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About Your Tarot Reader – What To Know

Arts and Entertainment, Guide, Tarot Reading - Josephine - May 18, 2021

I’ve enjoyed working with people through Tarot for more than 30 years. In addition to Tarot I use numerology and Nine Star Ki for added insight. My specialties are Tarot Counseling, Power Animal Readings, and New Moon Readings.

If you want enjoyment in tarot reading, then you can know how to do tarot card reading through the experts. People with years of experience will guide you about the tarot card reading for prediction of the future. You should collect the details about the reading to have the desired results. 

I have read internationally for clients on five of the seven continents. (See the map) Tarot’s timeless symbols break through language and cultural boundaries.

Nancy is one of the most accurate readers I know. She is compassionate, a healer, and someone I trust to always drill down to whatever I most need to know.” Jessica Macbeth, Author, Faeries’ Oracle

My spiritual journey began with a metaphorical kick in the pants. While walking through the stacks at the local library, a book flew off the shelf and landed at my feet. It was the Juno Jordan classic, The Romance in Your Name – one of the first and most excellent guides to numerology. From that moment on I was hooked, first on numerology, then Tarot, then healing, then the spiritual path.

Wanted to thank you so much for the time you took for me. I really appreciate it. The reading was so insightful which I appreciate. Michael, Canada

I’ve been fortunate enough to know many Tarot luminaries over the course of my 30 years. I’ve sponsored seminars for both James Wanless, creator of Voyager Tarot and Mary Greer, author of several Tarot books. I worked with James Wanless for more than a year and am a Certified Voyager Tarot Reader as well as a Certified Angel Card Reader. In addition, I count among my oldest and dearest friends Jessica Macbeth, author of the wildly successful Faeries’ Oracle.

Thank you very much, not just for your wisdom and intuition, but also for the warmth and honesty you expressed in your words.” Jay, United Kingdom

On the personal side, I live as a minimalist in the American Southwest, I love growing herbs, communing with Nature Spirits, honoring Mother Nature, and working with Tarot clients.

Nancy is a caring, tactful and impressively accurate Tarot reader. She’s read for me for more than 15 years and she’s the one Tarot reader I consistently rely on.” Darlene A., Clairvoyant Medium

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