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My Most Successful Dieting Experience

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 9, 2020

The most successful dieting experience I have ever had was with Weight Watchers, that tried and true institution that has helped people melt off tons of unwanted fat. I joined Weight Watchers in the summer of 2008 with their on-line diet program, and for $14.95 a month lost twelve pounds in three months. My weight loss was about one pound a week, well within any healthy weight loss guidelines, and the diet plan itself was a breeze.

For those of you who are unfamiliar the program, every food you can conceivably think of eating is assigned a “point” value, and you are assigned a number of points that you can eat per day. The website provides you with a program to track your points, as well as a calculator that figures out the points for food that is not in their database (for example, a certain type of name brand cookie – you just enter the calories, fat and fiber content, and the point value is produced for you.) You track your points, your weight, your exercise, and your weight loss journey begins.

For the first few days I followed their suggested plans, noting with interest and sometimes alarm the points value of certain foods. (A hot dog is five points? Are you kidding me? And that’s without the bun or the French fries!!) Then I began to go off on my own. I had joined after a friend did, and we spent long hours discussing our diet options on the program. The first week I lost five pounds, and I was off and running (not literally).

Weight Watchers became not just a weight loss tool but a whole new way of life. I found other people at work that had joined the program, and we began speaking a secret diet language to each other. “How many points is this?” I would find myself asking a friend, holding up a bagel or a yogurt in the cafeteria at work. It is easy to become obsessed with points – you can even buy an electronic points calculator so you won’t ever be stuck somewhere and not be able to know the points of any food you are eating! Points become your life – adding points, subtracting points, even finding ways to cheat on your points. One slice of reduced calorie bread is zero points, two slices is one point, so if you just stretch out your morning toast over a few hours, is that one point or none? If half a cup of refried beans is 1.5 points but one cup is 2.5 points, where does that other half point go?

Anyway, you can see how this diet works. You add points by eating, subtract points by working out, and after a while this becomes an obsession, too. (You have to work out for twelve minutes on the elliptical to burn off one point. Not fifteen minutes, twelve!) Finding foods with one point becomes your life mission. But on the way, something else happens. For the most part, low point foods are also healthy foods (fruits and vegetables are usually only one or zero points.) So by eating those lower point foods, you are eating healthier. And in your quest to subtract points by exercising, you’ve developed another healthy habit – exercising! Sometimes every day! And maybe it’s only because you want to burn off enough points so you can have a glass of wine with dinner, but, hey, you’re still doing it!

To support your diet, I also consider to take weight loss supplement. Products like leptoconnect will help you to sustain your diet. This is also made from natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about is effects on your body.

And that is what happened to me. In spite of all the points madness (which was actually a lot of fun), I began to make healthier eating choices, and to work out five times a week (even if it was only twelve minutes on the elliptical.) My diet became a way of life, a healthier one at that, and I am proud to say that I have kept off the weight that Weight Watchers helped me lose for over one year.

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Get the Benefits of a Weight Loss Program for Free

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 7, 2020

Thinking of joining a popular weight loss program? What you may not know is that all of the features that the big weight loss programs offer can be found for free. Programs like NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers can be replicated for zero cost if you know where to look. Here’s how you can do it all, for free!

Food Diaries

Writing down what you eat, when you eat it and why can be an insightful tool that can benefit your weight loss efforts. Programs like Weight Watchers have been using weight tracking food diaries for years with success. A great tool to use online is at This site has a food journal, exercise log, a calendar, and journaling space for free. Just sign up for a free account and you are on your way. I have been a member for years, and I can say that no spam emails or sales pressure is involved in this site, just a great free tool! Other options for online weight journals include, and . If you want to add to the accountability level, start a public blog of your weight loss journey. Try for a simple, easy to start blog. Share your site and allow others to visit and comment, and you have a built-in cheering section!

Customized Eating Plans

Do you need a customized eating plan, like those offered by Jenny Craig and the like? Check out your local library for scads of books on diet and find a plan that fits you! If you want a quicker fix, try This site offers a customized plan, and even adjusts for different calorie requirements, and special diet needs.

Convenience Foods

Many people choose plans such as Nutri-System because they eat only their pre-measured, prepackaged food, and don’t have to think about what to eat. Plans like this can cost up to $300/month just for food. Do it yourself for free by pre-measuring your food into single serving sizes as soon as you buy it. Or try once-a-month cooking Once a month cooking is a method where you plan for one marathon cooking session every two weeks, or once a month, prepare all your meals, and freeze them.

The advantages are:

  1. You don’t have to think about what to eat or cook, it’s all done for you (or maybe I should say by you, but only once a month).
  1. You can control your portion sizes, amount of sodium, nutrient value, carb content, etc.
  1. The cost is much less than Nutri-system or even the pre-packaged meals at the grocery store, because you can buy in bulk.
  1. Prepackaged meals- supermarket or OAMC

A great resource for making sure you have planned your meals properly is the food journal at

On top of that and apart from your diet, you should be able to take weight loss supplement to support your system. One of the best brands that you can buy in the market is leptoconnect. This is one of the trusted brands in the market.

Professional Evaluation and Support

The first place to look for free professional support is your doctor. Your doctor knows your individual needs, and can help you develop a plan that will be the safest and most effective for you. If you have a reasonably good insurance plan, and you are overweight, a visit to your doctor can provide you with some great covered resources, such as a consultation with a dietician, discounts or free trial memberships at local gyms, or web support like the one available at Blue Cross Blue Shield’s website, .

Another great option is to call local gyms and check if their personal trainers offer a free initial consultation. Many offer this service, with body fat measurement, fitness plans, and instructions on how to use the equipment properly.


Plans like Weight Watchers attribute a good portion of their success to the support that members give each other at meetings, and online. Many local churches and community centers offer free support groups that allow like minded people to share their weight loss goals, successes and failures in a supportive environment. Other groups with this benefit include TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), and Overeaters Anonymous. There is also a bounty of support available online. For starters, try, which offers message board for finding weight loss buddies, multiple challenges and motivational tools, online journals, and support for every type of weight loss challenge. A great site for those following a low-carb lifestyle like Atkins, or South Beach Diet, is, which offers support, recipes, weight loss buddies, and tons of tips on following a low-carb eating plan. Another great resource for hooking up with others for support is There are local groups, diet based groups, exercise based groups, and plenty of motivation in a list-serve format.

Losing weight for free can be done! Just use the resources available, roll up your sleeves and get started. We all know that is the hardest part. Once you have done that, you are on your way, and you can use the money that you save to buy that fabulous little pair of jeans you’ve wanted to fit into.

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Researchers Find Viagra May Help Burn Body Fat

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 5, 2020

A noted biologist has found evidence that suggests Viagra, the EDF wonder-drug, might also help people lose weight. In a recent post to the scientific journal Nature’s blog page, Doctor Jalees Rehman, stem cell biologist and cardiologists at the University of Illinois, describes research where mice that have been given Viagra were found to burn more body fat than mice given a placebo. Popular Science, in reporting on Rehman and his research, says that it appears Viagra causes the body to convert one type of fat, to another – one that is more easily burned.

The body, PopSci says, has two kinds of fat, white adipose tissue – which is the kind that forms the jelly roll around the belly, and brown adipose tissue, which is far less in abundance (usually found in the neck and near blood vessels) but more easily converted (burned) into energy. In the mice studies, it appears that Viagra had a tendency to cause white fat to turn into brown fat which the body then burns. The result, is fat loss, which of course means weight loss. PopSci also notes that professional athletes have begun to use Viagra in the belief it gives them more energy. This new research by Rehman bears that out. If Viagra is converting white fat to brown, which is then burned, in addition to weight loss, another effect would be an increase in energy.

In the new research, test mice were given very small doses of Viagra (sildenafil) and after a week, every one of them was found to have reduced levels of white fat, and increased levels of brown fat. It is believed that the fat conversation occurs because of the very nature of the drug. Its purpose is to allow for increased blood flow in areas with small capillaries. That’s how it helps men maintain an erection. When it occurs in white fat, the increased blood flow sends a signal to the brain telling it that it’s time to stop storing it. The body’s natural response is to immediately begin converting it to brown fat, to allow it to burn.

The researchers note that thus far, the research is still very preliminary – no study has yet been done on the long term implications of Viagra use, thus, it’s not known if it’s safe or not. Some have suggested it might cause problems in the eyes, another site of small capillaries. No one will know for sure, of course, until it’s tested further, but thus far, researchers are optimistic and believe they may have stumbled onto a true diet pill. Hence, if you really want to lose weight achieve your desired body figure, you may want to consider taking weight loss supplement like leptoconnect. This product is made from all natural ingredients so it is healthy and safe to consume.

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Obesity Cures and Quick Weight Loss Isn’t a New Thing – Diet Fraud Goes Back to the 1800’s

Health and Fitness - Josephine - July 3, 2020

It is one of the more detestable bits of human nature- preying on those less fortunate, those desperate enough to try anything, and yet they persist to this day, those parasites of society who proclaim quick, safe weight loss, Obesity cures, and weight loss supplements, and offer up as proof those before and after pictures, boldly proclaiming that their Obesity Cures and weight loss supplements will shed pounds as easily as you take off your shirt. The audacity is heart wrenching.

CYYWFK Slim woman pulling oversized jeans. Weight loss concept. Isolated on white

In America, we have been given what we wanted. Quick access to prepared foods makes it possible to quickly take in a day’s worth of calories in literally a matter of moments. Even one hundred years ago, we would have had to prepare most meals, or pay well for them at a restaurant. It’s no wonder that at this time, Obesity is affecting more people than ever. Obesity cures and weight loss supplements, however, have not been able to safely contend with fast food, prepared foods, and cheap candy. Although most weight loss supplements today don’t taut themselves as Obesity cures, mostly due to government regulation and potential litigation, they do promise much the same thing as was promised in the 1800’s, but with much less death as a side effect. Obesity cures, on the other hand, can be just as bad as ever.

At the turn of the century, many Obesity cures and weight loss supplements contained ingredients which even then they knew to be harmful, but which, they said, when taken in small doses, the body could handle. These Obesity cures and weight loss suppliments had a list of players which reads like the ingredient list on rat poison. Obesity cures and weight loss supplements were made up of such things as Thyroid, arsenic, strychnine, dinitrophenol (an insecticide,) or human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG,) which is the hormone which turns the stick blue on a home pregnancy test. It’s no lie, Obesity cures and weight loss supplements were for a while prepared from the placenta and urine of pregnant human women. Later, some were made from the same ingredients from rabbits. Although HCG is still available, it is not an Obesity cure or a weight loss supplement. It is used in the treatment of a rare disorder called Fr√∂hlich’s syndrome, which affects young boys, causing them to develop fat on their hips, buttocks, and thighs, and upsetting sexual development. It is a rare genetic disorder that even when HCG was initially developed, was very seldom seen.

Unfortunately, even our metabolisms cannot keep pace with the food we eat. It is self control and discipline which can prevent most cases of Obesity today, something we’re just not very good at as a society. But the good news is, there are new products that are being introduced in the market. This products help people to sustain their diet and achieve their desired weight. Leptoconnect is one of these effective brands. It is unfortunate that so many people must suffer while Obesity cures and weight loss supplements make losing weight the first goal of many of us, while in truth, we need to concentrate on eating correctly. There are no Obesity cures, and weight loss supplements seldom, if ever work the way they are supposed to. It is up to us to know the hucksters when we see them and to forgo giving them any more money- it’s far less expensive, and far safer to simply go for a walk every day.

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An Overview of the contents and usage of First-Aid kits

Health and Fitness - Josephine - June 26, 2020

A well-stocked first-aid kit is a necessity in homes. An easy reach to the first-aid kit can help to provide the right supplies in case of emergencies. The first-aid kit is a kind of portable container that includes medicines, supplies, and information about what thing is to be used and when. Every home should have a first-aid kit, and every member of the home should have knowledge on how to use it. You can also prepare a first-aid kit at home, using containers that are sturdy, roomy, and easy to carry and open. You can search for the first aid kits in melbourne and its contents.   

In cases of emergencies, a first-aid kit is the beginning of care. There are different types of medical first-aid kits and their contents which you will get to know in this article:

  • Home First Aid Kits

Home kits are used to treat the minor traumatic injuries that can happen in every day at home, which includes: cuts, burns, stings, sprains, abrasions, and splinters. Home first-aid kit content includes items like:

  • Adhesive tapes and bandages of all sizes.
  • Exam gloves that are used for infection protection and can be made at home with ice packs filled with frozen water.
  • Sterile gauze pads for covering and cleaning the wounds.
  • Antibiotic creams to apply to wounds.
  • Non-adhesive pads for covering the wounds and burns.
  • Scissors, tweezers, safety pins.
  • The triangular bandage as a towel, sling, and tourniquet.
  • Travel First Aid Kits

Travel first-aid kits need to be comprehensive as it is not necessary that a drug store will always be accessible. There must be personal medical items in addition to the items that will help to reduce the symptoms of respiratory infections like cough, sore throat, fever, and nasal congestion. Travel kits must contain items to treat: skin problems, mild pain, allergies, cuts, and gastrointestinal problems. The items that a travel first aid kit must contain are:

  • Adhesive tape and bandages of all sizes.
  • Sterile gauze pads.
  • Antacid mainly for indigestion occurs during traveling.
  • A book on first-aid that contains the information on when and what to use in different situations. 
  • A lighter that can be used to sterilize the instruments and start a fire to make smoke in case of emergency help as a signal.
  • Small flashlight.
  • Antiseptic agent and a liquid soap that can help in cleaning the wounds and hands. 
  • Personal medications for the trip duration and other items for self-care. 
  • Pocket mask for CPR in case of emergencies.
  • Scissors, thermometer, tweezers, and safety pins.

It is crucial to have proper first-aid items at home and while traveling. Make sure to use all the items properly, especially the medications. You must train your family members to use the kits and help in need. Also, place the first-aid kits where they are easily accessible to every member of the family. While travelling you must carry the personal items if you have any health issue as you might need them.

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How to Avoid Getting Sick This Season

Health and Fitness - Josephine - June 20, 2020

Nobody likes getting sick. You not only feel bad physically, but you’re also hindered from doing some of the daily things you want to do. Luckily, there are actions you can take to help yourself stay strong and stop from getting sick so often. By raising your body’s natural defense system, you can actually help your body fight off foreign bodies and simultaneously ward off getting run down with a cold or flu. Here are a few ways to strengthen your immune system and avoid getting sick this season.

First, wash your hands on a frequent basis. Germs and bacteria that you pick up on your hands can be easily transferred to your mouth, eyes, or nose. This allows germs to enter into your body’s system and attack it. When you get home,  immediately wash your hands to prevent contamination of these germs in your home. Another good rule of thumb is to wash your hands each time before you eat. Also, don’t forget to never touch your mouth, eyes, or nose without washing your hands first. Keeping your hands clean will help you avoid transferring any germs you may pick up from entering your body.

Next, exercise on a daily basis. It’s a known fact that exercise raises your immune system. Keeping your immune system strong will help you fight any foreign bodies you pick up before they get a chance to hit your body hard. You’ll be less likely to come down with physical symptoms if your body is able to fight off the germ both quickly and effectively. Aim to get an adequate amount of exercise daily. By doing so, you will be joining the group of people who exercise that are shown to get sick less often during the year. Many people are asking the question that how much of your immune system is in your gut will be improved with the herbal supplements. With the consumption of the supplements, there can be doing of regular exercise for a good health. All the information will be provided to the patients without falling sick. 

Another healthy practice is to get and use a salt water nasal rinse. Germs incubate inside the nose. By rinsing out your nasal passage, you will be flushing out germs and bacteria before they get into your system. This is also a helpful method to provide relief when you suffer from allergies as well. Using salt water to rinse the nasal passages has been a widely known practice by various cultures for centuries. Be sure to follow the directions on the package and remember not to swallow the salt water!

Lastly, eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. You know your mom was right- you have to eat your fruits and vegetables. All fruits and vegetables are chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Loading up on these foods will not only fill your body with healthy, powerful nutrients, but it will also give your body the tools it needs to help fight off any bacteria or virus that you may have picked up from your environment. Raising your immune system through a healthy diet is one of the biggest ways to strengthen your body.

By using and combining a variety of ways to raise your immune system and keep your body free of germs, you can increase your chances of avoiding a cold or flu. The more you do to help raise your body’s immune system, the stronger your body will be. Thus, take care of yourself and your body will thank you by working hard to protect you.

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Diet Meal Replacements

Health and Fitness - Josephine - June 3, 2020

When used for weight loss, meal replacements can take a few different forms.

A meal replacement may consist of foods that have been prepared in such a way that reduces their caloric content (for example, by removing such ingredients as refined sugars and high-fructose corn syrup, which are often “hidden” in many processed foods). Alternatively, a replacement meal may simply have reduced portions (such as bread that is sliced thinner than ordinary).

This is the perfect way to start out because if you measure the quantity then it will be easy to keep a tab on your daily routine so that the consumed food does not exceed limits and allow you to lose weight at a quicker pace where you don’t have to look for leptitox reviews and other supplements to rid yourself of the flab.

There are also diet meal replacements in which the carbohydrate content has been reduced. An example of this might be certain types of bread in which the carbohydrate content has been reduced by substituting high-protein ingredients such as spelt, sesame seed and even hemp for high-carb ingredients like wheat and gluten.

Another type of meal replacement comes in the form of liquids. A typical liquid replacement meal is a protein shake, which can be dairy or soy-based and can include fiber and vitamin supplements.

Chances are that in your own weight loss efforts, you will make use of all of these. The main thing is keeping track of calories, and making sure that your expenditure is greater than your intake. This means that if maintaining your current weight requires 2250 calories a day (that’s the rough average for most of us), you’re going to have to make sure that your daily caloric intake is less that that. Keep in mind that a pound of fat contains 3500 calories, so if you can reduce your intake by 500 calories a day through a combination of meal replacements and increasing physical activity, it should be possible to shed at least a pound a week. (Yes, that may seem slow, though it’s actually good progress – and keep in mind that you didn’t gain all that weight overnight, so it may take some time to get rid of it.)

The physical activity part of the equation is important; you are not likely to have satisfactory results with replacement meals alone. A combination of aerobic exercise and strength training is the best. First, it’s a good idea to build muscle (and meal replacements that are high in protein are an excellent way to make sure you’re getting the most out of weight training), because muscle tissue burns calories even when you are at rest (this is why men need more calories than women). Secondly, aerobic exercise supplies your cells with the oxygen required to burn up calories.

Besides that, a good strenuous workout does wonders for your morale and emotional outlook – which is no bad thing while on a weight-reduction regimen.

Susan Slobac is a consultant in the health industry. Susan writes about trends in meal replacements  amp; diet meal replacements.

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A Winning Formula for Weight Loss

Health and Fitness - Josephine - January 3, 2020

There are no shortages of diet fads and diet tips out there. It seems that the more complicated the advice, the less likely it is to have lasting impact on weight loss. The best formulas are those that will promote changes in habits over the long term. For me personally, the most profound advice I ever read was summed up in one simple formula:

One Pound = 3,500 calories

So how can this help you with weight loss? Easy. Just think of it this way. For every 3,500 calories you consume that you do not burn off, you gain a pound. For every 3,500 calories you burn off above and beyond what you consume, you lose a pound. The key to weight loss, therefore, is a net difference of calories through a combination of decreased calorie intake and increased calorie burn-off.

Think of it this way: extra weight is a lot like debt. The calories you burn off each day are a lot like your take-home pay- they are the calories you are free to consume in any given day without going “over budget.” When you consume beyond this point, it is like putting something on your credit card. I know, I know, you have good intentions of exercising tomorrow to burn off that dessert you are eating today, just like you have great intentions of paying off that purchase you made on your credit card. But somehow we so easily end up with the extra pounds (or the credit card bill).

So what are we to do?? Well, in our debt example, we have two choices- in order to pay off our debt we can earn more, or spend less. In our extra pounds language this means eat less or exercise more. I should say eat less AND exercise more, because those who know tell us that reducing what we eat alone will not solve our extra pounds problem. Our bodies are tricky. If we eat less, our body will think it’s about to be starved, and will switch into a lower metabolism rate in order to protect itself.

So we need to eat less AND exercise more, and this is where we return to our formula. One pound = 3,500 calories. Start with a reasonable goal of losing one pound per week. That means you must change your eating/ exercise habits by 3,500 calories a week or 500 calories per day. A brisk thirty minute walk equals about 150 calories. Cutting out that second glass of OJ in the morning is 100. Eating half a bagel instead of a whole bagel is another 100. Trim down your portions and reduce/eliminate a snack and you have your 500 calories. Not too bad. Keep this up over time and you will have a healthy lifestyle change that will reap on-going benefits.

Some things to remember:

always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program    choose healthy foods with lots of fiber.    Limit the saturated fat and cut the trans fat.    don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. You will not look like the diet ads “after” picture in a few weeks. This is a lifestyle change- with a long-term goal    don’t pay too much attention to the scale. If you are building muscle, and losing fat, you may GAIN a bit of weight because muscle weighs more than fat. Pay more attention to how your clothing feels

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