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5 Key Clauses Every Contract Lawyer Must Include In Commercial Contracts

Legal - Josephine - May 18, 2023

Commercial contracts are legally binding documents that require careful consideration and drafting. As a contract lawyer, being familiar with the five key clauses that must be included in all commercial contract agreements is essential. These clauses protect both parties and ensure their rights are secured. By including these clauses in each agreement, contract lawyers can help avoid potential legal disputes.

1) Definition of Terms

A definition of terms clause defines the words and phrases used throughout the contract. It ensures that everyone understands what is being discussed and helps prevent misunderstandings. This clause should include a clear outline of how the terms will be interpreted and an explanation of how they might change over time or if certain conditions occur.

2) The Parties Involved

It is important that every contract clearly states who is involved in the agreement. This includes the full name, address, contact details, company name (if applicable), etc. of each party to the agreement. This allows each party to know exactly who they are dealing with and provides a point of reference in the event of any later disagreements.

3) Responsibilities and obligations

The responsibilities and obligations clause defines each party’s role and outlines what tasks need to be completed by when. This prevents conflict between parties by ensuring that everyone knows what they have agreed to do before signing the agreement. In addition, this clause should specify any limitations or restrictions that come with fulfilling these responsibilities/obligations so that there aren’t any surprises down the line.

4) Performance measurement

Performance measurement clauses help define how success or failure within an agreement will be determined. They should detail how performance will be evaluated (e.g. through a third party assessment or customer feedback) and include specific metrics that must be met for success or failure (e.g. total revenue generated). Outlining this information upfront helps both parties understand what is expected of them moving forward and prevents unnecessary disagreements later in the process.

5) Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution clauses outline processes such as arbitration, mediation or dispute resolution boards that can help resolve conflicts without involving lawyers or the courts if necessary. This type of clause should also include details such as who will pay for expenses related to dispute resolution efforts and timelines associated with such activities (e.g., 30 days after notice has been given). Outlining these procedures in advance will increase efficiency when disputes arise, as all parties will know exactly what needs to happen next to move forward peacefully.

In conclusion, including these five key clauses in all commercial contracts drafted by a contract lawyer will ensure that the rights of both parties are protected while avoiding potential legal disputes down the line. By outlining expectations up front, better understanding each other’s roles, establishing performance criteria and having conflict resolution protocols in place, businesses can resolve issues quickly without escalating matters into costly litigation.

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Why Is A Background Check Essential Before Hiring A Candidate?

Background Checks, Guide, Legal - Josephine - May 21, 2021

At the time of recruitment, you can’t just select some random employees to work for your business without knowing about his actual background.

For selecting the best candidates for your company, you need to make extra efforts for it by investigating the background of the recruiters instead of judging them by face.

For a well settles job in this competitive world, people generally hide their histories and present themselves in a way like nothing has happened in the past. Sometimes there are some aspects related to the past of the recruiters that can affect your business. So there is a need for the online background check of the recruiters before employing them in your company.

What is the need for a background check? 

Here are some of the primary reasons and purposes for checking the background of the employer you are hiring.

  • Avoid negligent hiring liability

An injured person has the authority to claim against the employer for negligent hiring. The injured person can go to any extent to put all the charges on the employer who has hired him. He can claim that the employer was well known about his past activities. Therefore, in order to avoid the chances of negligent hiring, it is advisable to perform an online background check and then make the hiring decision.

  • Reduce losses

At first, you might find background checks as wastage of money, but in the future, you will realize their importance. The background check at the initial stage can save you from a considerable future loss that can even destroy your career. With the help of background screening, you can save money that otherwise can be used for potential litigation. A criminal record of the candidate can severely affect your business from the bottom line.

  • Keep your workplace and employees safe

When you search about an online background check on the web, you will find a large number of cases in which this concept has saved the company. By checking various incidents, you will discover how background checks can prevent your employees and company from colossal damage.

Fraud, bankruptcy, or insider trading can damage your whole company and also your reputation for several years.

  • Avoid negative publicity

Bad publicity can avoid the proper growth and development of your company. With a bad reputation, no employee or worker wants to work in it. Therefore it is mandatory to have a good reputation in the market in order to grow your business. You can’t maintain a good reputation without efficient staff. The employees and other staff represent the company; that is why it is essential to hire them after background checking.

  • Increase new hire quality

While hiring a candidate, only checking his education qualifications is not enough. There are many intangibles that are not mentioned in the resume. The background check can help you in recruiting quality rather than quantity. Always confirm the license and qualification of the candidate before hiring him in your company. With such a strategy, you can effortlessly search for the best candidates for your business.

At last, “never judge a book by its cover” is a true saying because everybody pretends to be honest and good at the recruitment process, but it is only online background check that states the true identity of an individual.

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Perceiving The Motorcycles Covered Under California Lemon Law

Legal - Josephine - September 22, 2020

Suppose we try to weave the chronological sequence of events exchanging the indulgence of business in the sectors of automobiles, apart from the ones exhibited in the showrooms. In that case, we conclude that there has been a gradual shift in the line of a graph depicting the customer’s satisfaction with the product bought. Normally, the instincts of passion desperately following the charms of vehicle urge an individual to long for possession of a vehicle. If this is not supported on the base of wealth, he seeks the exhibition of used or leased vehicles. This step may raise a perplexing volition in an individual’s intellect as he may witness a vehicle that does not stand up to the mark. California is widely appreciated for fostering such companies that stand at the staunchest summit for the reception and undertake these cases with law and justice specs. 

Hammering the nails of uncertainty

It might be unfamiliar for a certain fraction of people to be cognizant of this sort of organization’s existence. California’s lemon law enforcement replenishes the absence of a sturdy law that ensures a feasible and faithful handing over of the product to the customer. They ensure a guaranteed and valueless service is fuelled with an availability till the entire day. The occupations revised by these organizations have a far-reaching experience coincided with millions of former clients discussing their issues. They surpass some of the pale aspects of the laws reinforcing consumer’s rights and promote the buyers’ basic and fair percentage of rights by the subjective strategies of replacement, refund, or divided prices. Moreover, these organizations are like a pair of scissors that cut down the defects of an unjustified or biased transaction, and it is marvellous to believe the super humble liberties of dispensing free consultations by them. 

Marking axes of superficial locations:

These organizations’ highlighted accessibilities are like exchange, recreational vehicles, defective brakes, transferable shortcomings, motorbikes, electrical troubles, flawed boats, rented cars, and service agreement cars. The selection of the utmost skilled authority marks its existence in the histograms that Compare the best lemon law lawyers near Long Beach. These bodies’ persistent effort engrosses a crucial faith in the customers for assimilating the foremost advice.

Reasons for opting this facilitation:

There is clear immorality in the auto manufacturers’ motives if they trespass the lemon law. For this violation, the contractor is obligated to pay the amounts and not the purchaser. The reviews prevailing in these organizations’ descriptions impulse the channels of decisiveness intending to Compare the best lemon law lawyers near Long Beach. They reflect authentic and free suggestions founded by evidence and witnesses and absorb insights into the customer’s situation by peeping and gathering the unparalleled and indispensable recommendations of handing the justifiable value. This law is encouraged by organizations under the confinement of the warranted duration since purchasing the commodity.

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