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An Overview of All the New Changes in Pet Society, Including New Locations & Other Updates

Pets - Josephine - January 6, 2020

Pet Society has changed! A new Pet Society layout has arrived, and it may bring you some confusion. However, believe it or not, the Pet Society makers didn’t do this to make this confuse you; they did it to make this Facebook application much cleaner and easier to navigate around. Here is a summary of the most major changes on site navigation and display, as well as other helpful tips for the new Pet Society layout.

First of all, you’ll easily notice that everything is Bigger! The game screen has been made wider, helping many people who possibly can’t see as well as others for one reason or another. At first, you may see this as an annoying change. Soon, however, you’ll discover why the developers made the change. Now, you can see a much larger portion of your friends’ farms at once, making finding and performing actions much easier than before. The Secret rooms, like the Tree House Room and the Secret Garden, are wider as well; all for your benefit!

Next, some links to common locations have also been moved around. The Bank of Pet Society is no longer an option on the Town Map. Instead, you can click the Add Coins button to be brought straight to the bank. The Cooking, Tutorial and Stickers links have all been condensed into one handy Books tab, which you will find right next to the Friends tab. No longer are those links on the main screen of Pet Society.

Now for some friend-related news. A new location called Friend Street has been placed on the lower left of the town map. On this street, you can visit all of your friends and bump the newly moved trees, which are no longer placed on the town map. Also friend-related, the Active tab and the Visits tab do not exist in simple form anymore. Now, the colour of background of your friend changes from blue or pink, depending on their gender, to a middle, more neutral colour, which takes care of the Visits tab. The Active tab is no longer needed because of a new system of visiting friends, which gives coin amounts depending on what number of visits you make, rather than the activeness of the player. The coin amounts are as follows:

  • First fifty visits: thirty-five coins
  • Next twenty-five visits: twenty-five coins
  • Any other visits: fifteen coins

Finally, there are a few more minor, but still notable, changes. Your Wardrobe and Chest are now categorized by different types, such as “toys”, making finding your items much easier. Also, the Hygiene Bar and Happiness Bar have been removed. Happiness is no longer affected by anything in the game, meaning brushing your pet won’t make a difference in the happiness department. However, hygiene is now measured by the amount of fleas on your pet. Five flies means the pet is as dirty as it gets. Cleaning a fly off a friends pet now gives you twenty coins, for a maximum of eighty coins and, therefore, four flies.

Those are the last of the major changes! While you may feel a little uncomfortable at first, before you know it, you’ll have adapted to the changes and every action will be natural again. Refer to this guide again when you need some help navigating Pet Society’s new layout. Good luck, and have fun at Pet Society!

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