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The Best Portable Herbal Vape Hands Down

Cbd, Cbd Flower, Guide, Marijuana, Vaping - Josephine - December 22, 2020

Everyone loves their portable herbal vapes, especially us. That’s what inspired us to create this blog in the first place. Everyone now and then a vaporizer comes along that is just leaps and bounds better than the others. What Magic Flight did that was so smart was that they listened to the consumer and created a product that everyone wanted. They didn’t just jam another plastic piece of crap down everyone’s throat like some other companies have done and continue to do. They looked at what people needed from a portable vaporizer and built the Magic Flight around that.

First thing everyone looks for in a portable vaporizer is obviously portability. Well you can check that one off of the list, the MFLB couldn’t get much smaller. It fits in your pocket or purse, shirt pocket or backpack with no problems at all. I usually take my kayaking with me in the Puget Sound, I know it sounds dangerous but its actually safe. All I do is pop it in a plastic bag and inflate the bag with air so that if I do drop it somehow it will float and I can scoop it up. One thing to look out for though is gusts of wind, once I was loading my MFLB portable weed vape and huge gust of wind came at the same a wave hit and I lost most of my pot. It was terrible. Luckily I had just enough left for the paddle back to Edmonds.

The next thing that they did was eliminate the plastic, the magic flight is made of wood. You get a nice flavor from the wood (I have the walnut MFLB) and of course that OG Kush always tastes good. Tasting the flavors in different strains of marijuana was something I thought people were just lying about until I got a vape. If you are looking forward to buy dry herb vaporizer online then some of the best sites can be found over riverfrontimes that not only help you in finding the pros and cons of the different products but also help you choose the one that you require. The taste of weed is sooo much better through a vape it is not even funny. I got some Blue Dream from the dispensary the other day and was amazed how good it tasted, I also really like girl scout cookies and purple haze.

The last thing that Magic Flight did was make the vaporizer affordable. Costing roughly $130 pretty much any vaporist young or new can afford one. Whether you are young or old, new to vaping or a seasoned veteran you can start ripping the MFLB immediately. It took me about two sessions before I was blowing thick clouds which is pretty. I got a stupid pax and could never get that thing to hit, I swear the only reason people buy that vape is marketing. Then after they realized they wasted $250 they try to tell everyone how great it is just because they don’t want to lose face. WARNING! Don’t get your vape off of ebay, they sell a ton of knock-offs on there and on top of that they use fake pics so you won’t realize it until you open the package.

Basically what I am trying to say is that if you need a handy little portable weed vape for when you are out and about then you NEED to pick one of these up. I own about ten different vaporizers (four of them are portables) and this is my go-to. I also have a pinnacle pro and those are pretty sweet too, I usually use that when I vape waxes and just the pop the Hydrotube on top too cool down the vapor. But at the end of the day I can’t get away from my MFLB, its just too amazing.

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The Moment It Got Better For Marijuana And Cbd Flower

Cbd, Cbd Flower, Guide, Marijuana - Josephine - December 17, 2020

Image of marijuana and how it started to change :

All was not bad for marijuana. As the world evolved and became more and more advanced, several research was done on the effects of marijuana and to check whether it was harmful or not. A substance that has been used for thousands of years with no single death recorded by it could not have been harmful was the thought of many scientists when they were researching it.

All the research done by the scientist and researcher showed that marijuana and CBD flower are not harmful to the body and can be used to treat certain diseases whose cure was not found until then. Research has also shown that the people getting affected by it are teenagers whose brain has not developed yet and pregnant women because it can affect the growth of the baby growing inside one’s body. Otherwise, if a person does not belong to these categories can easily consume marijuana, and he or she does not need to think about its effect on the body.

Technology and its impact :

Because of the research and technological advancement, the image of marijuana also changed a lot. Because people came to know the truth about the effects of marijuana and CBD flower, many countries from all over the world began changing their laws, and marijuana, which was earlier banned, became legal. The act was appreciated by almost every stoner community all around the world, which makes sense because more harmful elements than marijuana such as cigarettes and alcohol which have no medicinal value are legal and marijuana is not.

Benefits of marijuana and CBD flowers to the government :

Countries such as the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and others saw the potential of marijuana and CBD flowers in general, both in medicine and in its economic aspects, and legalized its uses. Government, just like in the case of cigarettes and alcohol, can impose a tax on the sale of marijuana, making the government some profit. This is good for both parties as the industry, which was not regulated by a central authority and was run by local gangsters and mafia, would now be a full-fledged business. And the people consuming marijuana won’t feel like criminals while taking them.

Global peace and conclusion :

One can feel that a change is coming, and the dream seen by many where the world would accept marijuana like any other thing is becoming a reality. It is said that marijuana has the power to conqueror world peace. Well, it is true or not; it has started in the right direction towards its goal. Some of the demerits or merits while consuming marijuana is the fact that it makes the mind calm and attains real peace inside. One can imagine if the whole world consumes marijuana or CBD flower at the same time, the world will attain real peace. One should try it before dying.

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