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What Is The Best Way To Work Your Abs

Weight Loss - Josephine - December 18, 2021

There’s a bit of a debate going on online about ab exercises and which ones are the best (and worst) to use to tone and define the abdominal muscles.

The debate basically stems from the question of how the abs should be treated. Are they actually one muscle group? Or are they several muscle groups that should be worked on individually? Well, here are my thoughts for whatever they are worth.

I’ve applied exercises to the abs coming from both directions…i.e. treating the abs as one muscle group and “just” doing one major exercise for them (with variations like twists added) and as several separate muscle groups and hitting them from different directions. And the results from this (totally subjective and unscientific) experiment were interesting.

My favorite ab exercise has always been the incline crunch. That is, using a slant board and crunching several inches up and then back for as many reps/sets as I can do in one session. After the body adapted to the point where I could do 12 reps and 3 sets, I added weight, holding a 10-pound dumbbell to my chest, then as time went on adding more weight.

My theory for this exercise is simply that since I am on an incline, my entire group of ab muscles is involved in the movement, starting with the lower abs as I begin my crunch and working the mid and upper abs as I continue through the entire movement. And using heavier and heavier weight, to failure, encourages muscle growth rather than simple toning. To tone, I would have simply increased my number of reps per set rather than add weight. Btw, I don’t like sit-ups and I discourage anyone from doing them, simply because the lower back and hip flexors get involved in the exercise and there’s a real chance of injury from that exercise.

I also went at the abs from the other direction. That is, I would do regular crunches and also add hip thrusts and/or leg lifts to work the lower abs separately. I also did “the bicycle” routine for a while, which has been recognized by researchers at the American Council on Exercise as “the best” ab exercise out there. And I have to agree that it is an excellent workout for the abs. However, you can only add weight to “the bicycle” if you use wrist and/or ankle weights, which is an added expense and a waste of money, IMO.

So, which is the best way to work on the abs? Well, try them all and ​​read the best weight loss shakes reviews! And then go with the one(s) that you enjoy and feel will do the best job on your abs. Personally, I will stick to my incline crunches. I’m getting great depth/definition from this workout, I can freely add weight as I go and my risk of injury is minimal. But of course, your mileage may vary!

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The Better Way For Lose Belly Fat Free Fat

Guide, Health, Weight Loss - Josephine - October 22, 2021

As we grow older so is our belly grow bigger. We have loss the flat belly. The belly of our youth has gone. Our belly has been growing as big as a fat bucket of Jell-O. Some of us, the belly grow to a point can not see our feet. So what can we do about?

We all have heard that the abdominal workout can flatten our belly. But this is not come easy. There are workout with routine, and many style of workout. Such as the Supermen, the Prone Cobra, Abdominal Crunch, Traditional Crunch, Side Crunch, etc. Where we are going to start from all this?

There are best way to lose belly out there. We just need to find them. Some lab research discovery the following methods of losing belly fat are Testosterone booster. Bicycle crunch exercise, was their #1 choice of removing the belly fat. The number two choice is Captain Chair Exercise. The number three choice is Abdominal Crunch on an exercise ball. In this way you will be able to do your tummy tuck.

One should lose their fats; you have to keep them off. In order to do this you must use food and diet method to keep the fats from coming back. They are those who suggest eating high-protein and low carbohydrate, low-calorie, and low-fat. But you must be careful eating high-protein for a long period of time. This will cause you to grow gout. Because high-protein buildup in uric acid in the blood stream. When your kidney cannot filter them out, your body will try to get rid of them by moving them to the joint of your bodies to neutralize them. That is painful lump form at your joint. And eventually lend into arthritis.

You Lose Belly Fat and Keep It Off

From weight loss expert Tim Gooding on which belly fat burning foods work best by checking out his lose belly fat website now. You can also receive the Perfect Posture In 30 Days.

Figuring Out How To Lose Belly Fat

Trying to lose belly fat is just not quite as easy as it was when we were younger and you know have to use every trick in the book, including eating belly fat burning foods to help the process.

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Exercise Tips For Beginners

Bodybuilding, Fitness, Guide, Health and Fitness, Tips, Weight Loss - Josephine - October 11, 2021

Have you ever been to a gym, looked at the machines and thought “how do I use that?” I know I will just wait until someone else uses it and copy him or her!! What you may not know is that they are probably using it wrong too!!

I often cringe when at the gym and see some horrendous mistakes being made by members on the machines. Sure I know we all have to start somewhere but when dangerous moves are being made I sometimes cannot help myself from jumping in and showing them a “better way” of doing it.

I am experienced enough and wise enough to never tell someone at the gym that they are doing it wrong as it serves no purpose other than to make them feel silly or as has happened to me in the past …I get told to mind my own business. So you really need to be careful if you do make the decision to approach someone in the gym that is doing something totally wrong. Of course, there is always the old school beef cakes that I never approach, they really don’t want to be told that what they are doing have been proven scientifically to be dangerous. All they care about is “lifting heavy weights to get big guns!!”

What I can totally recommend to “newbies” is to get a personal trainer to show you how to use the machines properly. A lot of clubs these days throw in a personal training session in with the membership so make use of it as much as you can. Make sure you get a trainer that is accredited and suits your style. Shop around and if you get stuck with a trainer that sucks, ask for another one. When I first landed in Los Angeles, I got stuck with a trainer fresh out of college (yes I was doing the train the trainer – I am a firm believer in practicing what you preach so I like having a trainer as well).

Anyhow, whilst this trainer was technical he lacked, umm, any social skills or ability to describe things to clients so his communication and my understanding of what he wanted me to do were lacking. It also didn’t help that he tried to put me on a 1,300-calorie diet. (That’s what I call starving – especially for me as I teach five classes a week, I am 5’7” and really need at least 1,800-2,000 calories a day to survive. The end result is I swapped to another trainer (the guy who was also training my husband at the time) and to this day we have remained excellent friends and still train each other because not only is he a good trainer but we have an excellent rapport. Even my son loves him when he comes over for family dinners on Sunday night.

The moral to the story is do a little research and find a trainer that suits you, a trainer that can mix it up a little and realizes that one size doesn’t fit all.

Another way to get up to date with good exercise form is to attend an exercise class – make sure you tell the instructor you are new and they will help you out. Don’t’ make the mistake of hanging out at the back of the room. Be at least in the second row so you can see the instructor. Try to turn up to the class a few minutes before the class starts. Trust me there is nothing worse than when you are five minutes into a class and four people walk in and tell you they are new. You can’t stop the class for them, you must soldier on. BUT if you arrive a few minutes early and chat to the instructor they are more likely to set you up for success and check in with you through out the class. Likewise they may come up to you after the class and see how you went or see if you have any questions. It’s much easier to grab the attention of an instructor when you need help half way through the class if you have already built a little rapport with than to figure out what the heck is going on when you arrive late and the instructor is fuming at you for interrupting the class. If you are late due to traffic or unforeseeable conditions sneak in and apologize straight away and as soon as you get a chance get the instructors attention and let them know you are a beginner.

Don’t be shy after the class is finished either. The instructor is getting paid to help you so ask as many questions as you need to. Their job is to make you feel comfortable and to hopefully get you back in the class.

Ok, so you get the drift – here is an excellent article I found in Women’s Health Magazine. It’s an excellent magazine that I read quite often and you will find heaps of tips and tricks in there. Here is the article with pictures of what not to do in a gym.

It highlights not using the seated leg extension machine, the shoulder press machine, the behind the neck lat pull down, seated chest fly and seated hip abductor machine. Better still, it offer alternatives to these exercises and if heaps of people pay attention to this article, it will stop me from pacing the gym floor and cringing at people practicing unsafe exercises!!

How to boost testosterone levels naturally 

A good workout stimulates the release of testosterone. Testosterone has many benefits in building muscle. In addition to regulating muscle mass, fat distribution, and red blood cell production, testosterone also supports muscle metabolism, fat distribution, and red blood cell production, and testosterone also supports cell function.

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Laser Fat Loss Focus – Where to do the concentration?

Weight Loss - Josephine - October 5, 2021

We have all heard of the expression “laser focus”. Laser focus is needed for many important jobs such as being a surgeon or a chemical engineer. There are many jobs where focus is essential, in fact the biggest cause of accidents, failures and firings is probably a lack of focus. Lets bring this logic to the realms of fat loss. We need to nurture a laser fat loss focus.

With the help of, there are the chances available to concentrate on the right supplements. The concentration on the right products for the reducing of the fat is possible. Instead of the failures, there is more success available in getting a slim and healthy body.

Is multitasking really that great?

Multitasking has been a popular “buzz phrase” for a while now. When it comes to cooking and talking on the telephone, or typing and listening to a dictation, multitasking is great.

But when we have a larger challenge, a more difficult, dangerous or more important challenge, laser focus is needed.

For many people, weight loss is a major challenge and it is difficult to achieve and sustain, Ignoring obesity becomes dangerous for your health. How many fat people would argue that losing weight is not important?

So, the challenge of fat loss certainly “ticks all the boxes” of what constitutes an activity that deserves focus. Unfortunately however, we can’t spend all of our time thinking about food and what to eat. That very action will make us more hungry!

Develop a laser fat loss focus

So, what can we do to develop laser fat loss focus? And keep going with our everyday lives?

We make fat loss, or more importantly healthy living, our most dominant type of thought.

Can you think back about important events of your past and remember how you thought about them?

Here are a couple of examples

You might remember your high school or college exams. In the few weeks and months running up to the exams the thought of studying and revising were never far from your mind, when you were eating, driving, or even chatting with friends, there was always the thought in the back of your mind that you ought to get back to your exam preparations.

Maybe you organized a surprise party or event for a loved one. In the weeks or days approaching the special day, ideas kept popping into your head, tasks on your “to do list” were completed one by one.

As the day approached, it was almost as if a momentum of success was building with each positive task or preparation in place. The event was a raging success and an inevitable outcome of the work that you had put in.

In both of these situations, you continued with your everyday life, you still slept, showered, ate, interacted with your family and so on…

… But there was always that burning desire in the back of your mind, ready to spark some new inspiration or new solution. The target was never far from your mind.

This is the kind of laser fat loss focus that you need to develop in order to lose the weight and then maintain a new body shape or size.

You need to keep mindful and have this goal at the back of your mind ready to spark a positive choice, or to motivate you on a tough day.

How can we nurture this kind of focus?

We need to give it our attention. Just as a new seed needs to be planted, watered then tended until it is strong enough to take on a life of its own, our minds work the same way.

Make a list of all of the things that you can do that will act as reminders, reinforcement and “fertilizer” for your weight loss goals…

Your list might look something like this

Cancel old magazine subscription and subscribe to a health related magazine. Sign up to newsletters for health websites. Buy new books on health and fitness. Join some kind of club or class that involves physical activity. This does not have to be a gym or an aerobics class. It can be a ball room dancing or paintball team. Buy some new exercise clothes and shoes. Put up posters or charts on your kitchen cupboards talking about food pyramids, traffic light systems or just lists of foods to eat more of, and foods to eat less of. Put “post it” notes in prominent places as reminders. Join Internet social media and health communities and forums and get active there. Hire a personal trainer and/or nutritionist. Get in touch with a friend or family member who is also overweight and has made efforts in the past, maybe you can do this together. Go food shopping and only buy some fresh fruit and vegetables. Nothing else. Set some small but easily achievable goals to get some momentum going. For example; decide to only eat chocolate with a high Percentage of cocoa instead of milk chocolate; Decide to substitute soft drinks for fresh fruit juice

The idea is for your laser fat loss focus to become dominant amongst your thoughts throughout the day.

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Truly Does Waist Trimmer Sweat Belt Work

Weight Loss - Josephine - October 1, 2021

Truly does it show good results as explained? At many pharmacies, megastores as well as on the web vendors, you should find a waist-trimmer belt for under fifteen dollars. Lots of firms make many one-size-matches-all gizmos. By many quotations, these units produce numerous money in income every year, and also it is no surprise. If you think the advertisements, all you should do is put on one to lose weight while you work. The reality is, in many values, you could lose weight – but if you are planning to burn off stomach fat, you may be let down.

Precisely What They Do?

There is a need to know about the working of the Leanbean supplement. The collection of the information about the working of the products is essential to have a healthy body. You can purchase them from the right providers to get the desired results on the health.

Just how truly does a Waist Trimmer work?

Waist trimmers work by improving the core entire body heat and also maintaining it very high while you work out, that receives introduced through the whole body. As being an outcome of the entire boost within the primary whole body heat, these happen:

  • Any additional normal water that’s existing around the stomach and also abdomen location are taken away.
  • The rise within the metabolic rate from the total body brings a decrease in whole-body weight 2x quicker.
  • Triggers far more calorie burn up within a quicker time period of time.
  • Contributes to improving the outcomes of healthful exercise routines by providing twice the benefit even though working out.

Other Features of the Waist Trimmer Belt

Back Help

Health pros and also chiropractic specialists give guidelines to sufferers to use waist trimmers and also pressure bandages that are suffering back and also back injury.

This can be to present help towards the back and also the most effective perfect means of curing to fix your position.

Pressure offers you the physiotherapy effect of rehabilitation if you are regrettable of obtaining an inadequate position as well as back discomfort following the day.

Diet Memory

A waist trimmer is a superb prompt that you need to nibble on greater as well as exercise correctly.

You need to force a greater portion of yourself for the purely natural weight loss simply because a waist trimmer will not enable you very easily lose these ins as well as pounds.

When you hold the pressure in your waist, it is one more memory that rather than consuming a good deal, you need to change on consuming salads or do conscious consuming as well as visit a fitness center immediately after your workday.

Increase Overall Body Pose

The waist trimmer belt can guide you offer an enhanced total body healthy posture.

Certainly, the total body has a crucial part if you desire to look good externally. It increases your perspective on life-time and also all-round character.

The waist trimmer belts will grasp your belly as well as assist you to stand up straight. When hitting the gym, you could also come with added assistance from your solution which usually is excellent!

Minimize Tummy Fat

We all learn that tummy fat does not go that quick.

Truly, it’s hard to eliminate it on the belly. With the aid of correct physical exercise, having a waist trimmer is certainly a great resource to decrease the size of your stomach.

As said before, you can put it on any time and also anyplace. You also can work with it on your exercises.

Just What Can Be Expected And Just How They Work

When we place both these neoprene waist trimmers on, we anticipated these to get the job done.

It does not get long to your total body to warm up to the stage where you are excessive sweating.

The truth is if you are one of these individuals who never sweating frequently you might be rather shocked.

We even discovered when we organised to continue to long sufficient, we continue to receive drenched in perspire. Whilst neoprene created to expand to a degree, these belts will not be created to behave as a tourniquet.

It’s strongly suggested that you determine your waist before you invest in a belt.

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Calories For Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Josephine - June 14, 2021

Every day people around the world struggle to stay slim and be fit. Fitting into an ideal clothes size or being active enough to do chores is quite a challenge for many. And with the abrupt lifestyle changes and thoughtless food intake of the majority today, weight loss seems to be too big of a test than it was ever before.

When people think of weight loss they automatically think of their stereotyped enemies such as carbohydrates, sugar, fats, and of course the calories. These are the ones that are often avoided or reduced; then come in the exercises, high-fiber diets, and even surgery. There are a hundred secrets and techniques to weight loss from changing the way you eat, the way you live, the use of Keto diet pills, and also different kinds of fitness regimens for all ages and genders.

But if there’s one effective way of managing one’s weight, it’s knowing exactly what you eat, what you’re supposed to eat, and what to do with everything you take in daily other than just relying on your digestive system. And that is why there is a calories weight loss guide. It shows how many calories you are to take, how much is too much, and how you can lose whatever excess calories there are in your body. There is also a calorie calculator that will compute how many calories you can possibly burn based on your kind of exercise regimen, and how frequently you get on with it.

A calorie is a unit of energy that is to be burned and used by the body. We need at least 2,000 calories daily to be able to maintain our weight. To lose just a pound, you need to burn 3,500 calories. So if you want to lose a pound for starters, the calories weight loss guide says you have to take in only 1,500 kilos a day. Buy shedding off 500 calories a day will sum up to the desired calorie deficit of 3,500 in just one week.

A good way to keep 500 calories a day would be to take in fewer calories and to burn more through physical activity like running, bicycling, swimming, dancing, and a lot more. A 30-minute run for example, according to a calories weight loss guide, can already shed off 200 calories, which means you only need to work on taking off 300 calories from your daily diet.

The ultimate calorie weight loss technique is not by eating much less, but picking food that is healthy and low on calories such as poached fish (white meat), beans, melons, lean meat such as honey ham, and brown rice. It is also wise to avoid or lessen your intake of high-calorie food which is also high in fat such as meat drippings (800 kcal), herring, buttermilk, cheddar, cod liver oil, pizza, and margarine. And the ultimate rule under the calories weight loss guide is to say goodbye to food that has empty calories.

When food has calories that are almost purely from fat and have no vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, that’s when they’re referred to as food with empty calories. Deep-fried food such as chips and French fries contain about 250-500 kcal per pack and yet contain very few micronutrients. Cookies, white bread, packed sweetened food like candies and beer are also of the same sort. They contribute to weight gain but not to your health.

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Which Weight Loss Campaign Is Invalid

Guide, Health, Weight Loss - Josephine - May 30, 2021

Clean up the closet, suddenly alert to the summer approaching, it is sleeveless, shorts, bikini again in the moment, but look at the bow, the abundance of their waist really not satisfied with the strong arm, how do?

Sports bar! However, people often complain about “a day or by movement can not be fat.” Fitness coach pointed out that this type of weight loss are the wrong “invalid movement”, which can not be achieved in the shortest time possible the effectiveness of thin, we must follow the correct rules and efficient movement to a multiplier. Grasp the summer before last month, with the goal of North Korea.

Invalid movement 1: choose the wrong sports (yoga, swimming, cycling, hoop)

The focus of weight loss with the Best Weight loss pills in the “Dietary Fat Reduction”, should be avoided not to spend more time in the campaign, the preferred leisure activities Divertimento is not the first choice of thin, easily lead to muscle strain of the campaign will be the destruction of weight loss plan, can not be accidentally short-term movement of thin options should be avoided as follows:

Yoga, Pilates, resistance ball

International Campaign to aerobic fitness coach Li Xiao-Juan pointed out that yoga is stretching, such as the nature of movement, while maintaining the same action a few minutes will be sweating, physical exertion, but do not belong to the aerobic exercise difficult to reach the effectiveness of thin.


Wanfang Hospital hoop is director of the Center for Obesity Prevention-hong Liu mouth “for only two hours do not breathe tired” of the activities, exercise is very low, almost ineffective for weight loss.


Will be swimming in campaign to include weight loss method is invalid Surprisingly, Dr. Grace Liu stressed that although the consumption of calories swimming, but most people travel back and forth trip often rest on the suspension, lack of exercise intensity, heart rate can not be speeded up, stay off the water yo-yo’s Over time, accelerated gastric emptying, the body vulnerable to hunger, the result of self-catering to thank the added calories, but higher than the consumption of calories swimming, weight loss more difficult to achieve results.


Cycling tour holiday scenery, relaxed and happy, but I am afraid that is not suitable as the sole weight loss campaign. Li Xiao-Juan coach pointed out that the enjoyment of outdoor cycling, indoor cycling to train. Bring a picnic snack ride, all the heat back up; with cycling craze flourished in recent years, some people joined the ranks of the former riding, cycling does not pay attention to size, posture is correct, the high and low due to improper seating, instead of an injured knee .

Gravity Training

The campaign has yet to develop the habit of people, a direct challenge to the weight training is a big taboo, Dr. Grace Liu description, weight training, exercise intensity is too high, the body of emergency glucose stored in muscle and liver glycogen in the heat as fuel, not only can not burn fat , the moment the consumption of less calories, not weight loss can only be trained to hypertrophy muscles, not those who want to thin the results.

The world’s first major health care portal WebMD also named in the weight training machine pull back, shoulder press machine, vertical row, such as equipment, have a “potentially unsafe”, if there is no guidance of professional coaches in the next, perhaps due to bias or position overestimate their own physical, of the body and the extreme gravitational pull, resulting in irreparable harm.

Medications don’t replace physical activity or healthy eating habits as a way to lose weight. Studies show that weight-loss medications work best when combined with a lifestyle program. Ask your doctor or other health care professional about lifestyle treatment programs for weight management that will work for you.

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Lose Weight Naturally Without Those Pills

Guide, Health, Weight Loss - Josephine - May 17, 2021

Some of you out there are sick of the way you look. You are ready to lose weight and you are wondering how you can go about to do this. Many of you have been taught that you have to eat barely anything and on top of that you have to take weight loss pills. We are here to tell you to drop the pills.

Did you know that weight loss pills can actually harm you more than they can help you? It’s the truth. Many who have used these pills have found that they hardly ever do what they say they are supposed to do. This makes you waste money and much more. This is why we are telling you to put the pills down among other reasons.

Another reason is that for many of the pills, they have some major side effects. Many people out there over use and abuse these pills as well. They think if they take more then they will lose more and this is not the case. So, if you are to ditch the pills what are you to do then to lose weight?

All the professionals will tell you that in order to lose weight naturally; you just need to watch what you eat. This is the most common mistake that people make. They eat what they want when they want and as much as they want.

The next mistake that people make is that they tend to drink the sugared substances instead of water that they should be drinking. The list of Best Weight Loss Pills for women should be searched enough before you conclude what pill to buy. the knowledge about these pills will help you make a better purchase online and offline. Water is your best friend when you are dieting. Many people must think that all the pros tell them this just for the heck of it, but it’s the truth. A little bit of water can help you rid of pounds that you wish were gone.

Did you know that you can also drop pounds by just eating more, but with portion control? Many fail to realize this as well. They go to eat what they want and stick to breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they are lucky. If they are lucky they will eat these three meals. Yet, if you eat four meals and a few small snacks in between, you can see some serious weight reduction. This is because this shrinks your stomach.

The last thing that you can try doing is that you can try eating out less often. If you cook more at home you not only save money, but you save calories as well. There are things you can make and cut half the calories. Yet, many people read these tips in all the magazines, but they never take the advice. If they did they wouldn’t have the need for those pills.

Now that you have a few tips that can help you in the long run to lose the weight that you are looking to lose, why don’t you get rid of the weight loss pills? There are better ways to go about and shed a few pounds and a few pills aren’t going to help you either way.

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Lose Weight On A Budget – How To Get It

Guide, Weight Loss - Josephine - May 4, 2021

The low-calorie meal plans that they announce on TV, the monthly gym fee, the nutritionist, the meal substituting shakes and snacks, and so forth; the list of weight-loss products that they advertise out there is endless, and in some cases, it creates the wrong notion that you can only lose weight quickly if you spend a lot of money. Well, who says that you need all of that to lose weight fast? You can still lose weight quickly without spending so much in the unnecessary extras, and here is how to do it:

Grocery shopping

Did you know that weight loss begins at your grocery store? The golden rule is to make a shopping list before you leave home to avoid making impulse purchases which often cost you money and add you pounds. Oh, and don’t forget to go to the store on a full stomach. It will make it easier to fight against all the temptations you might find there.

There is a need to purchase the weight reduction supplements with a look over the biofit reviews 2021 available for the people. You can find the correct products from the best sellers to have the best results. A slim and healthy body is available to the people. The meeting of the needs is possible for the people.

Another tip is to eliminate all the prepackaged snacks as well as the meal replacement products from your shopping list. These are not the magic potion to lose weight. They may have a low calorie content, and they may actually not taste so bad, but the flipside is that they are quite expensive. Instead, pack on substitutes such as baby carrots, seasonal fruits, sliced turkey breast, eggs, and low fat milk and yogurts.

Home made meals

Are you tempted to subscribe to one of those programs that offer you low-calorie, home-delivered meals? Think about it again. These have a pretty hefty price, and they probably look much better on TV than what they actually are. Do you eat out very often? Remember that it is easier to lose control over what you are eating when you eat out too often.

Try to cook for yourself at home instead. It’s easier than you think. A grilled chicken breast with a simple salad can be ready in less than fifteen minutes. A turkey breast sandwich with whole grain bread, low fat cheese, mustard, tomatoes, and lettuce can be ready in a matter of seconds. Make your own meals at home and you will have full control over what you eat while saving money and tons of calories.

Home gym

Are you one of those who think that you need to go to the gym to lose weight? Well, there are alternatives to the gym. Get your favorite music on you iPod and go out for a walk or a run to enjoy the nice weather. If you do not like the idea of working out by yourself, convince your best friend or your partner to go with you. In addition to that, buy some simple exercising tools such as a yoga mat and a couple of weights and you will have your own mini weight room at home.

Internet is your best friend

You can find tons of recipes, coupons, and easy exercise routines online. You can even take a look at the food labels and check their calorie and nutrition content. Don’t spend extra money buying books and DVDs when it is all a click away from you. The best part is that it is free!

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Best Workout Routine To Build My Chest

As you go about your muscle building program, are you asking yourself, ‘ what is the best workout routine to build my chest?’

If so, you’re like many others. Because the chest muscle is one area that most people do want to work on developing in the body since it really shows off that you know what you’re doing in the gym and have a body that commands attention, it’s not surprising that most people do dedicate a lot of time and effort to this in their workout plan.

But sadly, unless you know the proper way to go about training the chest, often you will not get the results that you were hoping to obtain.

The best weight loss pills are showing effective results to the people in reducing weight and burning fat. The belly of the people will become attractive and impressive with consuming the best weight loss pills. The obtaining of the results according to the needs and requirement is possible for people.

So, what is the best workout routine to build your chest? Let’s have a look at what you should consider.

Always Begin With Compound Exercises

The very first thing to know about doing a workout routine to build your chest is that it’s going to be extremely important that you’re performing your compound exercises first. This includes the main movements of bench press, incline bench press, or decline bench press.

Since these are the exercises that will typically have you lifting the highest amount of weight, by doing them right from the start of the session, you can ensure that you are able to put in a max effort to make them as productive as possible.

If you’re already fatigued by the time you come to them, you’re going to be hard pressed to see good results. Especially if one of your goals is maximum strength development, this will become even more important in the long run.

This is an example of one of my chest program:

1- Incline Barbell Press – 5 sets X 15-12-10-10-8

2- Flat Bench Dumbbell Press – 3 sets X 12

3- Incline Dumbbell Fly 3 sets 8-12

4- Cable Crossover 2 sets X 15

Consider Drop Sets To Boost Intensity

Second, the next thing that you should consider doing is adding drop sets when you need to increase the intensity. When you first start out performing those straight sets of your movements may be enough to spark some growth and notice positive changes taking place, but as you progress along, it’s likely that this will no longer do the trick.

To help overcome this, implement a drop set. By bringing about this higher level of fatigue in the muscle tissue, you’ll quickly push past the strength plateau and then when you do go back to regular sets, you’ll be able to lift more weight.

Also note though that with chest especially, if you are going to be doing drop sets you’ll want to have a spotter nearby since the chances of failure are that much higher and you won’t want to be dropping the barbell on your body.

When Plateau Hits, Use The Prefatigue Principle

Another way to combat a plateau and work the chest muscle to a larger extent is to use the pre-fatigue principle.

While earlier we mentioned that you always want to start with your compound exercises, this is the exception to the rule. Using the pre-fatigue principle you will begin with a more isolated movement to first tire out the muscles that help the chest (the shoulders and the triceps), and then move into that chest pressing exercise.

By doing this you’re going to force the chest muscles to work harder to lift up that weight, thus take their strength gains to a whole new level.

You shouldn’t use this principle all the time with your workouts as that may be a bit much to handle, but by including it in whenever you feel you need a quick boost you can instantly get yourself back on track to progress.

Be Sure To Get Adequate Rest

Finally, the last component of the best workout routine to build your chest is to make sure adequate rest is taken but that you are still working out with the frequency that’s necessary to see size and strength gains.

One mistake that some people make is only working their chest once per week as part of a body part split routine.

While you may think it’s great to go in there and spend a good hour just on chest exercise, this really will be overkill. You’ll reach a point of fatigue in that workout session where the exercises done afterwards really aren’t bringing all that many more benefits and you would have been better just to get out of the gym and recover.

Plus, if you’re doing this type of set-up you’re only hitting the chest muscle that one time each week and that is also problematic for results. You ideally need to be working the chest muscle at least twice per week, three times being even better, so this would call for an upper/lower split program or a full body workout set-up.

If you do this that will still ensure you have plenty of time off to rest and will allow you to hit the chest muscle more often, thus producing better results.

So keep these tips in mind as you go about designing the best workout routine to build your chest. If you do, you will be very happy with the results you obtain.

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