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Arts and Entertainment, Vaping - Josephine - September 20, 2020

The benefits of going over to a sub-ohm build as you buy vape liquid yourself for the process.

  • None You will get some amazing big and dense clouds – you have an intense vapor production
  • None The sub-ohm builds are bigger, and so, fresh organic cotton can be used around a more stable heat source (the coil) which delivers a better flavor experience.
  • None Since the coils are bigger, a bigger area is being heated up which means that the smoke also becomes warmer and resembles more closely the sensation of smoking a cigarette. Thankfully the increased air-flow of these tanks or attys still cool down that vapor somewhat and to your desired outcome.

Sub-ohm builds have become more popular and common for these reasons. In the past, you had to make coils yourself with either kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, or titanium wire. All of which have different resistance properties. Those coils would be put into an RDA (regulated dripping atomizer) that was run through a mechanical mod or digital mod. In order for this to work, you needed to be quite knowledgeable. Basic understanding of ohms law and how to make coils was a must.

Luckily, today we can find a lot of equipment running sub-ohm builds for all of you that don’t have the time to dwell in the specifics of vaping. All it takes is for you to ask for a sub-ohm tank at your local vape shop or on google and you’ll find some great results. Those tanks have pre made coils at the sub-ohm level, however, don’t forget to purchase replacement coils for those sub-ohm tanks. Sadly all tanks and attys need maintenance, you can’t keep on vaping on the same coil for a year. It will get gunked up by all the different juices you have used and the cotton most probably will be somewhat burnt at that point. So if you want to continuously enjoy the flavor of your juices, change those coils at least once every other week or once a month. Of course, this is dependant on how much you vape, but use that as a rule of thumb.

Rebuildable tanks and attys on the other hand lets you build your own coils so you can decide which metal and coil you wish to build, but this is for more advanced uses. You want to read up more on how to go about things if you wish to work with that equipment.

All this sounds great! Why would anyone not want more vapor, more flavor with the actual sensation of smoking? Well, sub-ohm builds are notorious for combusting more E-juice which is the reason you are getting more smoke and flavor, so investing in bigger bottles that will last you a while is commonly a good decision when swapping over to sub-ohm builds.

Additionally, the inhaling technique used when vaping sub-ohm is not that of mouth to lung hits that the traditional smoker is known for. Deep breaths straight to the lungs are the way forward if you don’t want to end up coughing with a sub-ohm build. This technique is something that the people competing in cloud chucking competitions will work on, if you are looking to blow the biggest clouds out of your friend circle be sure to check them out. As the deep breaths’ lead to bigger vapor clouds, for the stealthy, vaping ninja however that might not be favorable. If you are using e-cigarettes as a means to not touch cigarettes and don’t want a lot of attention your way when smoking. Bigger clouds might not be the right way for you.

Sub ohming seems to be what more and more vapers want to get into. It produces great results, sadly at a higher price tag as you will be using more E-juice than you might currently be using and the equipment for it costs more than your clearomizers over 1 ohm. This being said, sub-ohm vaping does require more vigilance from your side as you need to be more knowledgeable about the equipment you are using. Getting a regulated digital box mod for this is a good way to go about things if you wish to switch to sub-ohm vaping. It will make sure that your builds don’t overheat and you can be more exact with the power used. I would recommend the Joyetech VTC mini. This way you avoid the most risk involved with sub ohming. Thank you technology for taking care of us!

I hope this article has clarified some of your questions regarding this style of vaping. It is a lot of fun to play around with and the results are fantastic but I realize it is not for everyone. Whatever way you choose to vape, be sure you are doing so in a safe manner. This substitute that started as a means to quit smoking has quickly grown into more of a hobby and I hope your interest grows in that direction as well. I welcome you to the world of sub-ohm vaping.

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