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Pokemon Go Premier Cup And Master League Rollout In Latest Pvp Update

Gaming - Josephine - July 22, 2020

Pokemon Go is the favorite game available on mobile devices for most of the mobile gamers out there. This happened due to the unique and special experience that pokemon go provided its players. Using the fairly new AR Technology, they created a game that makes the people believe they are in a completely new world where the pokemon are the real deal! You are a pokemon master trainer who is on an adventurous and realistic journey that involves catching new pokemon that could be found in real-life places. If you are a fellow Pokemon Go fan then you must be aware of the latest PVP update of the same. To enjoy the game experience to its highest potential, you can check out pokemon go accounts ebay as well.

Pokemon Go Master League Return and Premiere Cup

With the new PVP update, the developers of Pokemon Go have also confirmed that the Premiere Cup of Pokemon Go will start now and it will run for the next few weeks as well. Along with this, you can also expect a return of the Master League in the game. 

Where the Pokemon Go Premiere Cup will not allow you to use legendary pokemon, i.e, there is no involvement of legendary pokemon in this particular event. As you participate in these events, you will be able to earn huge rewards and perks of winning as well as participating. By doing this, you will enhance your overall experience of playing the game by earning some of the best prizes, pokemon, and more. With the help of all these perks, you can enjoy the best experience ever. To enjoy your experience without having to participate in many events and working hard to level up, you can simply purchase pokemon go accounts at cheap prices and enjoy the perks without having to work hard and put in a lot of effort.

Why should you purchase Pokemon Go Accounts?

The first reason why you can think about purchasing pokemon go accounts is that you can easily enhance the entire gaming experience instantly without having to wait for long days and working hard every day, completing various tasks, participating in events, gaining rewards for leveling up, etc. All these things could take up a lot of time and the results may still be very far. In such a scenario, it would better to just purchase the master-trainer pokemon go accounts ebay that will let you enjoy all the benefits that a master trainer can in a short time. Waiting for so long could be a difficult thing and you might eventually get bored if you keep trying without seeing positive results.

How can you purchase these accounts?

If you want to purchase Pokemon go accounts then you can easily search online for various websites that will sell these accounts at an extremely cheap price. After verifying the details of the accounts, you can choose the one you wish to buy, make the payment, and enjoy endless benefits instantly!

Purchase Pokemon go accounts now!

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X Box 360’s Best Games

Gaming - Josephine - July 14, 2020

While people will still gladly debate whether or not Microsoft releasing their Xbox 360 a year early was folly from a hardware standpoint, it has at least given them the advantage from the software side of things, you can also click to read more about this ongoing debate. Being the first to market allowed Microsoft to get more market penetration than their rival in Sony’s PS3. This increased lead time, as long as the near abandonment of third party exclusives, has allowed Microsoft to get their hands on more high-quality games that may have otherwise been unavailable to them. This has allowed for the unique position of not what is the best game for the system, but rather what is the best game for you?

One of the things you learn from working in a game store is that it always comes down to a matter of personal preference. , it gets to the point where you can recommend something to someone instinctively. So the following would be what I would recommend to someone in need of help deciding what game to buy.

Racing DiRT from Codemasters and Criterion’s Burnout: Paradise. For a racing fan who wants total simulation, you want DiRT. Even with the release of Project Gotham Racing 4 and its addition of motorcycles, I’m told DiRT is a far more rewarding experience. I say I’m told because I’m not a fan of simulation racing, but rather arcade racing games, which is I go with the Burnout series. The Burnout games are ones that can be enjoyed by anybody. My friends and I often tell people that they aren’t racing games, but rather action games with cars. And with the recently released Paradise’s open-from-the-get-go free-roam city with seem-less online integration, incredible graphics, Burnout: Paradise is fun waiting to happen.

Shooters Gears of War, CoD4, Halo 3. For squad-based, and covert action, there are Epic’s Gears of War. While the story is stale and cliched, the action can be intense, and the visuals remain extraordinary throughout. The only downside is the inability to form teams for online ranked matches. Next is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. With CoD4 Infinity Ward finally lost the WWII setting and updated the series to the present day. Gone are the Nazis, but the high production standards that Infinity is known for remain intact. CoD4 also is the proud owner of what seems to be the most engaging online versus a shooter can have. Which is saying a lot for a game that is competing against the uber franchise that is Halo. While many would agree that Bungie’s Halo 3 didn’t live up to the hype (frankly nothing could), none can argue against that it delivered more than originally expected. With 4-player online co-op, online versus, youtube-style video sharing, a map-altering Forge, and game-altering hidden skulls, Bungie threw in anything they could cram onto the disc. The one thing these three games share in common is that they all have a relatively short offline campaign, but an extensive online component. And for anyone looking for more co-op shooting action, keep your eyes on EA’s Army of Two.

Action/Shooter Two shooters that deserve their own category are Valve’s Orange Box and Irrational Games’ Bioshock. With the Box Valve manages to squeeze five games into one $60 price tag. Included are the original Half-Life 2, as well as Half-Life 2 episodes 1 and 2, the team-based online shooter Team Fortress 2, and the gravity-defying, mind-bending, first-person-shooter puzzler Portal. That’s right, an FPS puzzler. With Bioshock, Ken Levine and his crew at Irrational evoke memories of PC cult classic System Shock 2 and manages to create an experience that is as varied as the people who play it. Shooter. Action. Role-playing. Survival Horror. Any of these could describe it or an aspect of it. To, it is the game on the top of my “Haven’t played it but need to” list. There is no need to list why you should play this game other than to say, “you need to play this game.”

Fighting Currently, there are the 3-D fighters Dead or Alive 4, from Team Ninja, and SEGA AM2’s Virtua Fighter 5 Online, as well as the XBLA rerelease of 2-D fighters Street Fighter and Ultimate Mortal Kombat. While enough to stimulate you for awhile offline, if you’re really wanting to get the most out of these games, you’ll have to “quarter-up” with online versus play. But Soul Caliber IV and later Street Fighter IV seeks to open the field up even more.

Role-Playing While the JRPG field is somewhat lacking with the hit or miss fan-base of Eternal Sonata and Sakaguchi’s Blue Dragon, Sakaguchi seeks to claim what he failed to in Blue Dragon with his Lost Odyssey. Whether or not this can be the Final Fantasy game 360 fans are waiting for from the Final Fantasy creator is yet to be seen. What can be assured is that fans of western RPG’s are still probably playing Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. An immense and immersive game-playing experience, the Elder Scroll series has always been defined by its endless, hundreds of hours gameplay thanks to the sheer depth of the game world and its reliance on the mod community. One player created mod even found its way into the game as an official expansion as the “Knights of the Nine” questline. And while the SouthPeak’s Two Worlds is either hit or miss with fans, the yet-to-be-released Fallout 3 from Bethesda will no doubt captivate an audience craving a moralistic role-playing experience all over again.

Action With Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4, it will be the first time that Dante and company will grace a non-Sony console. And like one would expect from the genre, the DMC4 centers around controlling Nero, and later Dante, as they fight multiple enemies with stylistic combos using a variety of weapons. Due out soon, it will keep action gamers satisfied until Tomunobu Itagaki’s Team Ninja release Ninja Gaiden II, the sequel to the insanely difficult, but insanely fun and satisfying action-happy Ninja Gaiden. Expect NG II to be immensely challenging, incredibly beautiful to look at, and hard to top.

Rhythm Rock Band. Not much more needs to be said. The game’s title says it all. This pseudo-band simulator comes from the music-minded studio Harmonix. And anyone who has ever played their early Frequency and Amplitude games know how addictive they can be. And anyone who hasn’t that picks up Rock Band will quickly find out.

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Tips On How To Climb The League Of Legends Ladder

Gaming - Josephine - July 9, 2020

League of Legends can be a pretty difficult game to master but with the right tools and resources, other players will be dying to play with you in no time. In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best tips to help you rank in a faster and more consistent manner. 

Stick With Your Role

Before you start playing, you will be asked to select a role. Choose your role carefully and make sure that you are passionate about this role. Once you have come to a decision, make sure to stick with it. 

The reason we want you to do this is because as long as you stick to one role, you will be able to master the skills that this particular role is supposed to have. If you keep on switching roles, you go to level zero each time whether you are aware of it or not. That’s because you have to fight in a different manner once again. 

Cultivate Your Champion Pool

A lot of beginners really get excited to get into a game. But don’t let yourself fall into that kind of trap. You need to examine your champion pool. Each champion has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. What you need to do is familiarize yourself with the champions that you do like. And when we say champions that you like, we actually want you to choose based on skill set and defenses. Choose a pool that complements each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Take note that there is no such thing as a perfect champion. 

Don’t fall into the mindset that the solution to a losing match is to get a stronger champion. Strength can mean different things, most especially in the gaming world. 

Don’t just rely on the avatar of the champions. You also need to take a look at the statistics of each champion. That is where you’ll see which champion is good for which kind of challenge. 

Pay Attention To Patch Notes

It’s no secret that playing League of Legends can make you really excited. With that, it is no wonder that many players skip on reading patch notes about their champions and just proceed to the gaming arena. 

Our recommendation is that you do the opposite of what these players are doing and read the patch notes instead. These notes will give you an idea of what you can expect in the battle field, and most importantly, about your champions. Most of the time, the patch notes even give off some tips on how to fight better. Don’t miss the chance to be better. 


Some people like to create lot of smurf accounts so that they can practice. While you can do that too, there is another way to do this. When you open the game app, you will notice that there is a practice tool. This tool is there for a good reason. 

Before you get into the fighting arena, you need to have a good grasp of your combat skills. You can use all of your champions and get into the practice tool. It is a great way for you to see what each of them can do. 

The practice tool is pretty easy to start and you can end it just as easily as well. You know how people usually need a warmup before they workout. This is practically the same. But instead, you are warming up so that you get into a good battle later on. 

Or if you’ve already done all of that, our suggestion is to start boosting your account. How can you do that? You should go and check out

Do you think our tips were of help to you? We would love to know in the comment section.

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Clash Royale- Finish the Levels at Quicker Pace without Loss or Damage

Gaming - Josephine - June 28, 2020

Whenever there is a problem, we start searching for the solution to either tackle it or atleast suppress it for the time being but experts are of the opinion that most of the times the solution is centered around the problem so do the same to search around it instead of solving for the sake of it.

Problems are aplenty but the resources are limited which is why people give up after a few attempts and start adjusting with it instead of fighting back and this is why they are classified as weak.

However, today we aren’t here to lecture about the various problems in life and how to tackle them as that is a discussion for another day but this is about problems in the virtual world of fun and entertainment, which is enough to pique the interest of most readers and they can diligently read through as the article unfolds.

Royal Clash

The kids are known for their love for video games and the recently launched Clash Royale has taken the entire youth brigade by storm ever since it launched in 2016 and the digital medium has helped it find its way into our smartphones within a year of its launch.

There is a virtual clash world that exists within the realms of this royal battle that is played through a game of cards that is quite unique in that it is not the same as Freecell, Solitaire and Hearts.

It involves you to have a nice game plan where two opposing teams collide to proclaim supremacy over the kingdom similar to the clashes you witness among brothers involved in property dispute in real life.

Clash Royale was launched by Supercell, a leading company in the video gaming field back in 2016 with the hopes that it would compete with the best games in the market but they got much more than expected.

There is a battlefield lying in wait at various intervals as there are a different set of levels that you need to cross if you want to become successful but they are full of obstacles and hurdles.

It involves a lot of focus and concentration from both players’ side as this is to test your defense and mental skills on how long you are able to last in the battle and that too in the shortest possible time.

Best Way Out

Both teams are residing in two separate towers at opposite ends of a battlefield where they need to get the elixir to enhance their skills and vitality that is crucial to move forward in the game.

Take care to carefully balance the deck of cards without taking your eye off the enemy, who is always on the lookout of that one wrong move that you make so that he can launch an attack at the right time.

Keep the defense units in the front so that they can attack the enemy towers at the opportune moment ones a plan has been worked out because the added advantage is that they are never distracted by the tactics of their opponents and completely focus on the battle lines ahead.

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Ten Pin Bowling for Fun and Fitness

Gaming - Josephine - June 27, 2020

All across America, people are bowling more. As the Baby boomer’s get older, they are discovering that one of the best ways to stay fit and active is to Bowl. Many individuals have their own ball and shoes. Some still play for teams in various leagues. Yet, others just find it a good way to have fun and stay fit. Bowling has progressed very rapidly with new technology. It use to be that Bowling Alleys didn’t have automatic pin setters or scoreboards. My mother use to be a pin setter at a local Alley when I was very young. She would work late hours in the evening to make additional money for the family. She enjoyed working with the other pin setters in her group. However, it wasn’t long and automation took her job from her.

Early forms of Bowling can be dated back to the early Egyptians. Although. it is the United States that has expanded the game into both amateur and professional forms of the game. Ten Pin Bowling evolved in the 19th century. A pin is 15 inches in height and 4 and half inches in diameter. A pin may not weigh more than 3 pounds 10 ounces. The ball can weigh no more than 16 pounds. The alley is 60 feet long and 41.5 inches wide.

A Bowler is allowed 10 frames, using two throws maximum, to knock down as many pins as possible. However, the tenth frame may allow for an extra roll if a strike or spare is made. The points per frame are scored continuously and added up as the player proceeds from frame to frame. The best score (highest) would be a 300 game. The odds of a perfect game for an average bowler is 1 in a trillion. For a professional that makes 82% of strikes during a game, it is 1 in 10. Two of the best Bowlers to ever play the game was Earl Anthony and Dick Weber. Both are in the Pro Bowlers (PBA) Hall of Fame.

Both Anthony and Weber are looked upon as inspirations by budding bowlers that emulate their technique during practice and follow their lifestyle in the hopes of one day achieving the fame and success that they did but it requires a lot of practice and determination that you learn more about through About Bowling Balls website.

Here are some ideas to help you improve your game. First display good etiquette. All alleys are oiled and can be slippery. Try to use this to your advantage on your ball delivery. Relax and concentrate on balance. Holding a heavy ball to one side, throws you off balance. Many individuals start with the ball directly in front of them. then as they make their approach, they drop it to their side and lean a little to the opposite side for balance. Use what works for you. don’t try to copy what others do. Each individual is different. Contrary to many that speed is important for force, delivery is more important. It is ball placement that knocks down the most pins.

Did you ever wonder why the alley has little arrows on them? They are there to help the bowler. They are located on both sides of the alley for right and left handed bowlers. If you have a long hook on your roll, you would use the outside arrow. Once you find your proper location, you try to roll the ball over the correct arrow all the time. This will increase your chances for a higher score. Anytime you get off track, you just try to locate the proper arrow and adjust your swing (roll).

One of the best things about Bowling is the cost. It is one of the least expensive sports to participate in. It can fit into everyone’s budget. Bowling Alleys are located all over. Many even have combination bars and restaurants in them. Bowling today is so much easier. Most alleys now have automated scoring. so true scores are much easier to keep.

Bowling is also great for socializing with friends and family. There is always plenty of time between frames to talk and enjoy each others company. As more individuals become Seniors, they are finding that the game is a great way to keep their mind sharp as well as helping to stay fit.

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Confessions of a Sim-a-holic

Gaming - Josephine - February 20, 2020

Back before Maxis introduced the Sims 2 and eventually the Sims 3, I had a serious gaming addiction. For me, the original Sims was more than just a gaming experience. I would spend hours each day pouring over other peoples’ Sims’ stories on the SimsExchange. It was an outlet for countless authors and creative people to present their stories.

I remember just sitting at the computer for days at a time, reading story after story, eagerly waiting for the next part of the story to be released by a specific user. You see, these stories were simply pictures in “photo albums” with captions that told a story. I tried to write my own stories, but I always lost interest before finishing one, but I have to admit that each of my Sims have their own stories in my mind, and for the most part, I remember each of their life-stories. So, let me introduce you to one whose name I’ve forgotten. We’ll call her Samantha.

Samantha is a Sim from The Sims 2, where Sims actually age from baby to toddler to child to teen to young adult (college student) to adult to elderly to death. Anyway, I created Samantha as an adult, with a family aspiration. I won’t go into too much detail, but each Sim has his or her own lifelong wish for happiness. Sam wanted nothing more than to raise a family with a man who would love her dearly.

Poor Samantha; she never saw her train wreck of a life coming. Samantha meets John, a romance Sim who has one thing on his mind-whoohoo (gotta keep things PG or the Sims’ll turn M-rated). It doesn’t take long before the two are wed, much to Sam’s delight and much to John’s dismay. Shortly thereafter, Sam gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Lucas. Already, John’s been fooling around with the maid, the gardener and a few work colleagues, but poor Samantha’s completely blinded by the love she now feels towards her son. Oh, and she’s pregnant again-this time, with twins.

So, life goes on for my happy little Sim family, and soon Lucas is a child going to private school, and Sam’s twin boys, Mikey and Nick are toddlers. Then disaster strikes. John gets a little greedy with his secret love affairs, and Samantha catches him in the act with their maid. Say goodbye to husband number one. Sam kicks John to the curb and has a nervous breakdown, which leads to the social worker paying a visit to collect her neglected children. Thanks to a glitch in the game, Sam manages to hold on to Mikey, literally, and the social worker only takes Lucas and Nick from Sam.

So, Sam goes on the hunt for her next husband, and this time, finds a loving husband named Paul. This time, Sam did it right. She found a great guy who adopts one of her boys back from the adoption agency and the two manage to pop out a few more kids before disaster strikes again. Poor Paul finds himself the victim of a tragic kitchen fire, which claims his life.

But, lucky for Sam. Fireman Joe arrives to rescue her and her children from certain death. And, even luckier for Sam, Joe happens to take a liking to Samantha, resulting in husband number 3 and two more kids.

Unfortunately, Samantha’s story ends there, because I put the Sims on a new computer and didn’t bother to back up my files, because hey, I could just make a new Sim whose life I could corrupt. I don’t want you all to think I’m just a sick and twisted girl who likes to inflict torture on her Sims-even though that’s partially true. It’s more about creating drama.

My Sims are my own giant soap opera. I like to see how the story can evolve over time with my Sims. One of the main reasons I love the Sims so much is because of the amount of freedom I experience while playing. I find that sort of freedom in some other games too, like Fable and Black and White, but for whatever reason, the Sims just holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s because I secretly love destroying my Sims lives. Oh wait, that’s not much of a secret, now is it?

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