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Magic Mushroom- Alaska’s Amanita for Remedial Solution

Food and Drinks - Josephine - October 11, 2020

Whenever there is a discussion about a pandemic, corona virus will be the first one that springs to mind in an instant due to the effect it has had on the entire world and continues to do so.

Every problem has a solution and similarly every disease must have a cure whether it is a virus or even a normal cough and cold but today most medicines that we find in the market are of spurious quality that do more harm than good.

This is why most people are looking up for natural alternatives like homeopathy but that has been difficult to find and we as people are so used to following doctors’ orders that only recommend these very harmful medicines but still, there’s no harm in discussing about this natural alternative.

Defining Characteristics

Amanita Muscaria. A beautiful and photogenic mushroom that is the proverbial solution to everyday ailments that mankind is grappling with that is used to make cannabis drugs that are providing positive results to those that are partaking it on a regular basis.

Amanita Muscaria is taken from Amanita, a popular genus that has nearly 600 species of mushrooms and each with a defining characteristic of its own but only a few of them contain medicinal qualities while others are normal mushrooms and the rest of them are poisonous in nature.

It is mostly located in the Northern Hemisphere regions with Alaska being the dominant region of all that contains 3 important types of Amanita Muscaria that we are going to look into right now.

The people that have tried these mushrooms out have claimed that it has similar effects of cannabis and hemp, which means that it puts them into a trance where they lose control of their minds.

Others proclaim that it instills feelings of strong euphoria where they become giddy, reckless and dangerously overconfident where they feel that they can jump so high that they can reach Jupiter in a single leap.

This unique mushroom has slowly made its way across the globe to Oceanic regions of Australia and New Zealand apart from Western Europe and other parts of Asia where there is a growing demand for them.


The 3 types of Muscaria are as follows:

  1. Amanita Albocreata- It is a unique species of fungus that is also called Ringless Panther that is found in Canada and US and is quite poisonous in nature as it contains toxic substances that can damage the immune system
  2. Amanita Nehuta- It is mostly found in New Zealand with a soft shelling on the outer layer with thicker flesh compared to Albocreata that are so palely white that it resembles glowing snow
  3. Amanita Pantherina- It is available in Eastern Europe, Middle East and West Africa that is again highly toxic and poisonous to use but has been granted legal status in the Netherlands and US as scientists want to conduct several experiments on it in order to unearth some medicinal qualities in them as they feel that it does contain many.
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Claire De Lune Cafe in North Park, San Diego, California

Food and Drinks - Josephine - February 14, 2020

There are many good cafés and coffee houses in San Diego, but not many café lounges. Claire de Lune at the northeast corner of University Avenue and 29th Street in North Park (across the street from Birch North Park Theatre) is one of the latter. You don’t go there to have a quiet mug of latte while reading a book or surfing the internet on your laptop – the place doesn’t have Wifi connection. Rather, you go there to socialize and enjoy live music while munching on a sandwich or cheesecake and coffee.

As a matter of fact, I dropped in here for the first time because a local musician tipped me off about her gig at Claire de Lune via MySpace a while back. I don’t care much about the area (actually, this stretch of University Ave is quite nicer than the rest of North Park is, I think… though I still wouldn’t like to drop in late at night). The lounge itself is pretty spacious and homely. Maybe a bit too homely in term of cleanliness also (I wonder if the sofas had been cleaned since WW II… If only the espresso I was sipping wasn’t so burnt I might have smelled something from the pre-color-TV era sitting in one of them).

I must confess that sweet-toothed me is quite drawn to the bakery counter and all its cakes, tarts, and muffins (go for the blueberry cheesecake if there’s any left when you get there), though. I’ve never tried the sandwiches here, but they look large and inviting enough for their price.

The place is pretty ambitious about its live music schedule… Perhaps they’re targeting folks who also patronize the Birch Theatre across University Ave. If you aren’t a fan of pop music from the late 70’s to late 80’s or the Sarah Mclaughlin-ish type, however, this place probably won’t be a good hang out for you (they play the music so loudly here even a deaf-mute could hear it walking in the door). The place is open until midnight most days, being quite busy in the hours when the other coffee houses in the area are closing. Perhaps that draw some unwanted elements in… The service here can be pretty suspicious. They even set it up so that you have to ask the clerk to buzz the door when you need to use the restroom there. Pretty unusual for a friendly neighborhood coffee lounge, eh?

So… if you are in the area looking for a quiet cup of decent espresso or to spend a few minutes on your laptop before catching a show at the Lyric Opera at the Birch Theatre in North Park, I have to say that Starbucks at the theatre is a better choice. If you are looking for a ‘lively night out’ while nursing a passable coffee and good cheesecake, though, Claire de lune is the place for you.

Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge (in North Park):

  • 2906 University Avenue (at 29th St), San Diego, CA 92104 Tel (619) 688-9845


  • Sun-Thu: 5AM-Midnight,
  • Fri-Sat: 5-1AM

Major credit cards accepted. Handicap friendly facility.

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Cat Food for Sensitive Systems

Food and Drinks, Pets - Josephine - February 10, 2020

The Wet Stuff

Cats love wet cat food. If you are going to keep them happy and healthy, then you have to find a balance for your cat. The first of the top branded foods for cats with sensitive systems are Hills Science’s Sensitive Stomach Cat Food. They have the wet food to satisfy your kitty. If you like, they also have the dry version. It is a good idea to have on hand for your cat. They need something to clean their teeth. The dry versions allow the cats to clean their teeth while eating.

The second wet food variety for the best-branded cat foods for cats with sensitive stomachs is Science Diet. This is the best for anyone that loves the brand-wet stuff. Almost every cat expert I know swears by this brand. I personally have never had a cat that would eat it but if your likes it then tries it out. It is very nutritious.

The Dry Stuff

Dry cat food is really hard to find for sensitive systems. The second of the best is Natural Choice Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs. It keeps the cat looking really good too. The skin of your kitty will vastly improve with this food.

Another third great choice is Eukanuba Adult Sensitive Stomach Formula. This is a good choice for anyone that wants a more meat-centered diet for his or her cat. While Natural Choice is very green filled, the Eukanuba Adult Sensitive Stomach Formula dry cat food is for the meat lovers. Let’s face it, your cat loves meat and not greens. In the end, the choice is really yours. Most veterinarians will recommend that you try a bit first to see what the cat thinks of it. If they eat it well and seem to react well with their bowel habits then you know that you have a hit.

Keep some of this in a metal bowl so they can munch as they get the cravings. Like a pregnant woman the cats that have sensitive tummies need to eat small frequent meals to be happy and remain full.


Try the wet stuff to keep your kitty happy. Just make sure to add some dry to allow them to graze on throughout the day. This will help them stay full and happy. The qualities of these foods are all excellent. In the end it comes down to what your cat will eat. Look for that in the list of ingredients. Also make sure that there is plenty of protein in the food. Cats need that to be strong and healthy. These choices for sensitive systems allow your kitty to have the taste and quality that they deserve.

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Angelo’s Caffe the Best Little Coffee Shop in Oak Harbor – WA

Food and Drinks - Josephine - January 10, 2020

What can I say about the “The Best Little Coffee Shop” in Oak Harbor, except you have to try it for yourself, and believe me, you will not be disappointed. It’s the best place to meet for a break from work, or for a nice breakfast or lunch. It’s great for groups wanting a meeting area that caters to their coffee needs as well. So whatever your fancy – Angelo’s Caffe is the place.

Angelo’s is conveniently located in the heart of Historic Oak Harbor, close to shopping and within walking distance to the Oak Harbor Marina. The minute you walk in the door the friendly smiles will greet you and the smell of coffee will delight you.

At Angelo’s you will find a fair size seating area where groups can meet, along with a couch and a big screen TV, for those wanting to catch up on the daily news or to read the newspaper. There is also a small wine bar with select beers and wines available to compliment your lunch.

Their breakfasts consist of a variety of Italian-style Frittata, these are golden eggs similar to an omelet, served with fresh fruit and homemade berry buckle, which is a dense berry coffee cake with crumb topping, and is baked fresh daily, using a 1950’s family recipe.

Breakfast choices also include creamy, slow cooked oatmeal, egg sandwiches served on croissants or bagels. They feature 4 styles of Eggs Benedict, one is “Benedict Italiano” – which is a fluffy English muffin, creamy fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and sliced tomato, then topped with a poached egg and homemade Benedict sauce, served with fresh fruit. Simply delightful!

For lunch there are a variety of organic salads, sandwiches on homemade focaccia-style bread, made from scratch soups, pastas, and Italian Crostata which is a quiche-like pie made with ricotta cheese and other wonderful fillings.

What sets Angelo’s apart from some of the other coffee shops, is that they use only “local” grass fed beef, “local” fish and all organic salads, for all the favorite drinks such as latte’s, mocha’s and cappuccino they only use “organic” coffees. Some of their other specialties are: homemade Tiramisu, Cannoli and mouth watering fruit tarts. Angelo’s also offers catering services for all your party and Holiday needs. In summer time you can enjoy the warm sunshine in their outdoor seating area under the umbrella’s.

At Angelo’s the food is always delicious, the drinks delightful and the warm and cozy atmosphere will keep you coming back time and time again. Cheers!

They are open for business 6 days a week, and closed on Monday’s. Hours of operation are:

  • Tues – Sat. 7AM – 5PM, Sunday 8AM – 4PM
  • Location: 670 SE Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor, WA 98277 (360-675-4053)

Other coffee shops in the area:

Espresso Connection

  • 32199 SR 20
  • Oak Harbor, WA 98277 (360-675-0731)

Café Delisio

  • 957 Ault Field Rd.
  • Oak Harbor, WA 98277 (360-682-6933)

Jet Java

  • 34933 SR 20
  • Oak Harbor, WA 98277 (360-279-8150)

Whidbey Coffee (numerous shops on Whidbey Island)

  • 980 Pioneer Way
  • Oak Harbor (360-679-1162)
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