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Tips To Protect Your Online Identity

Guide, Internet, Online, Social Media - Josephine - July 22, 2020

  • Make a strong password. Stronger passwords are much harder to crack, and will eventually make the hacker give up. A strong password should contain at least one capital letter, one lower case letter and one number. One way to create very strong password is to base it off of a phrase. For example, the phrase “I went to Cal Poly and majored in Computer Science” would translate into “iwtCP2003amiCS.” This makes passwords very strong and memorable.
  • Use different passwords on different websites. This is one of the most important tips in this article. If your password on one of the sites you belong to is compromised, that person has access to every other website you have signed up for. One possible way to combat this is to break up web sites into priority groups. For example, any site that in any way involves money or contains personal information gets a unique password. Less important web sites get the same password.

  • Make sure you know your friends on social networking websites. If a person with malicious intents was able to view private information on your Myspace or Facebook profile, they could possibly use it to reset your password using most web site’s password recovery system. This brings up another important point. When deciding on a security question for a site, make sure the answer is extremely obscure, and not something publicly posted anywhere.
  • Check for hardware keyloggers. They can log everything that is typed on a computer, including passwords and emails. These will look like small usb drives between the port on the end of your keyboard and where it plugs into your computer. It is a good idea to check for these before using a computer from anywhere you don’t trust. Proper protection is provided for the purchase of followers from The hardware of the website will suit with the needs of the purchasers for the account. The allotment of the time and efforts should be correct to get an increased followers advantage.

  • Protect yourself from trojan viruses and software keyloggers. These generally do the same thing as hardware keyloggers, but are instead a software. They are much more dangerous, being able to send logs to anywhere on the internet, and therefore not requiring physical access. You can check for trojans and software keyloggers by running an antivirus. I recommend Avira’s AntiVir Personal for its high detection rates and low system resource usage. If this is not an option, you can type your password with Window’s built in On-Screen Keyboard, located at Start  gt; All Programs  gt; Accessories  gt; Ease of Access  gt; On-Screen Keyboard. Keyloggers will not be able to detect anything typed on this.
  • Don’t fall for phishing scams. These will often appear as disguised links to popular websites that require your login credentials. The easiest way to combat phishing is by checking the websites URL, located near the top of your web browser. Make sure it matches the website that it appears to be.
  • Don’t use public wireless internet (often called wifi). It is all too easy to intercept an unsuspecting person’s username and password. If it must be used, make sure the site you are signing into has “https://” and not “http://.” The “s” at the end means that all information being submitted is encrypted, so it appears as jumble to the hacker.
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Want to know the Best Macbook Pro Stand Available In The Online Market

Online - Josephine - July 12, 2020

Working for extended hours on your laptop may give you neck pain or back pain if you decide to work without a stand. Looking down for many hours can lead to long term postural deformities. So how to eliminate this risk factor? Well, laptop stands can be the perfect solution to this problem. Also, if you own a laptop like MacBook Pro, a luxury looking stand can give you additional benefits of using such a precious laptop. If you are looking for a stand for your MacBook Pro, the online market has too many options for you. 

You must access your need properly and start looking for the best stand models for your MacBook. Comparison is just as the stand should perfectly compliment your needs and wants. Various websites offer comparisons among various stand models. 

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Stand? 

The following points mark the important benefits of using a stand for holding your laptop: 

    • Better Viewing:

The foremost benefit of using a stand is that you can view your laptop in a better way. It is always easier to view your laptop when it is installed on an adjustable stand. 

    • Prevents Overheating:

One of the major problems one faces when the laptop is placed on a flat surface is of overheating. However, if your laptop is placed on an elevated stand, the problem of overheating is eliminated. 

    • Prevents Postural Problems:

working without taste and can cause pain on various body parts like neck and back. A stand always prevents your back and neck from getting stiff. 


  • Managing Desk Space:

A laptop stand helps you manage your desk space very well such that it doesn’t look messy or cluttered

  • Space For Placing Hardware Devices:

Many laptop stands come with separate spacers for placing hardware devices like mouse and keyboard. This also helps manage the desk space and makes your table look organized. 

  • Cable Hole:

Most of the MacBook Pro stands come with a cable Hole through which one can connect cables without spreading them on the table or near the laptop. 

What All To Look At Before Buying A MacBook Stand? 

There are plenty of options available in the market so you need to choose the best one which perfectly complements your needs. For this, you need to be aware of certain factors which help you select the best one. Firstly, one should ensure that the stand you select should be given a metallic or aluminum finish. Secondly, the colour of the stands should match your laptop model as this makes your entire setup classier. Thirdly, make sure your selected stand with a rubber body or an edge which is folded to prevent the laptop from slipping. 

One does not need to worry about the options available when it comes to the MacBook Pro stand. many shopping destinations are making these stands available at excellent deals. Also, one can compare among various stand models available online on websites like

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