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7 things which men should know before going to a strip club

Travel and Leisure - Josephine - April 8, 2021

Strip clubs are found to be a good place for men to get pleasure and boosting up their confidence. Men can boost up their confidence as they can talk to ladies and can do whatever they want to. Some people think that it is not right to go to strip clubs, but they don’t know that strip clubs are a way for sorting their problem of shyness. Some men feel shy to talk to ladies; if they go to strip clubs, then they will be approached by the ladies themselves, and they can learn how to talk with them. But, there are some of the things that men should consider before going to strip clubs.

You should find Best Strip Clubs in Miami as they will give you the best services and make you feel like a boss. But, you should not forget that you are still a customer there and you have to look after certain things. These are some of the club’s basic etiquettes, like offering drinks to the girl, giving her tip, buying drinks and dances from different girls, and so on. Let’s discuss these tips in brief.

  • Buy drinks and dances

You should not go to the clubs and come empty-handed without spending a penny. Buy some drinks and dances in the club as they do not provide anything for free.

  • Offer drinks to girls

If you are interested in a girl in the club, then spend some time with her and get her drinks. If you are not interested, then refuse her politely.

  • Tip the performer

You should give a tip to the performer if you are watching the dance by sitting near the stage. At least one dollar per song or performance should be given. If you are in a group, then all of you should tip her.

  • Pay more to spend more time

If you liked a girl and you want to spend more time with her, then you have to tip her more than the one-dollar tip of performance. The entertainers work there to make money, this is called ‘house fee’and you should give them a tip.

  • Know the rules of the club

Every club has its different rules, and you should check them before spending time with the girls. You should know the boundaries of spending time with the girls for what things they are allowed. You can directly ask the girls also.

  • Don’t ask phone numbers

You should never ask the phone number of any girl as those girls are there for giving public services; they are not meant to date you. These are the escorts who work to entertain men in the clubs, not to date anyone.

  • Don’t pretend what you are not

You should never pretend like it’s your first time. This is because men go to strip clubs for fulfilling their fantasies, so do women. You should follow the rules, and if she says no touching, then don’t touch her.  

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