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How to Study the Bible? Know the 3 main and specific points

Guide - Josephine - June 26, 2020

Bible is a divine word of God that is not as simple reading but deserves respect and need to be understood and practiced. The Bible is the most misinterpreted book that is written and is hard to understand. It records a long history that includes ages and cultures which are correlating to the modern era. The Bible is translated into many original manuscripts in Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew by reputable scholars. The main goal of studying the Bible is to understand the message in the correct way. Some people struggle to start with the Bible by how often you should read and how much to read. To read about the Open heavens devotional messages, you can read online. 

Here in this article, we will suggest some tips on how to study the Bible, which is as follows:

  • Observation

Observation is the first important step on how to study the Bible. As you start reading, you need to look at what it is said and how carefully. It would be best if you looked for:

  • Structure

The text in the Bible has units called paragraphs that are often indented or marked. A paragraph is a whole unit of thought. You can know the content of the author’s message by understanding and noting each paragraph unit. 

  • Terms and not words

You must focus on terms and not words as words can have different meanings, but the terms are used in a particular way in a specific context. 

After considering these things, you get ready for the “Wh” questions. Wh questions include who, what, where, and when.  

  • Interpretation 

Interpretation determines the meaning of a passage, the main idea, or the author’s thought. The Wh questions that arise during the observation can help you in interpretation. There are five clues, also known as “the five C’s,” which will help you discover the author’s main points. The five C’s are Context, Cross-references, Culture, Conclusion, and Consultation. 

  • Application

The application indicates the main point of why we read the Bible. The reasons can be different like we want to be respectful to God; we want to change our lives and grow up like Jesus Christ. After reading the passage and understand it to your ability, you must try to implement that on your own life. People always want to ask the questions of Scripture that they study like how the truth will affect me, how the truth revealed here will accept their relationship with God, and more. 

The application step is not yet completed by knowing the answers to these questions. The main key is to practice what God has taught you and apply all learning in real life. God always wants to see your efforts, and when you start applying the truth in your life, God will bless you for your hard work and efforts.

Bible is different than any other book and has something deeper that only a person with true intentions and faith in God can understand.

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Wireless Thermometer- Something New to Study About

Guide - Josephine - June 25, 2020

There are certain topics that have different merits which make it clear why they are discussed time and time again at regular intervals but sometimes the discussion becomes boring due to monotony and lack of new inputs.

The topic for today is on similar lines because it is normally associated with something that people are wary of getting into and wants to stay as far away from it as possible but still you can’t avoid it all the time.

Everyone is aware about the role that thermometers play whenever a person falls sick as it is used to check the body temperature and determine how ill he/she is because the normal temperature of the body is around 98.5 Celsius.

Summer Sick

How many of you are aware about wireless thermometers? To be honest, very few and the younger generation may not realize what it is until they see the device for themselves, a testimony that many of the objects we use each day is only known to us by its appearance but not by name.

We are in the month of June and the peak summer is as hot and humid as ever although the corona virus pandemic has prevented people from suffering the intolerable heat due to the nationwide lockdown that has confined everyone to their homes to prevent the virus from spreading further as things have already gotten out of hand.

Wireless thermometers have a Bluetooth connection of their own and are used for measuring the temperature outside in order to gauge the heat and humidity level and accordingly prepare for it.

Sitting idle at homes for a long period would naturally make you homesick but the heat outside would increase the humidity on the inside especially if you are living several floors above and this can be termed as being summer sick.

The wireless thermometer would be of great help as it would not only keep the temperature in check but also analyze what the situation would be in the coming times.


One of the best ways to get respite from summer heat is by hitting the gym early morning and sweating it out for a couple of hours with the air conditioner temperature at a bare minimum where after a round of cardio, you start with weightlifting and finally you go for aerobics exercise with dance steps added for good measure.

Then in the evening you go swimming and enjoy the cool water for a few hours and that would make you forget all the worldly problems temporarily but a pool thermometer would help you knowing the water temperature accurately and prevent you from catching a cold.

It might look too simple and of little importance to some but the fact is that wireless thermometers have helped people in more ways than one by having unique accessories and features to its name through which you can keep a tab on the temperatures while sitting comfortably at home.

Best Ones

What’s the best wireless floating pool thermometer? To answer this question, let us look at some important ones so that it would give an idea of what to look for when out buying one:

  • Mother Med-

It is perfect for finding the temperature of water for bathing and is most used for baby bath and hence the first choice for parents that have new born babies for whom there has to be a specific temperature for water

  • Ambience Weather-

Quite affordable with a battery powered mechanism that has a one year guarantee with smart sensors installed

  • Etekcity-

It is similar to a hair dryer in looks with dual lasers with a number of screens attached to the surface

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Tips For Living With An Epileptic Dog

Guide, Pets - Josephine - June 20, 2020

The first seizure is terrifying. Nobody is prepared for witnessing a seizure in a beloved pet. When the tests have been run and the diagnosis is idiopathic epilepsy (the catch-all term for seizures of undetermined origin) there are questions – many questions – about life with an epileptic dog. Here are some things you need to know:  Epilepsy is not a death sentence. Dogs rarely die from the seizures themselves. Depending on the dosage and type of medication, complications can develop with the liver. Regular monitoring of blood levels and precise dosage of medication can reduce the risk significantly.    Medication does not preclude the dog from living a normal life. There are dogs that play flyball, herd sheep and title in agility all while on medication for seizure control.    Keep a log of pertinent details about your dog’s seizures. Include the date, time, approximate duration, observations of the dog before, during and after the seizure, current medication dosages and anything you can think of that might have triggered the seizure.

My log included phases of the moon, for example, until I discovered that there appeared to be no correlation for my dog. I included information about when she was in season, as I was concerned that there may be some hormonal influence. The log is important to share with your veterinarian and it can help you with the occasional “reality check” if you feel that the seizures are more or less frequent than in the past.    Stay as calm as possible for your dog during and immediately following a seizure. Many dogs react to the panic of the owners once they regain consciousness. It will be less stressful for all concerned if you can minimize any appearance of chaos during a seizure.    Be on the lookout for odd things that may trigger a seizure. One of my dogs had seizures when she was stressed and exposed to pine pollen. Once I removed the pine pollen from the equation (that is, I stopped walking her in the forest) she stopped having seizures entirely. Another dog with severe cluster seizures seemed to show marked improvement a couple of years following her spay surgery. Other dogs are triggered by sounds, smells or experiences. You will be your dog’s best advocate if you can seek out possible influences that could trigger a seizure.    Always medicate on time. Yes, that means that you have to rearrange your life somewhat, but it is vital, especially with certain drugs like Phenobarbital, that you medicate exactly as directed by your vet. Keep an open line of communication with your vet to determine when dosages may need to be adjusted. This is where the log you keep will come in extremely valuable.    Find an epilepsy buddy. Join an e-mail list for canine epilepsy and find one or two people with dogs who have similarities to yours. One word of caution – don’t believe everything you read on the list. I found a few buddies on the list and maintain private conversations with them. Since idiopathic epilepsy actually has many different causes, it is best to find someone with circumstances as similar to yours as possible to compare notes.

Otherwise you will be on a wild goose chase and drive yourself and your vet crazy. One great resource with links to a good epilepsy group is You can get helpful hints and reliable information about the proper way on how to take good care of an epileptic dog from this website. It is advisable to always rely on reliable information only when it comes to the health and safety of your pet.

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Things You Should Look For While Buying New Home Construction From Builders

Guide - Josephine - June 20, 2020

When it comes to buying a new construction home, it is similar to buying a pre-owned home. Before you reach the stage where you pick flooring and kitchen cabinets, you need to take some essential things into consideration. Before going to make a final decision, you should weigh the pros and cons of buying a new construction home. In addition to this, you should also follow some important steps which we are going to mention in the further post. 

Research builders as well as locations 

People can buy a new construction home in many ways. The first method is when they have a builder, but they need to choose the right location. And the other method is when they have a location that they want, but they need to hire the builders. With the help of optimizing both of these factors, you can end up with a house that you really want. In order to ease up your task, you should start by bringing on a real estate agent. It is necessary to hire an agent for buying a new construction home, but you can opt to get their assistance to reduce your stress. 

Know about the cost 

While exploring new construction options, you can find many types of plans. Well, all of these plans come with a base cost that includes the cost of the structure and base interior features. While buying a construction home, you should know whether the cost of the land is included or not. If the lot cost is included in the overall cost, then you should ask if there are premium costs for certain lots. If the lot cost is not included in the overall cost of the construction house, then you should know about the factors involved in the total cost of the house. 

How long will the building take? 

While building a new construction house, you should consider lots of crucial things, including the time that the building will take. Know whether you have a house to sell first or you are going to be renting. After getting an idea of how long the building will take, you can make the right decision in no time. It is also important to know whether the build time includes the time it takes to get permits. You should also know about other details related to the time taken by the building process. 

Other things to consider 

If you are buying a new home, it doesn’t mean that no problems will arise. Most new construction homes come with warranties that help to protect you in the event of a mishap. You should ask what the warranties include and how long they last. In addition to this, you should also pay attention to several things while buying homes from thp properties. The first time buyers should also consider the homeowners rules and regulations. In this way, you can make the right decision for buying the new home construction from builders. 

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