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Tummy Tuck Procedures Risk And Cost Review

Attroney, Cosmetic Surgery, Guide, Health, Tummy Tuck - Josephine - November 23, 2020

Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” is a cosmetic surgery that is used to streamline the stomach. The main objective of this surgery is to reduce excess belly fat. The type of operation “tummy tuck” is usually sought by women who just gave birth or who are obese before bodied for a reason to be thin so that their bellies hanging down as observed by Dr. Haitham Masri from Dearborn.

How long Tummy tuck

The time required for Tummy tuck cosmetic surgery about 3 to 5 hours with a local anesthetic (standard operation complete), but for mini tummy tuck usually takes about 2 hours, or depending on the size of the area to be downsized.

But when combined with the downsizing or removal of other areas such as breast or waist will take longer than the standard time above.

What is the risk of tummy tucks?

The risk of stomach fold similar to the risk of surgery in general. But if you are serious about tummy tucks you should seek a surgeon who is an expert and a lot of experience so that risks can be minimized. And the risks can be avoided if the patient follows the surgeon’s instructions and advice.

In addition, patients should be honest with their situation (a type of serious illness, for example, Heart, stroke, diabetes, lung, and other serious illnesses). It is very important for the surgeon so that he (the surgeon) may give positive advice is safe and whether the action tummy tucks for the patient.

Before your surgery tummy tucks, the following possible risks that could possibly happen to the patient: Bleeding, Keloid (heavy scar), suture rupture, Swelling, Poor wound healing, skin loss, Anesthesia complications, Recurrent looseness of the skin, persistent swelling in the legs, Nerve damage, Fatty tissue found deep, long swelling, Numbness, and Death. Risk is a risk that is often found in other operations.

The cost of “tummy tuck” may vary depending on how wide the area to be downsized, but the maximum cost not less than $ 22,000. The most lightweight and cost about $ 5,000. for a mini tummy tuck

Tummy tuck belt

Shrink the circle abdominal procedure should be performed by medical personnel (surgeon). But you could also shrink the stomach naturally. With the help of a belt, you can start to shrink the stomach. Although it takes a relatively long time, this natural procedure will not cause any side effects and without significant cost.

Use a belt with a width between 10cm to 15 cm. Tie around his stomach. The first stage should not be too tight. And along with your workout, then you can tighten the belt ties gradually. Use a soft and supple belt, this is to prevent your abdominal skin scratches.

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