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Search Engine Optimum- Summarized Account For Learning Purposes

Computer and Technology, Internet, SEO, Social Networking - Josephine - November 16, 2020

What was your reaction when you were about to learn something new in class in your schooldays? Well, to be frank, while this question doesn’t indicate that all kids are notorious and run away from studies, it cannot be denied that people are quite diversified in their interests and don’t consider studies to be worthy enough.

The education system has reached an abysmal level in many democratic countries, especially the United States and India, the oldest and largest democracy in the world respectively but there the internet phenomenon did bring a welcome change in the 1980s.

Then the social media revolution in the 2000s took things a step further where youngsters were no longer under the tyrannical mercy of schoolbooks and teachers that were only teaching the kids to memorize for exams, score high and get out without teaching them to gain knowledge.

Worthwhile Study

This article is going to be definitely worth a read for people that are creative and not like those typical robots in school that simply mug up everything given in the school textbook with little knowledge of what it actually meant because the writer too has seen the same phase.

Today, youngsters are more interested in learning about software and computer gadgets so it becomes important for them to learn about Search Engine Optimization, better known by its acronym SEO.

SEO is basically defined as the process that keeps website/internet traffic in check due to billions of people surfing the internet worldwide every second, which slows it down and eventually crashes the system.

It is astonishing to know that youngsters know about all the apps and websites that gives them info, they care little about knowing the source on how they simply type the context on Google and click ‘enter’ to search following which hundreds of source links open up that have the websites where relevant info is available.

SEO improves both quality and quantity of the images that pop up on screen so that they can be better visible to the users and this practice makes it easier for people with poor eyesight to gauge certain things on what the topic is about.

The search engines are operated with the help of web crawlers, for which the experts use the term ‘spiders’ due to their nature of slithering through links and web pages in a flash.


The biggest contribution of SEO is that it helps the user in finding relevant websites that contains good content that would prove to be of use to the user and would be relevant for making a thesis around it.

You need to conduct extensive research about the topic where the SEO will help you out with the keywords that need to be added before proceeding with the results through websites.

Users also notice that some websites pop up on the very first page while others on the next few pages as this is because SEO measures the popularity of the website based on the content available and the number of people having visited it, which it measures through backlinks that you can learn about at

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