition, you may like to have a designer bag, because it perfectly complements your wardrobe, makes you happy, or gives you a luxurious feel. If we convinced you that it is better to have a designer handbag than many cheap and low-quality ones, you may be wondering how to buy luxury handbags.

Tips on how to pay for designer bags

You cannot imagine how much money you can save if you do not spend it on useless things. Even giving up unnecessary minor things can help save your budget. Make a list of the items that are essential for you and another with useless goods. In addition, do not forget this list every time you are about to buy something.

Make the right decision

You must decide what type of top branded handbags for ladies you need. If you want a handbag from a certain brand, look at their products and choose the model that will be perfect for you, your sense of fashion and your lifestyle. Choose a luxury, branded, designer handbag in neutral colors to match numerous outfits and stay fashionable.

Consider the second hand

The designer bags are made of high quality materials as we have already said before, and they can be used for a long time. Therefore, even second-hand bags are in good condition and you will pay less money for them than for a brand new one. If you are thinking of buying pre-loved handbags, we advise you to choose a store wisely. The authenticity of the item is a priority and only trusted retailers can guarantee it 100%. However, buying a second hand branded, luxury handbag is an option that you must avoid at any cost.

Buy for sale online

Although the most classic and famous designer bags rarely go on sale, if you have patience sometimes miracles happen and you can get the bag of your dreams at a reduced price. To make the right decision, ask yourself – Will I want to use this in a year? Be precise about what you buy. We recommend that you request the following information before purchasing the item to ensure that the bag is authentic – the original invoice, the labels that accompany the object, and original packaging.

Best place to shop for designer handbags

If you do not know, where it is better to buy a designer bag, in a store or online, here is our answer. Some brands have outlets while others do not. By buying a luxury, branded handbag online, you will definitely save some money because in a store the owner has to pay rent, electricity, payroll and accessories. With the online purchase, you can look at all the existing colors, styles, and choose the one you like the most, while in a store you will choose between what is available at that time.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Chain

Fashion - Josephine - August 14, 2020

Chain Style

One of the important factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing your chain is the style. Usually, the most popular styles are wheat, cable, rope and box chains. If you are buying a chain for men, it is important to always keep in mind that men generally gravitate toward widths that are wider such as 3mm or higher. The common styles for men are curb and figaro. On the other hand, if you are buying something for women, keep in mind that their preferences usually vary. But in general, average chain width is the ideal for women and it is around 1mm. Some of the common styles that women love are wheat, rope and cable chains.

Metal Quality

Metal Quality is another factor that you should pay attention to when buying chains. For some customers, yellow gold is the common choice of metal. Sterling silver is also one of the common preferred metals when buying chains. As a matter of fact, sterling silver is considered as an alternative to gold when italking about price point while remaining on-trend. But the good news is, sterling silver and gold are perfect for any gender.

Chain Length

Another feature of chain that you need to consider is its length. Usually, the common chain length is 187 inches. But of course, gender will always be the ice breaker. For women, they gravitate toward 16 inches and 18 inches while men generally gravitate toward 20 inches and 24 inches. Overtime, fashion has evolved and new trends emerged. Layering is one of these huge trends,. Some people love to layer necklaces with varying lengths. Experts claim that through layering, people can express their true selves. The good thing is that people have endless options when it comes to the length of the chain.

Class Assembly

If you are looking for a price point item, a spring ring is the best option for you. But if you want a mor substantial chain, a lobster clasp is the perfect one. This kind of assembly I considered to be very versatile with both men and women’s chain. But since most men prefer a more substantial chain, it is better to consider an extensive line of heavier lobster clasps in order to support those larger chain dimensions. Hence, it is advisable to choose a clasp assembly that has more decorative design detail and also available in wide variety of sizes.


Lastly, you should also consider pairing your chain with a pendant. Now that you decided what kind of chain is the right one for you, the next thing you need to do is to pair it with the right pendant. You can find an array of styles in the market. 

Overall, there are some factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect chain for you. You can visit the top 10 best Cuban link chain to give you more ideas about the current trends in the market.

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Five Ways to Wear the ’40s Fashion and Glamour Look

Fashion - Josephine - July 23, 2020

Wearing vintage-inspired clothing is incredibly fun. The ’40s in particular were an interesting era for fashion, as those years contained elements of drama, and an air of sophistication-all while remaining incredibly demure. Many designers are leaning toward this specific era in their clothing lines for fall and spring. These pieces can really refresh your wardrobe and take you out of a fashion rut. But take care in selecting the pieces you wear, lest you appear like an extra from an old Turner Broadcasting film (no offense to old Turner Broadcasting films…)

High Heeled Spectator Shoe

A relatively safe way to begin incorporating 40’s pieces is with the feet. Start by trying out a high-heeled spectator oxford. These shoes have a classic charm. But their high-heels (of varying heights and “girths”) are what provide them that modern appeal. Beware; there are several different “mod” versions of this shoe. By sticking with a more conservative version you will get much more wear out of them-even after the fad passes. Don them with a pencil skirt and a sexy ruffled blouse. It will help greatly if said blouse is in a bright color, so as not to look too sedate. Or give the style some “funk” and wear them with a classic tweed mini and a pair of slinky leg warmers in a neutral color.

When it comes to funk, then you have various options to choose from as cheap wholesale clothing & discount fashion are the new norms of the society because fashion statements truly define your personality while the color pattern is an added bonus

Cropped Mock Cape

This ultra glam look is terrific for the fall and winter-especially with a slim turtleneck underneath. Weekend wear calls for a trim pair of dark-washed jeans. Dress the mock cape with a few strands of chunky necklaces in rustic hues. These will keep the cape from looking too dowdy.

And depending upon the texture and embellishment on the mock cape, you could also toss one over a slinky mini-dress. The mock effect is terrific for adding a touch of glamour to an otherwise simple dress. To keep the outfit from looking too dated, be certain to pop on a really sexy shoe.

Jackets with “Strong” Shoulders

Watch any of Turner’s classic films, and you’ll notice that many of the damsels wore jackets with very defined shoulders. Don’t get this confused with the monster shoulder pads of the 80’s. The 40’s shoulder contained sharp lines, but were very tailored, with the rest of the jacket cutting fairly close to the woman’s shape. The modern twist on these jackets reveals cropped lengths worn with belts. There are lots of ways to play up this particular style. The narrow mini works well with tights and an exaggerated shoe bootie. Remember to keep hair soft and wavy with these structured styles, as this is also a relevant throwback to the fabulous 40’s.

A-Line Skirts

Another thing to note is the popularity of the A-line skirt. These skirts were traditionally worn longer during the 1940’s-often with a matching blouse of the same color. The contemporary version of this style dictates a slightly shorter hemline. You’ll find that dresses with this kind of hem will have cinched waists (some with belts) and muted, sophisticated tones. These kinds of skirts and dresses look fabulous with T-strap pumps.


If you really want to affect that vintage charm, get yourself a pair of sophisticated gloves. To pull off the look without appearing too kitschy, make sure to wear them in weather conducive to “warming the fingers.” Belts and mini-tote bags are essential to exacting the conservative chic of 40’s fashion. Fashionistas will also be unafraid to experiment with hats. Most hats were generally on the small side, so as to reveal a woman’s supple wavy hair. Fedoras with a delicate brim also showcase this era quite well, especially with a few well-placed embellishments.

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