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Dating Advice For Women – Why it is important?

Relationships - Josephine - October 10, 2020

Females on the dating scene have it hard! It appears that everyone has dating advice for women. From what to wear, to how to act, right down to what to say and a whole lot more. It’s no wonder some women are totally confused, and even intimidated, by what’s the best way to have a successful date.

Just look at all the magazines and websites dedicated to telling single women what they should be doing to have the best dating experience ever and you’ll know what I mean.

But, real dating advice for women doesn’t have to do with what designer label or brand of perfume turns your guy into putty in your hands, these are optional extras! It’s about the simple things that help develop good, healthy relationships for you to build upon. For dating advice, you can read this article and get the best one. The relationship of women will become strong at online dating applications. All the things are simple and easy for establishing mutual understanding in the life partners. 

Being positive and upbeat in the things you do, even though circumstances in your life might make it very difficult, is extremely important. No-one likes being around people who are continually on a “downer” and negative in their approach to situations. And this is especially true when you’re dating someone. Why would a guy want to be going out with you if you only project a doom and gloom attitude? In time, it’ll just become too much for most men to want to handle.

Talking about your ex when you’re on a date with a new man is definitely a “no-no”! That can be “the kiss of death” to any relationship. Guys don’t want to hear about your old boyfriend or ex-husband. That tends to make them think you’re still hung up on that guy, and it scares them away really quickly. If you want to end a date early, just starting going on and on about your ex…works without fail!

Now, most men like to feel appreciated, it’s an inbuilt male ego thing! If your guy has gone to the effort of making the date special, a simple thank you, showing that you care about what he’s done, can go a long way. Even responding graciously to any compliments he may give you is something that won’t go unnoticed. If a guy has gone out of his way to make you feel special, make sure he doesn’t think he’s wasted his time and you don’t care.

This is probably the most important dating advice women can receive. The guy you’re dating has to like you for who and what you are, period! Putting up a false front, and pretending to be someone you’re not, is simply a waste of time and effort. Telling lies, or fudging the truth can only get you into hot water down the track, so why bother?

 Dating for women isn’t easy. Developing a relationship with a guy isn’t all about using the latest trends and gimmicks that many online sites and dating magazines would have you believe.

Be positive, be yourself, learn to say thank you graciously and make sure not to dwell on past relationships. Simple, straightforward dating advice for women that works.

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Is My Boyfriend Desperate – Ways To Know

Relationships - Josephine - August 14, 2020

Happy couple at beach

Being desperate up to some extent can be justified but as we know over of anything is bad, every girl has different likings, not all the girls wants the same thing like some loves it when their boyfriend advices her for the dress she should wear at a place and some hates it when their boyfriend interrupts in these things and ask them to avoid a particular dress just because he thought that his girlfriend would look better in the other one. If a girlfriend is desperate to know about the partner text messages, then effective results are available with the use of site information. There is no requirement of installing any software. The work is performed effective like reading of the text messages with friends to the girls to know about the desperate behavior. 

So, every girl does not demand the same, in fact nobody either men or women. What does “Desperate”actually means ? According to proper definition desperate means (of a person) – having a great need or desire for something. So I personally would say that if your boyfriend is somewhat desperate then there’s nothing bad in that, he needs you. Mark my words I said SOMEWHAT, not over.

Here I have prepared a list for you girls which tells you and answers the question in your head – “Is My Boyfriend Desperate ?”

1.) Tells You Constantly That He Wants You :-

You would say Oh come one, which girl doesn’t want a boyfriend who wants her, who needs her, every girl loves to be with such kind of person who really has a need of her. Absolutely you are correct, its good to be needed but what if your boyfriend says this thing to you every time you begin chatting or talking ? If you get to her this thing repeatedly after every hour ? Won’t you get irritated, this is a complete alarm signal, ultimately this need will become his over possessiveness.

You just came in his life and he threw his friends away as if they never existed. At some point you will find this amazing as your boyfriend is giving you so much priority, even more than his years old friends. But wait, think for a second, is it good ? Yeah it may be sometimes but cancelling every plan with the friends just to be with you is not so happening. If he is doing this for you, soon he would be saying you to do the same, throw your friends away and keep sitting with him all the day, every day.

Ahh not again, Okay, I know girls like gifts, they like to be pampered but a gift for every meeting or just sending those to your house, your work place can be annoying. I mean you can’t avoid to receive his gifts at every place, is he trying to keep you with him in return of these gifts or is he wanting something in return, believe me I have seen those kind of guys who just wants something physical even for a date, they think like if they have spent money on you then they should get the return also, this is ridiculous. They can’t buy you at any cost, right ?

4.) Where You, There He :-

Would you like your boyfriend to be there where there are your female friends only, just imagine you, your female friends and a single guy among you all. Isn’t this awkward ? Eventually you will feel as if what’s he doing, you can’t be open with your friends because of his presence. Again, I have personally seen a girl breaking up with a guy and one of her reasons was – “He always comes everywhere I go, he just doesn’t think of it, I mean all my friends and he is the single guy there, its awkward”

5.) Forces You To Get Physical :-

This is a complete red flag, forcing for getting physical is just unbearable, all the above things can still be adjusted but this one, not at all. One thing every guy/girl should a knot to is sex is good if both wants it, if both have the desire for it, it is completely wrong if you get involved in this act just to keep him happy.

This is again a sign which tells that his needs for getting intimate have gone above a level. Dirty talks are good for sure, even long distance relationships have these kind of talks to maintain the relation but there is also something else to talk about or this is the only thing left. If he speaks double meaning on every word you say, tries to make out a dirty meaning out of your messages then this clearly shows his desires for sex.

Honey, what names you like for our unborn kids ? Excuse me, may be you too are not fully grown and you are deciding the names of your child, give me a break. Every second day he asks you baby when we are getting married, this just shows he wants everything right now. You are in a relationship, why not be together, get to know each other. Sometimes this topic arises while having romantic chats, no problem in that but constantly saying these things is not justified.

I am not saying if he calls 3-4 times a day then this is called as being desperate but calling after every few minutes just to ask where are you, what are you doing can be frustrating. Either he is doubting on you or he just wants to call you, this is what we call as desperate. You have told him just now that where are you and again in next 5-10 minutes he calls you just to talk. Not a good thing.

All the above things if gone out of limit clearly signals you that your boyfriend is desperate and then the answer to your question “Is My Boyfriend Desperate” becomes a BIG YES.

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Do you feel if your boyfriend is the same as described above then don’t forget to share with us and ask us if you are in any dilemma. Before taking any decision think over it. Have a happy relationship.

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