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Robot Vacuum: Tips That Will Help You Keep a Tidy Home

Guide - Josephine - July 13, 2020

Through the continuous advancement of technology, some aspects of our lives have become more convenient and easier. Cleaning is not an exception to that. Nowadays, there are several tools that people use that make their cleaning activity easier than ever. One of those is the robot vacuum. This roving machine has been gaining popularity in the market because of its benefits to users. So if you are planning to buy your very first robot vacuum, we got your back. Here are some tips that will help you keep a tidy home.

Turn on the lights

Always keep in mind that robot vacuums utilize wide variety of sensors in order to navigate around your house. Some of these sensors include bumper sensors, optical sensors and infrared cliff sensors. Bumper sensors are responsible in telling your robot vacuums when it has run into something and to go to a different direction. On the other hand, optical sensors are responsible in tracking obstacles in the path of the device and gauge how far it has traveled. Lastly, infrared cliff sensors are responsible in giving alert to the device to when they about to fall off a step. Since robot vacuums don’t have cameras but an optical sensor, the device needs ambient light for it to operate.

Designate an Area to Toss

It is also advisable to schedule a regular reminder for you to easily pick up and out everything away when you run your robot vacuum. It’s better to assign an area to toss the blankies and toy necklaces before leaving the house. With the help of an app on your mobile phone, you can now draw a boundary lime. Hence, before you run your robot vacuum, make sure ti toss every iffy item in your house behind the boundary.

Empty the Bin

Usually, most of the dust bin of robot vacuum is pretty small. They have a size of around 0.6 liters only. Hence, if you don’t clean the dust bin of your robot vacuum, then the chances are, instead of cleaning, it might just drag dirt around your house. To avoid the issue, always empty the bin of your robot vacuum using the vacuum’s roller brush or utilize its own self-cleaning feature. Whatever the brand or model of your robot vacuum is, you should clean it regularly for maintenance purposes.

Do a Test Run

Lastly, the first time you buy your robot vacuum, keep in mind that it will not work as exactly as you expect. It still needs to adapt to the areas of your house. Hence, after buying your first robot vacuum, it is advisable to do a trial run first. It will take some for both of you and your robot vacuum to learn what the booby traps in your house. Doing a trial run will also give your house a once over before you start any cleaning. To learn more about robot vacuum, visit this site.


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Tips On Renting An Apartment

Apartment, Guide, Living, Moving - Josephine - July 13, 2020

It is the time for you to stop living with your parents and live on your own. Suddenly, you are left with a dilemma—finding a place to live. If you are not financially prepared to purchase a home, then renting is probably the option you are looking at. Apartment hunting can either be a stressful or a fun situation for people. It depends on the attitude you approach with towards the whole endeavor. It also helps if you have people you trust accompanying you during your apartment search. Most local grocery and pharmacy stores supply complimentary magazines of apartment listings in your vicinity. A recommendation from other renters is also an option. For those who are internet savvy, there are many websites that offer apartment listings in your area. The most popular sites would be,, and These sites have extensive listings of apartment complexes and apartment leasing agencies. They offer diagrams of apartment floor plans, descriptions of available amenities that apartments have to offer, leasing office hours, and price ranges as well. For those with families, there are also websites that provide information on the number of convicted felons and predators residing in certain apartment areas.

Once you select a few apartment complexes that interest you and fit your needs, then begin the apartment visits. Most leasing offices of apartment complexes are open weekdays from 9 A.M. until 5:30 P.M., others have earlier closing hours during the wintertime. Weekend hours vary from each office. Generally leasing office staff members will ask you which apartment floor plans you are interested in and give you a guided tour of that specific floor plan. They will also show other extra facilities the apartment complex has to offer, such as gyms, swimming pools, game rooms, or laundry rooms. Once the tour is completed, the leasing office staff member will offer you brochures detailing floor plan prices, square footage of each floor plan, leasing time options, amount of initial deposit amounts, other fees, and availability dates of apartments. Most apartment contracts are based on 6, 12, or 13 month periods. Some offer apartment renting on a month to month basis. At times the complex may be offering a discount to those who will lock into the renting contracting for a longer period, such as the 12 month period. Also, apartment floor plan options come in usually one bedroom or two bedrooms, selecting which one will depend on how many people will be residing with you. Price amounts for apartments are dependent on the quality of location and if the apartment complex is gated or not. Along with the purchasing, there can be availability of rental services at Penrose. Different floors are available to the people for staying in the apartment. The charges for renting should be affordable so that it delivers plenty of benefits to the person. Either it is single or complex, all apartments are beautiful.

After you have visited all the apartments that you were interested in, and you find one that you really want to do business with, then you go back to the leasing office of that particular apartment complex and complete an application. Generally, most leasing offices provide you with an application on your first visit. The application will ask you for specifics, such as your social security number, your current employment status, and renting or housing history. If you are already employed, the leasing office will usually check to make sure that the monthly rent amount does not exceed one-fourth of your monthly income. If you are not employed, they will require you to sign with a co-signer to insure that you will be able to afford to pay the monthly rent amount. It will take the leasing office a few days to process your application. This is because they will do a credit history check on you, as well as contact your previous renter (if applicable) and your current employer to confirm that your application information is accurate. Once the application has been processed, and you are approved, then the leasing office will contact you, and provide you with more documents to sign before giving you the key to your new apartment. These documents include but are not limited to: the agreement to stay for a certain time period and pay the monthly rent amount, pet deposit agreements (if applicable), and a checklist to record any damages already made to the apartment prior to moving in (that way you are not liable for them). When you are finished agreeing to and signing those documents, then the leasing office staff will provide you with your key. Now you are ready to move in.

The main thing to keep in mind while renting your apartment is that rent is usually due at the first day of each month, this bill also may include water usage and garbage removal service charges. Electric, gas, cable, and optional renter’s insurance bills generally come separate each month, and you will have to pay them individually. Otherwise, enjoy your first new apartment! It will be quite an adjustment from living at home, but it will prove to be a fun growing experience.

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Air Conditioning: A Necessity in Life

Guide - Josephine - July 7, 2020

Air Conditioning is one of the safest fields to go into today because people don’t like being hot. I wonder though how the world functioned 100 years ago without air conditioning.

It sounds crazy but some people still remember when air conditioning was nonexistent. I couldn’t personally imagine it. Most people, if they are old enough to remember that time, will tell you that it used to not be this hot. They say that the humidity has become higher and that global warming really is happening. I don’t know though, I just think that now everyone is used to it. Once you get used to something it’s hard to go without it. Either way I’m glad I was born into the generation that had it. Air Conditioning is one of the greatest things to me because it can be 100 degrees outside and be 70 degrees inside. It makes enduring the heat a lot easier.

Air Conditioning is a wide open job market because people can’t live without it. (At least they think they can’t.) I know people that will call every air conditioner repairman in the area to try and get their air conditioner fixed ASAP. I also know people that will let a vehicle set up or even sell it because the air conditioner quit on it. It’s the way everything new in today’s time is though once you have it you don’t want to go without it.

Air conditioners are selling like hotcakes with the peak summer season draining it out of you where you have to buy no less than a blaux portable ac to cool things up during nighttime but this one was a bit better considering the corona virus pandemic confining people to their homes due to which they did not have to move out too often.

The price of air conditioner repair is outrageous but it’s like gas in today’s time, the price may be outrageous but you have to have it to go. I remember when my air conditioner went out on my 1989 Nissan Sentra I took it to the shop and it was going to cost $500 to fix it. I said to myself this car isn’t even worth that much. Air Conditioning Units in Houses for complete installations cost at least $3000 – $5000 and that’s a good deal. If you have a big house is it could cost a whole lot more. That’s the way the marketplace works today, if something is in demand the cost is set higher on every part of it. Suppliers charge more therefore the Repair Companies have to charge more to make a profit.

Air Conditioning has came a long way in a short time, with new energy efficient units that really save money on your electrical bill and the fact is the newer systems are very low maintenance and work very efficiently making it a better investment. All in all it’s a great thing to have and a horrible thing to go without in the heat of the summer.

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10 Tips to Surviving Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning

Guide - Josephine - July 5, 2020

Not everyone in the world has air conditioning. Many people survive every day with just a few fans and a strong constitution. Here’s a few ways to help you do it.

  1. Pick a room. Have one room you’re going to be in during the hottest days. It is much easier to keep one room cool, than to try to cool the whole house. Basements or cellars are ideal places since they stay naturally cool. If you don’t have one of those, just find a room that doesn’t get a lot of sun.
  1. In your cool room, put shades up over windows that get the most sun. Keeping sunlight from coming in can do a great deal in keeping a room from heating up. You just have to strike a balance between having the windows open and having the windows covered. This can sometimes take a few tries to figure out.

The best brand you can have is the blaux portable ac which if installed in the house, the windows would make no difference whether they are covered or open but normally we do keep it closed to enjoy the cool effect to the fullest extent.

  1. Circulation. Keep the air in the room moving. Places fans throughout the room and turn ceiling fans on high. The little breeze will make it feel cooler.
  1. Use water. Soaking rags in cold water and placing them around your neck can be a huge relief. Even a couple squirts with a spray bottle can go a long way to cool you off.
  1. Do everything you can not to use the stove. During the hottest days, try to plan out a natural fresh diet that needs no or little cooking. Not only will it help keep you cool, but it may also help you eat better.
  1. Visit public buildings. You can get a lot of relief from visiting the local mall during the hottest hours of the day. Just remember to leave your extra cash at home. Or visit the local library and read a good book.
  1. Dress for the heat. Natural fabrics are much cooler than manmade ones. Lighter colors help reflect sun and heat. Also, loose fitting clothing will allow air to circulate. If you are comfortable sitting around the house in your underwear, that always works too.
  1. Do activities in the cooler evenings. If it isn’t life or death, put it off until cooler times. You’ll save yourself a lot unnecessary sweating. Almost anything you can do during the day can be done at night. Learn to embrace your inner night owl.
  1. Always have a fridge packed with full bottles of water, even freeze a few. It will not only help you to stay cool and hydrated, but the bottles of water will hold the cool temperature in the refrigerator. And this means the fridge will run less, giving off less heat.

  1. The best thing you could ever do. Open all windows and door in the evenings. Then strategically aim fans so that one pulls in cool air from outside while another pushes the warmer air out. Let the house or room get as cool as possible, take advantage of the free, natural air conditioning.

Using all or just a few of these will definitely help to keep you cool.

I know. I lived in a third floor apartment where the sun would shine in the patio doors every day and we had no air conditioning. I just figured out what to do to keep us from melting every summer.

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Teach Yourself to Use a Sewing Machine

Guide - Josephine - July 4, 2020

As crafts and the do-it-yourself mindset have become a lot more popular in recent years, there is a trend of more people wanting to learn how to use sewing machines. There are also a lot of new trendy patterns, fabrics, books and web sites available that inspire new crafters to start sewing. A lot of people don’t have access to someone who can provide hands-on instruction in the basics of sewing, but that shouldn’t stop you from teaching yourself this fun and rewarding skill. I learned how to use a sewing machine on my own-and if I could teach myself how to sew, almost anyone can.

Sewing Machine Manual

Don’t just toss aside the manual when you take your new sewing machine out of the box. It might be one of the most valuable tools you’ll have to teach yourself in the beginning. The manual includes important information that complete novices absolutely must learn, like how to thread the machine, troubleshoot problems, adjust tension, and load the bobbin. The steps involved in doing these things vary slightly from machine to machine, which is why it’s wise to keep your book. The wording and pictures in a manual can be difficult to understand, so go through each step slowly and carefully as you learn.

If you are teaching yourself on a used sewing machine that didn’t come with a manual, all is not lost. It is sometimes possible to find the documents online or get a printed copy from the manufacturer. Alternatively, if you can’t find a copy and have no idea how to get things set up, you will have to either ask someone for help (perhaps in a sewing store) or get ready for some reading and research. Proper training for stitching of the clothes will be provided at site. The experts available will teach about the pros and cons while stitching a cloth. Massive benefits are delivered to the person to bet potential results. The selection of the machines should be done with intelligence. 


There are a lot of great books that will help you teach yourself to use a sewing machine, and many are probably available at your local public library. The book that I found most useful to learn from in the beginning was Sewing for Dummies. When I discovered that I couldn’t learn everything I needed to know to get started from the manual alone, I sat down with this book and read the first few chapters straight through before going back to the sewing machine. It helped tremendously.

The Internet

The internet is a great resource for finding the answers to specific questions about sewing. It offers a wealth of information as you teach yourself this new skill. Find a few good craft forums or online groups where you can interact with others of all different skills levels, learn from their experience, and eventually show off your creations. I have found that blogs are good places to find inspiration and tutorials, and videos can be wonderful for teaching yourself. There are a lot of free sewing patterns available on the internet, as well.

Don’t Give Up!

Teaching yourself how to sew can be frustrating in the very beginning, especially if you are as clueless about it as I was. However, after you get past the initial learning curve and get your sewing machine set up the right way, things seem to “click” into place pretty quickly. Before long, you will only need to look up answers to specific questions, such as how to sew with an especially tricky type of fabric.

Practice sewing some straight lines and curves, and you are well on your way to a first real project. Most people start with something simple like a pillow. You’ll probably find yourself ripping out a lot of seams as you teach yourself to use a sewing machine. When I start getting frustrated, I find that it’s best to take a little break to do something else for a while, and go back to sewing later. This should be a fun hobby; don’t let it stress you out as you learn. You’ll soon discover how rewarding it is to create your own clothes, make toys for your child, or even sew a quilt.

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5 Boilers Maintenance Tips

Guide - Josephine - July 4, 2020

Boiler maintenance is really important and is often ignored by most of the homeowners. Before you get to hire Professional Boiler Repairs it is really important that you do proper maintenance of your boiler in order to increase the life of your boiler and to keep yourself safe. In this article, we are going to take a look at the top tips that you can follow in order to keep your boilers at home in top shape. 

  • One of the easiest and vital steps, in order to increase the life of the boiler, is to get it serviced at regular intervals of time. This is how you get to maximize the life of your boiler. This is also going to help you save electricity. Moreover, you should hire professional boiler repair services to get that done as there are a lot of components that are there in the boiler, and getting that repaired from amateurs can be dangerous. 
  • As your boiler needs to circulate hot water around the pipes, having the right amount of pressure is essential. For that, you need to check the pressure gauge of your boiler at regular intervals of time. To learn about the right pressure that you need to read the manufacturer’s manual and learn all about the right pressure for your boiler. 
  • Over time you also need to change the radiators as the air will prevent it from heating up. In order to clear all these cold patches, you need to bleed out your radiators to release all the trapped air. Additionally, you should avoid painting the radiators as that can make it really difficult for you to clean your radiators.
  • Similarly, you should also balance out your radiators regularly as well to maintain the efficiency of your boiler. This will help the boiler to spread heat in your house more evenly and effectively. Just like that, you can also perform a power flush to clean your radiator. For that, you can hire any professional service provider to do that for you. With this process, you also get to change out the valves and other old parts of your boilers.
    Since the boiler works on a blue flame, it is important that you get to contact a professional immediately as that could be an indication of a gas leak or carbon monoxide leak. 
  • Ventilation is quite important when it comes to choosing a place for the boiler. Considering that, it is really important that you make sure that the location you choose for you boiler is well-ventilated and space is not that cluttered 

  • Lastly, make that you constantly check out the internal and external pipes of your boiler. You need to look out for any leakage or lag in the pipes as that can disrupt the functioning of your boiler. In order to get rid of the lag that might be because of the accumulation of the dirt particles, you can use DIY cleaning kits that are easily available in the market. 

These are the top 5 boiler maintenance tips that every homeowner should watch out for as they take care of the boiler in their home or they go out to buy a new boiler for themselves.

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How to Make Money Online

Guide - Josephine - July 3, 2020

Making money online isn’t easy when you don’t know or understand how to market online. Before you can ever make money online from home you have to retrain yourself and learn from the experts. I must have spent a small fortune on various courses that professed to teach me the ins and outs of online marketing. Many of those courses also usually failed to mention at least one key point necessary to succeeding online. I’ve bought so many that I have managed to piece together all the good points and now understand how to market.

First and foremost, you need to become a student of marketing to succeed online. Forget the product to start with. Even the most fantastic product in the world will not sell itself unless you know how to approach your market.

Having relevant knowledge about the products is not enough in current times so take care to learn more through online courses that would be quite helpful and kindly go through Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews for the best ones available.

Having a really cool website does not guarantee that that you will make money online unless you know what to do with it to get it in front of the eyeballs of your potential market.

So what does it take to be successful with an online business?

In short, patience, education and time. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if you’re serious about wanting to make money online from home then you need to be aware that the reason why the majority of budding online entrepreneurs fail is because they quit before they have taken time to learn. There are too many testimonials out there saying how easy it is to earn thousands in a short period of time that when the average wannabe entrepreneur gets started and isn’t earning those thousands straight way, like yesterday, they quit! Most people have unrealistic expectations of what is possible with an online business. Online businesses are much the same as offline businesses. They aren’t about instant gratification. They take a while to be successful before you turn a profit. If anyone tells you they were in profit from day one, find out exactly what they were doing before they started in that venture. In the majority of cases they are not complete novices. They’ve already had similar success elsewhere.

And the second reason for failing is trying to do it all by yourself. I’ve been there and done that, and it’s hard. Internet marketing is easier when you have the support of a coach or mentor, or access to a group of people who can teach you what works and what doesn’t, or what marketing method works more effectively than another. They’ll also be there to give you that reality check when you’re kidding yourself that you’re doing all you can to get your business off the ground.

Likewise, you’ll find it easier to make money online if you use a tried and tested, proven system. One that is already working for others. You may have heard the saying “Systems work, people fail”. Why is the franchise business model so successful the world over? Because people are buying into a proven systematic business model. Sure, some franchises fail, but that isn’t because of the system, otherwise everyone would be failing. No, most franchises or systematic businesses fail because of other variables brought to the table by the business owner.

After years of disappointment, searching and thousands of dollars spent, I have found what I believe to be the ideal solution. You’ll have access to a system and coach who has your best interests at heart. If you have a good work ethic and you’re serious about wanting to make money online from home, then you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at something that does work.

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Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning

Guide - Josephine - July 1, 2020

Air Conditioning has become standard in most homes. Except in the most extreme climates, you can easily live without it, saving money, saving energy, enjoying the fresh air and experiencing the seasons instead of being in a controlled climate at all times.

Box fans, stand fans, oscillating fans and window fans all help cool you by creating a breeze. Place them strategically to blow gently on you (or not to if it bothers you) to bring cool air inside or to push hot air out. When I was a child we had an elaborate system for turning the fans around at night and blowing the hot air out and sucking cool air in other windows. I don’t ever remember being uncomfortable no matter how warm it was. Experiment with your fans and find out what configuration works best for your home.

Now some of you might object to the statement as fans aren’t enough during peak summers and one might prefer a blaux portable ac but still there is no harm in experimenting with it as there is no better place than home to try it out.

Ceiling Fans will cool your room in the summer and also help distribute heat during the winter. Install ceiling fans where you can, they are quite inexpensive and you will cool your rooms and save on heating bills in the winter. Ceiling fans lower room temperature by up to 8 degrees and will make you more comfortable. Make sure to get ceiling fans with the Energy Star rating that will be 50% more efficient. Most ceiling fans use only as much energy as a 100 watt light bulb.

Curtains and shades to block the sun can be a huge help in keeping your home cool, especially in the afternoon when the sun beats down. Dark colored curtains or light blocking blinds will drop your room temperature at the times you need it most. Wal-Mart has a new line of heat blocking curtains that will do the trick.

Drink lots of cold beverages, especially water when the temperatures climb. Most people don’t drink enough water to begin with. The common rule is 8 eight ounce glasses per day. This may be enough, but in extremely hot weather, be sure to drink whenever you feel thirsty or need to cool down. Homemade popsicles will cool you down too. Cheap and simple, freeze your favorite cold beverage in a paper cup with popsicle stick, or buy a reusable plastic popsicle maker at the dollar store for an unlimited supply of treats.

If it gets really hot, take a nap. Take a lesson from people in southern environments and take a nap in the warmest part of the day. Take it easy in hot weather and do yard work at other heavy chores in the early morning hours rather than in the heat of the day.

Plant shade trees near your home. Trees will help keep your home out of direct sunlight and lower the temperature inside and out. Deciduous trees are best to cool in summer and allow sun to reach the house in the winter. Plant shade trees on the east, west and south sides of your home, these are the directions that get the most sun. Evergreen trees on the north side will help protect your home from winter winds. You will also have nice outdoor space, throw some lawn chairs under the tree and enjoy the outdoors or put out a hammock for your afternoon nap.

Remember, people survived with air conditioning for millions of years. You can live a more natural life and save on utilities while being kinder to the planet. Try it and see.

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Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: A Low Cost Anytime Use Fragrance?

Guide - Josephine - June 29, 2020

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: Introduction

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume was introduced on the fragrance market in 2008. The scent creator was Sylvie Fischer and the fragrance bottle designer was Lutz Hermann. With so many other scent products on the market, is this fragrance Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham worth purchasing?

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: The Product  amp; Packaging

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume comes in a plum colored rectangular box. The scent box has an imprint on the top left corner of some flowers. Directly in the middle is an off white square on the front of the fragrance box in which Beckham Signature is printed in the lilac-plum-purple like color as the package.

The package is quite neat and unique and the perfume would immediately remind you of Eclatant due to its mother of sheen pearls and the fragrance that is entrancing enough to melt the stoniest person in the world.

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham fragrance comes in rectangular glass container. The scent container is also a lilac-plum purple combination of color. The background is a lilac shade with dark purple flowers on the top left of the fragrance bottle. Like the scent box, it has the same square with Beckham Signature printed on the center. The top of the perfume bottle is the same as most scent products. It has a silver push down dispenser with a silver rectangular cap.

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: The Fragrance

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume is made from fragrance top notes of: anise flower and candy apple. The middle notes of the scent are orchid, heliotrope, and vanilla. The base notes of Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume are patchouli, amber, and musk.

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham can be classified as a casual anytime use scent. It is both floral and oriental-spicy due to the scent notes. The fragrance is moderate compared to others in terms of longtivity. The Victoria Beckham scent lasts roughly 1 to 5 hours. This woman’s perfume is recommended for anytime use. It is not overbearing or too weak in strength.

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review: Conclusion

Beckham Signature by Victoria Beckham perfume can be found in select retail stores as well as online at cheaper prices. Buyers should expect to pay around $60 for retail price of a 2.5 fluid ounce bottle of the fragrance and online prices between $30 and $40. A 1.7 fluid ounce bottle of Beckham Signature will cost around $35 retail and $25 at online discount pricing. This Victoria Beckham fragrance also may come in gift sets that include shower gel and body lotion. Beckham Signature is a scent appropriate for women of all ages that are looking for a casual anytime use perfume. At online discount prices this scent is neither too expensive nor commercialized in fragrance compared to other perfume products on the market.

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How to Study the Bible? Know the 3 main and specific points

Guide - Josephine - June 26, 2020

Bible is a divine word of God that is not as simple reading but deserves respect and need to be understood and practiced. The Bible is the most misinterpreted book that is written and is hard to understand. It records a long history that includes ages and cultures which are correlating to the modern era. The Bible is translated into many original manuscripts in Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew by reputable scholars. The main goal of studying the Bible is to understand the message in the correct way. Some people struggle to start with the Bible by how often you should read and how much to read. To read about the Open heavens devotional messages, you can read online. 

Here in this article, we will suggest some tips on how to study the Bible, which is as follows:

  • Observation

Observation is the first important step on how to study the Bible. As you start reading, you need to look at what it is said and how carefully. It would be best if you looked for:

  • Structure

The text in the Bible has units called paragraphs that are often indented or marked. A paragraph is a whole unit of thought. You can know the content of the author’s message by understanding and noting each paragraph unit. 

  • Terms and not words

You must focus on terms and not words as words can have different meanings, but the terms are used in a particular way in a specific context. 

After considering these things, you get ready for the “Wh” questions. Wh questions include who, what, where, and when.  

  • Interpretation 

Interpretation determines the meaning of a passage, the main idea, or the author’s thought. The Wh questions that arise during the observation can help you in interpretation. There are five clues, also known as “the five C’s,” which will help you discover the author’s main points. The five C’s are Context, Cross-references, Culture, Conclusion, and Consultation. 

  • Application

The application indicates the main point of why we read the Bible. The reasons can be different like we want to be respectful to God; we want to change our lives and grow up like Jesus Christ. After reading the passage and understand it to your ability, you must try to implement that on your own life. People always want to ask the questions of Scripture that they study like how the truth will affect me, how the truth revealed here will accept their relationship with God, and more. 

The application step is not yet completed by knowing the answers to these questions. The main key is to practice what God has taught you and apply all learning in real life. God always wants to see your efforts, and when you start applying the truth in your life, God will bless you for your hard work and efforts.

Bible is different than any other book and has something deeper that only a person with true intentions and faith in God can understand.

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