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DIY HCG Reviews

Health and Fitness - Josephine - August 5, 2020

DIY HCG is, by far, one of the best products in the entire market. Whether you are looking for a product to get started with the HCG Diet Protocol or you are looking for more drops to extend another diet, DIY has got you covered. The best part is that you can get a whole bunch of HCG information at absolutely no cost by signing up for their “”Loser’s Lounge.” This company really believes in giving you all of the information before you commit to the plan – and that’s a good sign!

 Product description / Kit content

 You can purchase the DIY drops or Mediral HCG drops from its websites.Both drops are priced at $39.77 per 1 fl oz.

There are two kits to pay attention to. The first is the “Money-Back Guarantee Pack” – this product is for all of the doubters out there (or those who are just nervous about the effectiveness of the plan). It includes:

  • Loser’s Manual (to make sure you get it right the first time)

The second package to consider is the “Movin’ on Up HCG Diet Double Kit.” This kit really blows customers away with all it provides:

  • Enough HCG Drops for 2 people for 30 days

It’s hard to believe everything they pack into this plan. You can really get a lot of value out of it if you are looking to make a complete change to the HCG lifestyle. If you really want to get to know more about this plan and see if this is really effective, it is advisable to also see some proven reviews online. This will give you more insights and ideas from the perspective of other people who have tried the plan. 


 Whether you are considering dipping your toe in the water or taking the plunge, the DIY Kits have you covered. You can order a small amount of the product and you can order in bulk. The product also caters to those looking for a complete, simplified solution.

DIY HCG is ideal for newbie HCG dieter since the website offers a lot of help and advice for taking on the HCG diet. You can purchase all the necessary supplementing HCG diet products from DIY HCG too, such as sweeteners, seasonings, HCG diet approved foods, personal care products, tools and books.


 All of that simplicity comes with a price. The full package costs over $300.00 and rarely goes on special. If you contact customer service, you may be able to get a discount, but we have also found their response times somewhat lacking.

Retail Price / Special Offer

 DIY drops and Mediral HCG drops cost $39.77 per 1 fl oz; both are 15-day-supply Packs. Or you can purchase DIY HCG kits, which range in price from $75 to over $300.00. Getting a special discount can be tough without contacting customer support, and they don’t reply very quickly. The price is fair for everything that is included, but some budget conscious dieters may want to look elsewhere.

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5 Things To Consider Before Using Weight Loss Pills

Fitness, Guide, Health and Fitness, Pills, Weight Loss - Josephine - July 30, 2020

People are constantly skeptical of something that is just so good. This is especially true for weight loss pills. One of the hardest things to do is lose weight in this day and age. With all the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life people have no time to exercise. And yet, something as good as weight loss pills makes people look at it with a mistrustful eye.

Admittedly there are a lot of pills out there claiming to make you lose weight in a jiffy but instead they have done more damage than good. Some of them are inauthentic or fake pills that can cause severe illnesses like hypertension, allergies, even headaches and fevers. Others can cause frequent urination or bowel movement and other side effects that can be a great risk to your health. However, though these kinds of pills are out in the market, there are those that are the real deal alongside them. Some things should be considered through the people while buying the weight loss supplements after visiting nutrisystem review. The reviews should offer a clear and clean picture of the benefits of the pills in the elimination of calories. The risks to the health should be less with the purchase of the right supplements.

It now becomes imperative to distinguish the fake ones from the genuine ones which can promise greater health, successful and safe loss of weight. Here are some points to consider:

1.Do a background check. There are a lot of reviews that can be found in the internet regarding weight loss pills. Some have praised certain brands while others have been totally rejected. These reviews of the products will give you an idea as to whether the weight reduction pill can deliver its great claim to weight loss.

2.Read the fine print. Most medications have contraindications that may be harmful to your health in the long run. Knowing the side effects of the weight loss pills will either prepare you for the worst or better yet make you consider not using that particular brand in the first place.

3.Appraise its efficacy. There are some pills that are safe but not effective because of the different physiological make-up of each individual. So what may work with one person may not necessarily work with the next. Therefore, it is important to know your own body before using any weight loss medication. Buying a product that will not work for you is like throwing your money and your precious time down the drain.

4.Complimentary activities. It is also important to find out if it is necessary to go into weight loss management programs to maximize the effectiveness of the weight loss pill. There are certain brands that do not work unless physical activity is engaged in. This is important to consider before purchasing weight loss medication as things like time and physical health need to be factored in.

5.Consult your doctor. This maybe a cliché but it is a very important element of having a healthy life and a safe weight loss program. As mentioned earlier, everyone’s physiology differs from another. Some pills, although generally safe, may prove to be harmful to people who smoke or are taking another form of medication. Exercise which is healthy may be too much of a strain for others who have hypertension. In which case, it is always best to get the advice of a professional who may know more about your body than you do before entering weight loss program that involves taking pills.

All in all, Weight Loss Pills are not too good to be true. It is real and it is within your grasp. All that is needed is the exact information, full knowledge and proper advice and you will be on your way to a healthier life.

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Quitting Your Weight Loss Plan!

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 21, 2020

Many people all across the world on a daily basis make a decision that they want to lose weight. Now, how many of them do you think actually see it through to the end and reach their goal? Not that much right? This is because it is all too easy to give up on losing weight. This is not always due to people just giving up because they can no longer be bothered or they are finding it too difficult, another reason is down to people putting everything they have into it and not seeing any results. I’m sure you will all agree this can be very disheartening, making it very easy to quit as they just do not believe they have what it takes to lose weight.

What you will find is that many of these people have lost weight initially, but then gained the weight again in time. Others will have had to deal with issues surrounding their weight all of their lives and have never found any success in a weight loss program. Trying to shift a lot of weight over a long period of time, sometimes years or decades will make any person feel they can’t achieve their goal and they come to the conclusion they are going to be overweight for the rest of their lives so they quit!

This is a very sad thing to hear but how wrong that person is. Even if they have 50 or 60 pounds to shift, it can be done, and in a lot less time than they think. No one has to give up on losing weight as we ALL have what it takes to lose the weight we want. Some will take longer than others as we are all different but we can all achieve our target no matter how hard it may be. All we need is the will to succeed.

People who have lost weight successfully and kept that weight off have done so by eating a healthy balanced diet, which goes without saying I’m sure you’ll agree. You can also read about their experience with leptoconnect reviews as well. However, in addition to healthy eating, they also adopt 2 very important lifestyle choices to their day to day lives.

Lifestyle Choice 1 – Cardiovascular Exercise!

Cardiovascular exercising is critical for anyone wishing to lose weight. You should do at least 30 minutes of cardio 7 days per week, however for more effective results, 60-90 minutes 5 days a week should do the trick. This increases your metabolism and in turn, burns more calories leading to weight loss. If you want to lose weight, then put on your runners and go out for a jog. It costs nothing to do and will benefit you greatly. If running is a little too difficult for you to take on at the beginning then go out for a walk or a power walk if possible, slowing building up to a jog. Every little help!

Lifestyle Choice 2 – Weight Training!

Applying weight training 3 days a week to your life will also benefit you. This has a fantastic effect on your metabolic rate and allows you to gain lean muscle at the same time. Muscle tone is what gives your body the ‘look’ we all desire, therefore weight training is a key ingredient. People who have used weights while working out during their weight loss plan find it easier to keep the weight off than those who didn’t.

Now, as I mentioned before, a healthy balanced diet coupled with healthy eating habits is also of great importance to achieving your weight loss goal. However, many people will say that while exercising daily, they find their eating habits changing for the better without too much effort. When exercising, you’re eating habits just fall into place and become consistent with your training regime, meaning a healthy diet will become part of your everyday life as you want to achieve the most out of your training. Training can put you in the right frame of mind to apply healthy eating to your lifestyle, resulting in you choosing the right foods, losing the weight you want to lose, looking great, and generally feeling a lot better about yourself.

For those of us that do find ourselves quitting our weight loss plan, it is more often than not down to the fact that the importance of exercising has not been put across properly. Doing a 20-minute walk 2 or 3 times a week is not going to do much, if anything, for your weight loss goal. If you really want to lose all the weight that burdens you in life, then you MUST adopt a truly serious attitude towards exercising.

We are looking to increase our metabolism, we are looking to view exercising as part of our everyday lives, we are looking to be a healthy person all while looking and feeling great and if we apply these thoughts to how we look at exercising, the weight will fall off in no time at all.

Enjoy and good luck guys!!

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The Healthy Wonders of the Dandelion

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 21, 2020

Dandelions, a plant known by most as a horrible and destructive menace to good lawns everywhere. However, few likely realize that the dandelion can be a very beneficial plant, although its strengths are far and removed from gardening applications. In fact, although it may seem very surprising, the dandelion, or more specifically the root, has an astounding number of health benefits that can be gained from consuming it. Eating dandelions? Yes, the concept may sound a bit strange, but this is fact, not fiction, and the roots of the dandelion plant can indeed be very beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Of course, the benefits of dandelion roots are not a new discovery, and many estimate that the roots were used for medicinal purposes as far back as 900 AD. One does not even need to delve to the dandelion roots to get health benefits, as the leaves themselves are notoriously high in vitamins. Although eating the leaves raw is not recommended, substantial amounts of vitamins A, B, C and D can all be found in the leaves. Of course, for a plant to be considered a true health supplement, it must have a few more benefits than just high vitamin content, and indeed, dandelions also contain a good variety of different nutrients. For example, the leaves contain iron, calcium, boron, magnesium and silicone. Dandelion leaves also have the potential to reduce cholesterol, and are sometimes recommended as a supplement for women going through pregnancy, or anyone suffering nutrient deficiency, the primary reason being that the plants leaves are so high in such a variety of different nutrients. As mentioned before, eating the leaves raw is not recommended, however, a quick trip to any larger drug or nutritional store should yield dandelion leaf and root supplements in large supply.

While we now know that the leaves are healthy, it is also worth mentioning that even the roots of the plant can be incredibly beneficial for health. Dandelion roots belong to the class of supplements known as “diuretics”, meaning that they have the potential to flush water from a person’s system. As a direct result of this, dandelion roots have been shown to have a very positive effect on the digestive system, and have been used for a long time as laxatives and appetite stimulants. Although it has not been proven, some doctors even make the claim that dandelion roots have the potential to remove toxins from the liver and bladder. Of course, considering the other benefits of dandelion roots, the fact that they may also be beneficial for the liver should really come as no surprise. Leptitox Real Reviews will deliver effective results to the patient that should be beneficial. The reviews are available at online website to offer the right results to the customers. The label should be read carefully to get the desired results. Some surprises should be made available to the people to have the weight loss benefit. 

Become of the positive effect that dandelions are shown to have on the stomach and digestive system as a whole, they are also recommended to treat indigestion, heart burn, infections occurring in the urinary tract and a host of other digestive problems. Still though, it is worth mentioning that not everyone will reap positive effects from taking dandelion supplements, and, in some cases, they can cause some minor issues in the digestive system, but nothing more serious than an upset stomach is possible. In another positive note, dandelions have been shown to have no interactions what so ever with any kind of additional drug or stimulate, meaning that the health benefits can be absorbed at all times, regardless of what else a person may be taking or any required medicine.

So, the next time that you happen to see a dandelion taking root in your yard, resist the urge to rip it violently out of the ground. The dandelion can be a very helpful plant, and it is definitely something worth checking out the next time you visit any kind of health food or drug store. However, if your not sure if dandelion supplements are right or you, make sure to check with your doctor, which is always a smart move before beginning any kind of vitamin or nutritional supplement. For those who may be searching for a simple cure for stomach and digestive system problems, dandelion supplements may be just the thing.

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Surviving a Heat Wave Without Air Conditioning

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 20, 2020

Old people are dropping like flies throughout Southern Europe from the extreme heat wave that has been buffeting this part of the world. From Romania, Macedonia and Greece come daily the reports of people completely unprepared for the heat passing out and some of them dying. It reminds me of the summer back in the late 90’s when I was in college and the temperatures throughout France and England were topping 100 on a daily basis and people were succumbing to heat stroke. It’s hot here in Istanbul. The temperature for the past three days has risen into the mid 90’s and as high as 100. Making it far worse, however, is that it has also been quite hazy and the haze traps the heavy air pollution from a city of 12,000,000 that really doesn’t care all that much about the environment. Istanbul exists in a sort of bubble immune from the corrosive action of PC campaigns. Istanbullus, for instance, never take a holiday from smoking, no matter how hot it gets. They buy small bottles of water for a half lira a piece and then throw them out on the street when they are done. I buy these bottles sometimes, though a I die a little bit inside every time I do, thinking of the neverending pile of plastic rubbish growing in the world’s landfills. I also try to expiate my sin by refilling the bottle from water cooler at work rather than just buying another one.

Its not as hot here in Istanbul, though, because the city is so thoroughly surrounded by water. John Freely, on the first page of his masterly, “Strolling Through Istanbul” quotes a Byzantine poet who described the city as “surrounded by a garland of waters.” The currents and breezes created by Istanbul keep the city from absolutely baking. As does the fact that unlike New York, there is far less asphalt to trap the heat. It’s a good thing too because it hardly ever rains here in the summer time and almost no one has air conditioning.

Well, that has been the case with New York but that doesn’t meant that you simply give up on the matter and utilize this time to lookup blaux portable ac reviews as Blaux is one of the best brands to watch out for in the coming season so that atleast things are bearable.

The lobby of English Time, the language school where I work, is really the only thoroughly air conditioned place that I experience throughout my day. Not the whole office, mind you, but only the lobby is air conditioned where prospective students come in and sit down to find out why they should learn English with English Time. The office is very impressive, actually. The buildings on Istiklal Cadessi (Independence Street), of which English Time is one, are mostly stately mansions. They are relics from the bygone days when Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire and these gorgeous piles with the high, gilded ceilings and frescoes were the embassies of the richest nations on Earth lining the boulevard then called la Rue De La Pera. Now, of course, the capital is in Ankara, as are all of the embassies and the current inhabitants of these buildings are middling English Academies, restaurants, music shops and night clubs. Regardless of the current occupant, the office is impressive and each day, after slogging my way through the streets I sit quietly in the air conditioning until my body temperature returns to double digits.

I have browned considerably in the month that I have been in Istanbul and along with my manner of dress and my beard I am beginning to look like a Turk. I am actually flattered when Turkish people ask me questions in their language, not realizing that I am an American. They have one sure-fire way of telling that I am from the west, however; I sweat like a pig. I hate disgusting; I find it positively revolting. Yet everyday as I push my way through meandering crowds of people, trying to stay in the stripe of shade on the margins of Istiklal, I am pouring buckets of perspiration from my forehead. The Turks never sweat. I don’t know how they do it. They are just as heavily dressed as I am and yet they walk around looking cool and composed when the sun is blaring down on them like a malevolent finger of God.

I appreciate air conditioning in a completely new way, living here in Istanbul. My mother always keeps her house frigid with central air conditioning from mid-May through October. I used to hate it because I would walk around with a constant chill around my ribs but now I yearn for the blessed Freon cool of her house. Still, I’m here for the summer and I have to deal with the heat so I have approached staying cool in a number of ways.

For one thing I choose my routes through the city based on the angle of the sun. I avoid long walks through open spaces where the sun strikes my forehead full force until I beg for mercy. I choose narrow streets with tall buildings and walk on the shady side of the street. I also take frequent breaks when climbing up hills or walking longer distances.

I wear light colored shirts and when possible, light colored pants. I can’t wear shorts to work but I find that even if I could, light pants tend to reflect and diffuse heat better than my own bare legs. I do wear sandals to work, which is a necessity in a city as roughly cobbled as Istanbul. My footwear allows me to diffuse more heat from my body though after three weeks of not wearing socks and shoes, my feet are beginning to look like Frodo’s.

I drink a few gallons of water per day. That’s obvious but what is not so obvious is that I also drink a good amount of salt per day. Salt helps your body retain water and you lose lots of it when you sweat. A great source of salt is from drinking Ayran. Ayran is a Turkish drink made from yogurt that is like salty sour milk. It sounds disgusting and it is the first few times you drink it but it grows on you and it goes down very well with many local dishes. Ayran gives me my salt and keeps the benevolent bacteria in my gut happy,

I don’t get too close to people or stand in crowds. There are many benefits from avoiding proximity to other humans in hot weather. You are less likely to be robbed, for one thing. For another deodorant hasn’t exactly taken Istanbul by storm. The most relevant reason, however, is that crowds of people generate heat in a big way. It can actually be quite disgusting standing by the door at the ferry dock waiting for them to open up so we can board ship and get to the European side.

I also use every possible human convenience at my disposal. I have always prided myself on stair climbing and walking the streets of cities but when the temperature starts topping 90, I have to admit that I find myself lingering on escalators, elevators, trams, buses and funiculars. I like exercise but climbing Galata Hill in dress clothes on a 90 degree morning is an exercise in masochism.

I know that New York had a heat wave a few weeks back. I actually read an article on Yahoo the other day about buildings using ice blocks for cooling rather than AC because they are more efficient. I know that not every heat wave is necessarily a symptom of global warming but they do make you think about it. It seems ironic that what can be such a blessed comfort, air conditioning, is one of the contributors to climate change through Freon emissions and the use of energy. Still, living in Istanbul through a heat wave without air conditioning, I find the prospect of a world without AC eminently doable.

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Don’t Obsess About Post-Partum Weight Loss: Be Compassionate with Yourself

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 16, 2020

For many women, it is very difficult to lose weight quickly after giving birth and it’s not even healthy to try. The problem is that when women worry excessively about their weight this can have a negative impact on their self-esteem. Also, for women who experience postpartum depression, an unhealthy fixation on losing weight at an unrealistic rate can exacerbate or compound their feelings of depression and despair.

In addition to providing their babies with loving care, another extremely important thing that women can do for themselves after they have given birth is to care for themselves with the help of leptoconnect with the same loving kindness and gentle compassion that they give to their newborns. After all, when you take good care of yourself, you feel better, you don’t deplete your emotional resources and you have more energy to give to your children. Remember, young children, even little babies, are quick to pick up on tension in their caregivers. So the gentler and more compassionate and more patient you can be with yourself, the better it will be for every member of your household.

Many women notice that breastfeeding helps them lose weight for several reasons including the following: first, it causes the uterus to contract and eventually return to its original shape, and secondly, it burns a high number of calories. It also produces calming hormones that can help even out your moods. And of course, all the research indicates that breastfeeding is wonderful for your baby, providing all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and development, not to mention the wonderful closeness and comfort that breastfeeding provides for both of you.

One of the factors that can be discouraging for new mothers is the fact that so often celebrity mothers seem to get right back into shape within a few short months. But what you have to remember is that many of them have access to the entire staff of people, ranging from nutritionists, chefs, personal trainers, and other consultants who have been hired for the sole purpose of helping them get their figures back as quickly as possible.

In fact, many young celebrities feel so much pressure to fit back into their old jeans right away that they take things way too far, training too hard, and eating too few calories. Remember, it’s never healthy to take dieting and exercise to an extreme, and this is particularly true of post-pregnancy dieting. In fact, it’s much better to eat healthful, nutritious food than it is to eat too few calories and exercise excessively, and this holds true whether you have just given birth or not.

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Soccer Leads to More Weight Loss Than Jogging

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 15, 2020

While thousands of people each year take up jogging to drop unwanted pounds, a new study suggests they’d be better off joining a soccer team. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, the Copenhagen University Hospital and Bispebjerg Hospital, concluded that soccer players made significantly more fitness gains and lost more fat than runners according to a press release issued by the university.

The study followed 14 men with no previous soccer experience that were between 20 and 40 years of age. Over the course of three months of two to three weekly hour long soccer practices, the participants were regularly tested to determine fitness levels, muscle mass, fat percentage, blood pressure, and balance. Muscle mass and fat percentage can be reduced through checking the resurge pills reviews for the body. Some practices can be conducted for healthy and fit life. The experience of the person should be great to meet with the desires of the person. The level of fitness will be high with the resurge products. 

Over the three months, everything that the scientists tested for improved according Peter Krustrup, leader of the study. The participant’s fitness levels and muscle mass jumped, while the fat percentage and blood pressure decreased.

Krustrup also looked at a group of runners who trained the same amount of time each week as the soccer players. Although the research indicated an overall improvement in health, the gains from regular running were significantly less than those achieved by the participants who played soccer over the twelve weeks.

Although it is a good practice to run long distances at a consistent moderate speed, the research suggests that soccer is a more beneficial form of exercise for several reasons. Not only was the increase in both fitness rating and muscle mass greater for the soccer players, but the participants that played soccer were the only people to show any improvement during the last eight weeks of the experiment.

At the end of the experiment the soccer players had lost 7.7 pounds (3.5 kilos) of fat and gained 4.4 pounds (2 kilos) of extra muscle mass. These statistics were far better than the jogging group, who gained no muscle, and lost 4.4 pounds (2 kilos) of fat.

However, both groups had improvement in blood pressure, balance, and insulin sensitivity. According to the press release, the scientists believe that the varying paces during a soccer workout, including running, sprinting, and walking, allows soccer players to get more benefits from their workout.

Another added benefit to soccer is that soccer players reported the exercise to be moderate, while the joggers found their practice to be especially difficult. However, both groups exercised at the same overall pace for the hour. In the press release, Krustrup suggested that soccer allowed little time for the participants to examine the difficulty of their workout, while runners felt more isolated, allowing them more time to reflect.

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Vaping – A Healthier Way To Get Your Nicotine | Stop Smoking – Start Vaping Today!

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 14, 2020

45.8 million Americans wrestle every day with their addiction to tobacco cigarettes. Since 1 in 5 adults smoke tobacco, and since smoking-cessation products have a whopping 95% failure rate, and since nothing much has happened in the solution department for the last 100 years, it’s time for some new ideas like vaping and some innovative products like the electronic cigarette. This is not to say that these devices are healthy, but I don’t think there is any doubt that they are ‘healthi-er’ than tobacco cigarettes.

The Old Way of Doing Things

 The old way of dealing with the smoking problem has been through education, legislation, and marketing restrictions, such as forbidding the sale of tobacco cigarettes to minors.

While the number of adults who smoke has dropped over the past half century from about 50% to about 20% in response to these efforts, that still leaves 45.8 million – that’s ‘million’ – people at risk of dying from what are actually ‘preventable’ smoking-related diseases.

What Will Happen If We Keep Doing Things The Old Way?

If we keep on doing things the old way, the number of Americans who die every year will keep on climbing. Almost half a million of them die every year from smoking-related diseases as it is. That’s more than die from AIDS, drugs, fires and auto accidents put together!

If we start taking a new tack, though – if we come at this problem from a harm-reduction angle rather than an abolitionist angle, then we stand a much better chance of saving many more lives.

Millions of Americans believe they have a right to smoke. One harm-reduction approach that seeks to reduce the smoker’s risk of dying of cancer and emphysema from smoking tobacco now offers them a new method of inhaling just the nicotine component of tobacco ‘without’ the 4,000 or so toxic chemicals and tar that are ‘also’ present in tobacco.

This method of inhaling nicotine is called “vaping,” and you do it through a device which looks like a tobacco cigarette on the outside, but which is actually a very clever nicotine-delivery system on the inside. Although it’s battery-powered, there is no on/off switch; rather, it turns on automatically when you start inhaling, and it turns off when you stop. Simple! Vape mods are now considered as a safer alternative for traditional cigarretes or tobacco. Hence, over the years, the demand for vape has been increasing significantly.

These new nicotine inhalers are called electronic cigarettes (“e-cigs”), but they could also be characterized as tobacco-replacement devices, because you only inhale a vapor that contains nicotine and a few taste-enhancing substances. Also, e-cigs come with refillable cartridges of various flavors and nicotine strengths, so that you may choose to use these e-cigs either as a smoking alternative or a smoking-cessation device.

If you choose to use e-cigs as a smoking-cessation device, then all you do is gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you inhale until you feel you no longer need it and can get along without it.

If you choose to use e-cigs as a tobacco-replacement device, then here are 5 major benefits you may enjoy:

1) The same physical sensations that you experience with tobacco cigarettes, because your lungs get filled with tobacco-flavored nicotine-enriched vapor when you inhale;

2) When you exhale, a vapor comes out of your mouth that looks like smoke but is actually just a water-based vapor that quickly disperses and does no harm to either people or the environment;

3) You can “vape” in clubs and pubs and restaurants and airplanes and other places where smoking tobacco is not allowed, which means that you can be part of the social scene again, instead of hiding in order to have a cigarette, or stepping outside in the rain and the cold and feeling like the whole world is against you because you need to smoke;

4) Your clothes, cars, and your home or apartment will not smell like stale cigarettes because with electronic smokes, there is nothing to ignite, nothing to burn, and no butts to throw away, so that what has always been described by detractors as a “filthy habit” has now become squeaky clean; and,

5) Top-of-the-line smokeless e-cigs now come in packages that look just like regular tobacco-cigarette packages and that also charge your e-cigs batteries for you so that, if you’re budget-conscious, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can now get e-cigs for 80% less per pack than you would have to pay for tobacco cigarettes.

Between a product that ‘costs’ almost half a million lives a year and one that ‘saves’ as many as that and more, what is there to choose? It’s time to stop smoking and start vaping!

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My Road to Weight Loss

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 11, 2020

A good friend, my best friend (you know who you are, stop hiding in the shadows and come forward), and I have been commiserating over some of the changes taking place in our middle-aged bodies, mainly a slight weight gain that has us both puzzled. We’re not happy. We don’t get it. We had our thyroids tested immediately. They are fine. What could be causing this?

We decide to do weight watchers on line. We pay our $50 and start counting our points. We have 29 points per day plus 17 weekly bonus points to use as we like throughout the week. Right off the bat, we see a problem with the alcohol count. It is 4-6 points per drink, meaning we could use up our weekly bonus points by Tuesday night. D goes to diet tonic with her vodka, while I cut down to only one blue cheese olive in my martini. Yes a sacrifice, but our new bodies will be so worth it.

We start out strong, we cheer each other on, boosting each other through that 3-5 p.m. time slot with apple slices (fruits are 0 points!) and low fat cheese wedges, so we can make it through to dinner. OMG this is so easy why didn’t we think of this before? The destination of weight loss will be achieved with the purchase of resurge products. The morale of the person will be boost to get effective results. The consumption of the cheese should be reduced with a balanced diet. The benefits will be enormous with the person. 

By Wednesday we are fucking starving and things sort of take a down turn as seen by the following texts:

“D how many activity points can I take for getting the mail?”

“A how many points for two bowls of Golden Grahams?”

“D isn’t an olive a fruit?”

We decide we may need a little help and it becomes apparent that one of us is going to have to go to the meetings. Due to the fact that D has active children, and a husband and a life, it falls upon me to make this bold move. I attend my first meeting in Jackie O glasses and head scarf. I stare at the floor, while others tell of their great successes of the week, drinking club soda flavored with lemon (sick) and sugar free ice cream (why bother?) I also find out that no, you can’t save up your bonus points and then have a 68 point binge at the end of the month. Wow! These folks are not messing around.

One woman speaks up…”You will be very proud of me. My daughter and I went to Sonny’s BBQ and I only ordered a half order of ribs and had coleslaw instead of mac and cheese.” Applause. “The guide says Sonny’s ribs are 19 points but I don’t think that can be right.”

No of course not, how can a slab of fatty pork, drenched in a sea of sugar based sauce be that many points? No way. I agree. Idiots. Ruining lives by giving out ridiculously false information.

I report back to D. She decides to head to the gym. Coward. Abandoning ship on me. I am going to stay the course, 29 points or bust! And things just got a whole lot easier. Turns out an olive IS a fruit!

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How to Make a Weight Loss Plan in Consultation with an Expert

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 9, 2020

The modern world has so many nice things to offer from which we derive unlimited pleasure. To keep pace with the fast life of today, we come across certain hard facts and sordid realities. Obesity is one of them. This is not a totally new phenomenon in recent times.

The attention on the subject has been drawn by the affected people. The people with busy life style full of stress and strain are the most exploited ones by this nuisance. This factor of excessive anxiety on career building process has added to the cause of this weight gain problem.

A dependence on the habit of gulping fast food due to scarcity of time has contributed to this hazard. They do not seem to have enough time for a square meal in a day. This has taken the scenario of weight gain to a new level. These junk foods, as they are sometimes referred to, carry different elements unsuitable for normal health conditions. A healthy food plate is required for leading a proper and fit life. Habit of eating at odd hours is telling upon the health of the modern folk. This is creating troubles in their fitness conditions.

Ultimately, there comes a stage where affected people search fanatically for remedial measures. They seriously want to get rid of the uncomfortable condition of health. We shall discuss certain plans helping to take effective measures to minimize the problem efficiently.

The plan includes a healthy diet plan at the beginning. The plan should be tailored in such a way that the individual should be able to adhere to it in reality. Many plans are available in the market for ‘fast weight loss programs’. They are not regarded as regular weight loss program plans. Make sure to discuss with your physician before you board on a diet plan. This is so, because, a diet is the only source of energy for your body system and any unrealistic approach may make it worse. It is the expertise of a physician, who understands the importance of the calorie value of your food plan. He is the best person to judge and determine the exact quantity of your daily intake of food.

The next step would be to perform regular exercising. Your revised diet, consisting of fewer calories with a judicious combination of fat or cholesterol, will supply desired energy required by you. People depend upon vegetarian meals prepared with fruits and vegetables for this purpose. This routine will help you to leave out animal protein intake in your dietary program. Going empty stomach will not benefit you at all in this weight loss plan. On the contrary, it may worsen your health making it weaker at the same time. Avoid the fast foods definitely which you used to like during the early period.  

The success depends upon a well planned fat free diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Taking lsoe weight supplement will also be helpful as long as you know your heath conditions. It is important to consult with your nutritionist or dietician before taking any products. But if you want to try a reliable and highly recommended brand, you may opt to try leptoconnect. This combination with limited dairy items is most dependable for the success of your weight loss plan. Have your food intake at a regular interval of time. In addition, a regular exercising and enhanced physical activity every day will help you to loose the excess weight that you want to get rid of. The above plans are to be implemented in consultations with a qualified doctor or health professional. Adhering to an unauthorized plan may not be fruitful to you at all.

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