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Do You Believe In Forex Robots

Finance, Forex Robots, Guide, Money, Trading - Josephine - December 9, 2020

FOREX, or foreign exchange markets, are the largest financial markets on earth. They trade 6 days a week and are open 24 hours per day on 5 of those days. A person is able to trade a huge number of currency and precious metals pairs on a market that is truly global in scope. With worldwide centers in London, Paris, Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Tokyo, and others, these are the most exciting and potentially profitable markets in the world. There are Best Trading Platforms that provided you with several options and means of trading FOREX. One popular method that is becoming more and more commonplace with traders is through FOREX Robots. The Nexus FOREX robot is one that offers many advantages to foreign currency traders and speculators.

What is Nexus?

Nexus is a proprietary FOREX trading system that offers strategies and FOREX robots to help foreign currency traders from beginners to experts trade smarter and with better results. It blends a one of a kind formula for calculating probability with a brilliant method for managing money and limiting losses. The latest version of this system is the NEXUS 372 Version 11. The programmers behind NEXUS know that the FOREX markets are fundamentally about the probability of events taking place versus the risk of the trade. Taking that premise both to heart and to the drawing board, they created the NEXUS formula and system. The system has an impressive track record. With forty months of live trade data to demonstrate in such currency pairs as XAU/USD (Gold in dollars), XAG/USD (Silver in dollars), GBP/USD (British Pounds against the U.S. Dollar), and EUR/USD (Euros against the U.S. Dollar), it boasts a 50% average profit on equity. All of this is accomplished with a maximum risk on the accounts of 6.3%.

How NEXUS Works

NEXUS actually works by seeking out and finding a volume change during the peak sessions of the Asian session, the London/European session, and the New York session. They combine this change in volume with the range of the daily average, then calculate probability. This intelligent algorithm works with GBP/USD, EUR/USD, Silver, and Gold. It allows up to two trades each day, but only if the first trade closes. The system is constantly evolving and developing new means to maximize profits while it minimizes risks.

What Are Forex Robots?

Nexus uses FOREX robots for those traders who wish to fully or partially automate their trading experience in the world foreign exchange markets. FOREX robots are little automated programs, made up of FOREX trading software, that make automatic trading decisions for traders. Think of it as a discretionary stock account. The only difference is that instead of a stockbroker making an automatic decision on behalf of account holders, a little algorithm program is doing it instead.

These FOREX robots can perform several different tasks on behalf of their account holders. On the one hand, they can merely function as expert advisers that offer traders a trading signal which the trader may choose to follow and execute manually or to ignore. In their most advanced and automated function, such robots will actually initiate and manage these FOREX trades for their account holder entirely automatically, or in some cases with certain user pre-set parameters and limitations. For FOREX robots that are allowed to, they will trade for account holders a full 24 hours per day, something that is humanly impossible.

The Advantages that FOREX Robots in General Offer

FOREX robots provide several key advantages for traders precisely because they are not people and subject to the limitations of human beings. Most importantly, they do not demonstrate any emotions with the FOREX markets. Since they are soulless algorithmic programs, they simply follow their traders’ instructions. A FOREX robot will not look at losses below their permitted amount and panic. This means that it will also not close out a trade simply because it is nervous or concerned that maybe it got in too early or even too late. A trader can rely on the fact that the FOREX robot will simply follow the rules set out for it regardless of what the markets’ condition or mood is at any given moment. This allows traders to sleep better at night, knowing that their trades are incapable, reliable, and obedient hands.

Speaking of sleep at night, FOREX robots do not have to sleep. They will work as long as traders leave them to run. Since they are not people, they do not get tired, sick, or need some time off to spend with friends and family. They also do not suffer from “bad days.”

The Advantages of NEXUS Forex Robots

NEXUS FOREX robots are state of the art. This might make some traders nervous at the thought of an algorithm that is so advanced. While they are impressively researched, created, and executed, these programs are also extremely user friendly. They operate on a no-nonsense and clear web-based application.

They are also time-saving for traders. Thanks to the fully automated solution that they provide, Foreign currency traders are able to go about their daily lives and work without worrying about and watching over the NEXUS FOREX robot’s shoulder. They execute the trades in real-time and do not require any close supervision or even occasional monitoring.

Perhaps their greatest advantage for new traders to the world foreign exchange markets is that NEXUS FOREX robots do not require any trading experience. They are researched, programmed, and run by experienced Capital Market FOREX traders. This makes the once costly and painful learning curve for new and novice foreign exchange traders non-existent.

Are FOREX Robots Good For the Trader?

The ultimate FOREX robot question concerns the overall benefits versus cost analysis for the trader. Are these robots really good for the traders? The answer to this is a qualified yes.

The word qualified is important in understanding the danger or downside to FOREX robots. There are many, many companies out there who design, build, and sell these helpful FOREX robot traders. It is safe to say that not all such trading robots are created equal.

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